Heroism By Association

‘Guilt by association’ is a common English-language expression and no doubt there are equivalents in many other languages.   The phrase describes a ‘hasty’ generalization by implying that the qualities of one thing are surely qualities of another thing. Thus the unthinking among us will be easily persuaded that if a member of the Greek Golden Dawn Party stabs a Leftist rap singer then all members of that Party are dangerous potential killers. Or at least that is what the Greek Government and the Western World’s media would have us believe. Of course ‘by association’ can also be employed positively and we are seeing this in Mainstream Media (MSM) Leftist propaganda at this very moment. Before identifying the contemporary employment of the technique in the MSM however I want to underline its Leftist pedigree by going back to the first (Socialist) totalitarian episode in human history, the Soviet Union. In his initial rise to power Joseph Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all time and a dedicated Socialist, had the Soviet Media constantly show his picture alongside Lenin. Lenin, after his early death had been canonized by the Soviet Media as not only the caring father of the Nation but the heroic leader of a revolution that was going to march the world to a new era of equality, justice and plenty. Placing Stalin’s image alongside Lenin’s was intended to persuade the Russian people that Stalin was not only Lenin’s obvious successor but also the embodiment of all that was good and heroic. Thus the qualities of one person were surely the qualities of the other. 

    The Left has always understood and effectively employed the power of imagery in its propaganda. In the Western World – and especially in the USA – the Media Class and its allies of the revolutionary Left now have more power over communication than at any time in world history, including the Stalinist era in the Soviet empire. We say this without hesitation because although Stalin had total control over the Soviet Media, the methods of communication then were relatively primitive. Today in the USA the Leftist Media, although having to compete with the Internet, counter-revolutionary Talk Radio and the maverick Fox News, enjoys the enormous advantage of seeming political neutrality allied to superb technical skills and total domination of the Entertainment industry. 

    It is in this context that we should view the decades of Media Class canonization of Nelson Mandela, and the current linkage to him in death of Barack Obama. The propaganda plan is ‘Mandela was a hero who suffered greatly for his skin color but triumphed over evil racism and Barack Obama is his heir’. By presenting us with constant media images of Obama with Mandela, Obama in Mandela’s cell (actually a mock-up in a museum) Obama as a central figure at Mandela’s funeral and with headlines like Xfinity’s “Obama hails Mandela as ‘Great Liberater’ ” we are intended to forget the inadequacies of Obamacare and the Obama lies and view him as the heir of Mandela. 

    We can argue over Mandela’s crimes and achievements and whether he was, in his last years, a noble man, for it is difficult amidst the all the sycophantic propaganda of many years to dredge up his failings. Moreover, his crimes have to be put in the context of his times. This personal anecdote may suffice. My father lived in both Kenya and South Africa during White rule. He was a conservative man and not particularly flattering about Africans but he was appalled by the Boers’ treatment of Africans, their arrogance and unpleasantness and the shallowness and frivolity of many of the British settlers. It is in this context that we must set Mandela’s early violent activism and revolutionary idealism. 

    What is certain is that in real life Obama has no claim on Mandela’s legacy. Obama has led a privileged life, enjoyed a fast route to riches and power and never experienced hardship or persecution, let alone imprisonment. He has never done anything dangerous and he has yet to reveal anything remotely akin to wisdom and humility. Just as Stalin ultimately had Lenin’s image dropped from his pictures – for he was not one to share fame once an advantage had been gained – so Mandela will soon be cast aside in the MSM’s Obama propaganda. 

    We on this website have never been greatly enamored with Roman Catholicism, for a belief in human infallibility is not a conservative belief. Conservatism, being based on reality and knowledge of human history, rejects the idea that any one man is infallible whether that man be Stalin, the Pope, Obama or Ronald Reagan. We modestly applauded the last Pope for his commitment to real marriage and opposition to abortion and his apparent unwillingness to ‘go with the times’. The current Pope is going to be a great disappointment to conservatives. His recent attacks on the free market, ‘trickle-down economics’ and his appetite for the redistribution of wealth and the increase in Government power this requires, suggest a man who is more than ready to ‘go with the times’. Besides the concept of Papal infallibility we have never liked the RC Churches’ pomp and its willingness to ally itself with ruling classes. We are predicting that this Pope has noted the agenda of the new Ruling Class and intends to cozy up to it. No doubt his life experience, being limited to corrupt, Fascist Argentina, has shaped his beliefs and instincts. His attacks on free markets, which have brought him much praise from the revolutionary Leftist MSM, will surely be followed by his embrace of homosexuality and the grotesque same-sex marriage. Expect Pope Francis and many Protestant Christian denominations to seek Ruling Class approval and avoid the coming clash with Government power by attacking ‘bigotry’ and those who resist ‘inclusion’. 

    Interestingly, at the same time Pope Francis was preparing the way for the embrace of Liberalism, one of his churches down in Argentine was being physically attacked by thousands of perverts. This very newsworthy event (like the death of Dorothy Hendrix which we covered in our last article) has been wholly ignored by the MSM. 

    Argentina has long legalized SSM and homosexual ‘rights’, as befits a Nation in terminal moral and economic decline. Last week in Buenos Aires, a mob of some 17,000 assorted homosexuals, transvestites, lesbians and Leftists gathered to invade a RC Church. Either they have not yet caught up with the modern and evolving thinking of Pope Francis or he is not evolving fast enough for their appetites and they are still filled with hatred for his predecessor. Catholic citizens of Buenos Aires who had also not yet evolved with Pope Francis rallied to defend the Church from invasion. Men stood shoulder to shoulder around the Church. The Internet has film of the mob of perverts attempting to break through the cordon (no police present to stem Leftist violence). Many of the lesbians are naked to the waist (how these perverts love exhibitionism in public, especially when fuelled by anger and hate) and have Nazi symbols tattooed on their breasts. They can be seen following Obama’s exhortation to ‘get in the faces of the opposition’ and spitting in them and spray painting around the men’s genital areas. 

    They are reported to have been chanting (how Leftists love to chant!) ‘Get your rosary out of my genitals’ or something close to that. Website visitors will remember the film we recently linked to of the SF Anti-abortion march where the aging lesbian harridan kept shouting this same slogan over and over again at the marchers. 

    In Buenos Aires, the mob, having failed to pierce the protective cordon, then burned an effigy of the Pope whilst dancing around the fire like unhinged demons. Some website commentators have praised the men in the cordon for not reacting with violence but maintaining a dignified passive resistance. This apparently is believed to demonstrate a moral superiority and will win over popular support. We think not! Jehova Witnesses tried passive resistance in the SS concentration camps of National Socialist Germany and were rewarded with the gas chambers. Setting an example of civilized behavior will have no impact on the angry and hate-filled activists of perversion and Leftism who yearn for totalitarianism and a new world order cleansed of Christians and Conservatives. 

    Will Pope Francis condemn the attack on the Church in his native Buenos Aires? We predict he will stay silent, just like the Media Class he is courting. 

    There must have been great disappointment in the Media’s newsrooms this week. The lady who had precipitated poor George Zimmerman’s recent arrest by claiming he had threatened her with violence withdrew her claims and wanted him back with her. The State prosecutor was searching for a reason to continue with the prosecution despite having not a single witness and if he does proceed he will be the MSM’s hero. I suppose this Zimmerman news together with Obama’s heroic association with Nelson Mandela, squeezed out both the Dorothy Hendrix and the Buenos Aires MSM stories, but there is always next week to catch up. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it has been a week of the Big Chill with temperatures dropping at night to the low 20’s. I don’t suppose this is record breaking but it certainly does not suggest Global Warming, especially as the Big Chill is stretching all across the fruited plains to the far shining sea. The big English Channel surge did not inundate little Starcross either, according to our local informant. Where are those predicted rising sea levels taking effect? If you have information please email us for we are devoted to truth on this website.

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