Health Care! Nationalization is the Trojan Horse for Government Growth

The massive Bill that Obama and his Comrades are promoting but haven’t read, is intended to grow the forces of Government and tighten control over the American people. Any interest in actually improving health care is of little importance to Leftists for if that were the objective there would be much interest in results rather than abstract principles. There would also be no need to falsify statistics (such as the number of currently uninsured people). The sheer size of the Bill and its scope ought to alert all Americans who think improvements to health care matter. Like most critics and supporters I have not read the Bill but then why should I when I am already mostly happy with things as they are in what I consider to be a private matter between me, my doctor and all those services that he and I might employ should I fall sick. I am not happy about everything connected with my daily shopping for food but I do not wish the Government to nationalize and reorganize the food industry.

Last week I heard a Talk Show host uncover a provision in the Bill that suggests that much of it is based on the contemporary UK National Health Service. It was a proposal that a new nationwide service would be created to improve US child care by having experts visit mothers with babies and young children, to offer child-rearing advice, education and support. This idea might sound both attractive and new to Americans but I instantly recognized the British Health Visitor service. I can comment on this from much personal experience and advise Americans that this Service is an example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I worked closely with Health Visitors for many years and can state that they are largely ineffectual at best and a monstrous waste of money at worst.

When the Health Visitor Service was introduced in the UK, the idea was that a community-based National Health-employed family doctor, known as a General Practitioner (GP) and what Americans call a Family Practitioner, would have a number of auxiliaries attached to him, forming a team. Health Visitors (drawn from nursing) were a major component of this team. Increasingly, as individual GP’s began to be amalgamated into ‘group practices’ of GP’s, teams of Health Visitors were created and attached to these groups. Although attached to the GP’s, the Health Visitors were also supervised and managed by Health Service Nursing Officers. Thus was a bureaucracy born and very quickly GP’s found they exercised little control over their auxiliary team members.

The first unintended consequence of the creation of Health Visitors was to suck the most qualified and experienced nurses out of hospitals, for this new service offered many career advantages to those nurses who were ambitious. Escape from the tightly-supervised work of ward nursing and its humdrum and dirty work of bedpans and bed-making and substituting a job that often included a car, an escape from shift-work in exchange for 9 to 5 hours, mobility in the community, no uniform, better pay and much better status – this was a deal many nurses could not resist. Visiting people briefly in their homes, giving advice and the wonderfully vague business of ‘support’, and generally being seen as helpful, and all with enhanced pay and not many identifiable responsibilities seems like a good job to most people. As most Health Visitors were and are female it is also rather nice to work with mothers, babies and pre-school children and carrying much more kudos than working with the elderly or senile.

Since there are always women grappling with caring for babies for the first time in their lives and since there are also always, in any society, some mothers (and their male partners) who are, inadequate, neglectful and worse, it seems churlish for anyone to oppose the concept of having Health Visitors on hand to ensure the Nation’s kids get better care. Feminism and its deliberate assault on marriage and family life, the introduction of easy divorce, the growth of welfare-ism (providing non-judgmental payments and housing to single pregnant girls) that rewards feckless behavior, and mass immigration from the Third World, all contributing to the withering of true family support, provided plausible arguments in favor of having the Government organize an early intrusion into the Nation’s raising of children.

General Practitioners fell over themselves to acquire Health Visitors for after all they did not have to provide the exalted salaries out of their own budget and they could delegate some of their routine house calls. As the number of Health Visitors grew, so did the number of publicly-employed Child Care Social Workers; the number of taxpayer funded Nurseries; the number of Mother and Baby community units; the number of Family Service units and the number of Family Aids. Yet strangely, so has the number of neglected, abused, tortured and murdered babies and toddlers! Not a week goes by in the UK without a child care scandal that breaks, revealing neglect and worse that has been going on for weeks and more often months. Every subsequent Judicial Enquiry reveals a history of visits to the child’s home by Social Workers, Health Visitors and sometimes even doctors and police officers, all failing to see what was before their eyes or intervene to help a child that was suffering, sometimes dying.

There are many contributory factors to the frequent cases of systematic cruelty to little children by their mostly feckless mothers and mother’s boyfriend(s). Many I have already listed but to these must be added changes in law that have largely decriminalized parental neglect and attempted to remove the stigma of poor parenting in favor of non-judgmentalism. Many Health Visitors and many Social Workers are childless, being career women, and their ‘professional knowledge’ is learned from college professors with a political axe to grind. A significant number are lesbians who mostly are more sympathetic to feckless and dysfunctional mothers than to little children. Some Health Visitors are conscientious and caring but Nursing Officers instruct them not to give evidence in Court and at Child Protection meetings lest they damage an on-going ‘relationship’ with the offenders. Publicly shaming of neglectful parents has long been prohibited at the behest of the influential Leftist academics who dominate social and judicial policy. This has been sold to the pubic under the guise of protecting the children involved. Abusive and neglectful parents are now viewed by these ‘reformers’ in the same light as other criminals and deviant minorities and so are given light sentences by Courts and furnished with new identities to escape a ‘reactionary’ and vengeful public. It is revealing that the same Leftists who favor forgiving child abusers are in the forefront of demands for the stiffest punishments for White ‘racists’, Nationalists and homophobes.

Americans should resist the Obama Health Bill with every means available for I have no doubt that it is packed with the same useless and false prescriptions as the Health Visitor proposal. The sad truth is that these Government-funded bureaucracies have not improved the lot of children in the UK but have resulted in good parents having to subsidize feckless ones with endless ‘supportive’ services that grow Government and undermine individual responsibility.

The sun has warmed the UK this past weekend and so the BNP’s Family Festival on a Derbyshire farm has enjoyed unusually good weather. The BNP’s much-visited website has been down and I suspect that it is the victim of Leftist sabotage for the Left never ceases to attempt to silence its opponents. The BBC and virtually all the British Media have been orchestrating the violent Red Mobs that are laying siege to the Derbyshire farm in an attempt to deny families access or to disrupt the Festival. The Media does this by publicizing the BNP venue and publicizing the gathering places and times of the protesters. The local police Chief recently stated that his prime concern is preserving the peace of the local residents. We can see where this is leading. Much is made in the Media of the cost of policing the BNP event as though it is the BNP that is the source of the trouble. The Media line is that the Red protesters are quite properly incensed by the Festival and it is the BNP that should be punished. The police and local authorities will probably ban the Festival next year on the grounds that the local people are entitled to peace and quiet and the Media will applaud the decision. Of course, noisy Rock concerts, ‘raves’ (without advance permission and often on other people’s land), the gathering of anti-social ‘travellers’ and gypsies, and many other events that disrupt the peace and quiet of residents all over the country can never be prevented because of laws, many of them from the EU. We hope that the BNP families enjoyed a great and harmless weekend and will soon be back winning local elections and campaigning for the real interests of the native British people.

The Red Mobs that get a nod and wink from the Media and authorities in the UK are also now flexing their muscle power at US Democrat Town Hall meetings. The Media in both countries put out the same lies and bury real news. Rush Limbaugh calls it the Government-controlled Media and the BNP uses virtually the same wording. Again we ask the questions (1) Why did the Bush Government not have such control? (2) How does the Government actually exercise this power and where? (3) Why does the Media collude so willingly and in lock-step?

The answer is, of course, that the Media Class answers to no politicians for it makes and breaks them. What we are experiencing is a Media Class with a revolutionary agenda and it is in the political driving seat. I am reminded however of Hitler’s rise to power. For a time Hitler abandoned his rabble-rousing Brown Shirts and left their street battles to attend wine and cheese events with powerful and rich industrialists who at that time were members of Germany’s ruling class. They poured money into his National Socialist Party and many soon believed that Hitler was their puppet. The industrialists were later to find out that Hitler was not content to be a puppet and by 1938 they were dancing to his tune. Is it possible that Obama and his henchmen will bite the Media hands that have fed them and use the Red Mobs and the instruments of Government to subdue his Media friends and take charge? Time will tell!

Both in the US and in the UK the weather forecasters are continuing to forecast temperatures significantly higher than the reality. In the UK they promised a sizzling BBQ summer. Well August is halfway through and it has been a wet and cool summer. Here in California our temperatures have been consistently some 5 to 10 degrees F below the daily forecasts. I never see any comment on this shortfall in the Mainstream Media. Is it a ploy to convince us all that we have been experiencing global warming? On this website we always advocate visitors should only believe their lying eyes.

The prize for the most blatant Media propaganda of the week should go to the Associated Press for Jennifer Dobnier’s August 16th news piece entitled “Gay Marriage fight, kissers smack Mormon Image”. It seems that the perverts who want same-sex marriage have been having a kiss-in in Utah and especially around Mormon Temples. Men have been publicly kissing other men and women kissing women (on the mouth with lots of tongue) and doing so in groups. Normal people mostly experience disgust at the sight of such behaviors but Ms. Dobnier could find no disgusted passers by. However she managed to find several ex-Mormons who were disgusted because Mormons gave money to the Prop 8 campaign in nearby California. These ex-Mormon homosexuals and friends and relatives of homosexuals were quoted at the greatest length. Miss Dobnier concluded that the Mormon Church had just suffered a great propaganda setback at the hands of the kissers. I think the protesters would have had even more impact if they had gone beyond the oral kissing and progressed to the genitals and anal areas that so fascinate and stimulate them. Ms. Dobnier clearly prefered to collude with the innocent and sanitized projection of perverted behavior that was on show. She and her bosses at the AP do not have to get orders from Government to spew this kind of propaganda. It comes naturally to them for it expresses the agenda that they all subscribe to as a Class.

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