Health Care Bill – We Were Right!

In our previous article we forecast that Obama’s revolutionary Bill would pass the House. He and his masters in the Media had too much invested in his survival to risk any further delay. In theory 34 Democrats voted against the Bill to give it a majority of 7 but we believe that if the Bill had required 253 Democrat votes, Pelosi would have got them by last night. The 34 ‘rebels’ have been allowed to masquerade as ‘moderates’ simply because enough votes were in the bag, but all would have caved like Stupak and his comrades if required by Pelosi.

On this website we consistently maintain that the US is experiencing a revolution – the kind that breaks out when an emerging new Ruling Class finally claims political power. Not all revolutions result in civil war, though this one might yet, further along the road. As we wrote last week, the Media Class and its Leftist allies have been busy infiltrating, purging and reshaping the Democrat Party over the last 40 years and by the last election in 2008 it is doubtful if a genuine ‘moderate’ was to be found anywhere in its ranks. We should never underestimate the power of a Ruling Class, especially one that is not only fabulously wealthy but also controls most News outlets and infests all entertainment. Most Congressmen are career politicians with good incomes, good financial benefits and good pension prospects and as such they are as interested in their own futures. Those futures do not have to depend on staying in Congress if their Party has wealth, connections and patronage. We may never know what jobs and rewards were promised for the future, coupled with the real threat of ruin for those considering turning down an offer that ‘cannot be refused’.

Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel and the rest are would-be Stalinists, harnessing an ideology with thuggery in a pursuit of raw power. They are aware that they can succeed provided they also implement the social and moral policies that are breathlessly awaited by a dissolute and narcissist Media Class. This Health Bill (in reality a shambles intended only to grow Government power) will now be portrayed by the Media Class as the triumph of a courageous President who cared little for his own future. The buzzword of the moment is ‘historic’, in order to associate it with civil rights legislation of the past. All the Media headlines I have seen employ the defining word ‘historic’. There are many other words that might have been just as appropriate in a headline – ‘controversial’, ‘unpopular’, ‘revolutionary’, Socialist’, ‘railroaded’, ‘Rahmmed’ (a touch of humor here?), ‘unfunded’, ‘bankrupting’, un-American, ‘dishonest’ and ‘suicidal’ all suggest themselves to me but not to any Mainstream Media (MSM) journalist. Only ‘historic’!

Obama and his comrades will now move on to their next major revolutionary piece of legislation which will be aimed at destroying the concept of citizenship in order to create a new mass Leftist voting bloc. This initiative needs to be achieved before 2012 so that control of the White House and Congress are forever guaranteed to the Leftist revolutionaries. The counter-revolutionaries must be swamped at the ballot box! Obama can feel confident going forward for any charlatan and fool can progress when the Media is orchestrating the headlines and doctoring the information that the public depends on.

Those US newspapers that bother to cover European news have been celebrating the French local election results from Sunday. Since the Socialists made big gains, the MSM is quite cheered. Hidden amongst the reports is a lie. You will read that the ‘Far Right’ won 8.5% of the vote. ‘Far Right’ in MSM language means any Party that wishes to restrict immigration – especially from the Third World – and wishes to preserve its People’s traditional culture. In France this means Le Pen’s National Front, a Party similar to the UK’s BNP. The 8.5% is reported in the context of ‘Nazism is rearing its ugly head’ and thus ought to frighten the reader whilst at the same time not being a big enough percentage to raise the morale of Nationalists elsewhere. The real story is that Le Pen’s Party only fought in 12 of the 25 regions of France and polled an average 17+% in them. The MSM is averaging that 17+% across all 25 regions in order to minimize it. It was a good result for the Nationalists, though not enough to suggest that the French native people are considering survival. I have no access to French newspapers and TV but I am sure that all run the same propaganda campaigns of smears and lies that the Media Class employs against its opponents everywhere. No doubt French entertainers, artists and celebrities also play their full part just as in the UK and USA. The Media Class is much the same throughout the Western World which is what Radical and Right would expect for these are Class characteristics.

In fairness to Al Gore I must report that temperatures have risen significantly here in mid-California and Spring is about to arrive on time. Give it a week or two and we will once again be reading that man-made Global Warming is about to destroy the world unless Obama adds ‘Cap and Trade’ to the imminent Immigration Bill.

God bless the people of America! They will need it.

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