Hastert Haunted by Past

The charges against Denny Hastert are exciting the MSM. Not only do they distract from Democrat problems surrounding the Clinton’s but they enable the Media Class to claim that yet another politician of the Right is really a closet homosexual and typically a hypocrite to boot. Even better, this Hastert scandal ‘proves’ that there are far more homosexuals than anyone ever realized.

It is possible that Hastert is innocent of past homosexual activities and that the charges are mistaken or politically inspired to smear an innocent man of the Right. Such things are possible, but the alleged large and regular payments to a younger male are hard to explain away.

It is surprising that this case is not about blackmail, with Hastert as the victim. If the young male was over 18 and consenting, what is Hastert’s crime? Indeed if the male was over 16 it might seem that he and Hastert were just a little ahead of their time, for soon such relationships will be compulsory if the Revolutionaries have their way.

A Devil’s advocate might argue that if Hastert has chosen to draw relatively large sums of money from his own bank account and hand them secretly to someone else, whose business is that? It seems intrusive that regular withdrawals from one’s own bank account can be monitored by the FBI. A Devil’s advocate might also ask why Hastert is being charged and the Clinton’s are not ‘out on bail’ for very serious crimes.

If some years ago, Hastert as a wrestling coach and teacher entered into a sexual relationship with a young male, and has been paying hush money ever since, this writer wonders why he went into Republican politics  knowing that he was always going to be vulnerable to exposure by the MSM and its Leftist allies. Is there something in the character of perverts and libertines that compels them to live dangerously? Do they get a rush from deceiving the world with a double life?

Same-sex sexual relationships are abhorrent but it has always been that some people, for whatever reasons, are powerfully and destructively driven by such unnatural desires. Some desires are more unnatural than others, and some, like those of the Kennedy’s and Bill Clinton, are natural but seemingly insatiable. Unnatural and insatiable desires, if indulged, have victims. Human experience has taught that there are fewer perpetrators and victims when society expresses disapproval. A society that becomes too tolerant sooner or later sinks into decay. True Christians are constantly reminded by the teachings of their Faith that sinful compulsions are to be resisted by the individual and sternly disapproved of by society. A Christian society stays strong, but as Christianity is now being persecuted out of existence, soon no-one will resist any and every urge. America will soon reflect Hollywood’s decadence.

If only those who have succumbed to unnatural urges would stay out of active conservative politics. After all, the Democrat Party welcomes them!

This leads into some comments on an interesting article by Pat Buchanan in which he points out the willingness of ISIS Muslims to fight and die for Islamic Imperialism. In contrast the Muslims on ‘our side’ run away or surrender. Buchanan mentions the moral decline of our society typified by SSM and suggests that no-one is going to fight and die for a decadent culture.

This seems at first to be a valid point but if ISIS behavior is being accurately reported, its fighters have no better moral standards than the inhabitants of Beverly Hills and much more bloodthirsty. Nevertheless, the America that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are remaking with revolutionary legislation and which is propagated ad nauseum by America’s mass entertainment is not an America for which any sane person would sacrifice life and limb.

There is now another gender choice emerging and it is called pansexualism. Its proponents claim it is distinct from homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, transgenderism, transvestism and gender-neutrality.

This new ‘choice’ has been discovered and will quickly be taken up by the intellectual and Academic elites of America. Obama and Michelle will be inviting pansexuals to White House events. Leading universities will ensure that pansexuals gain admission in order to enrich and provide diversity. Pan sexualism will be a subject for study to be followed by a Chair for Black pansexuals. Next will be a pansexual on the Supreme Court. Celebrities, movie stars and pop music icons will soon be proclaiming their pans-sexual status at award ceremonies and on Leftist websites. Not far down the road, anyone in public life who fails to acknowledge pansexualism as perfectly normal, indeed superior to normal, will face loss of employment and even prosecution. “Pans’ will be experiencing discomfort and hostility in College discussions and in materials that mention the old norms.

One suggestion from this website is that the old descriptions ‘pansies’ and ‘pansy boys’ be taken off the list of politically incorrect expressions.

Please, please one of you conservative candidates in the Primaries, make some forthright speeches about the unnaturalness of sodomy and the utter bilge of all this LGB stuff. Plain speaking is required with no regard for ‘feelings’.

A website visitor has brought to our attention an article on the website ‘The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection’. The article in titled “What Is a ‘Conservative’ These Days?” and was written by Paul Gottfried on May 30th. Worth a read!

It is the view of this website that conservatism is social conservatism or it is not conservatism at all. Anyone who defends SSM, abortion as simply a woman’s choice, open borders, unlimited growth or dogs in lieu of children is not a conservative.

This website has predicted that Hillary Clinton will not get the Democrat nomination because a powerful homosexual cabal at the heart of the Media Class has never forgiven her husband for his past contempt for homosexuals. For this reason, some elements of the MSM have been revealing Clinton crimes and scandals.

Now Martin O’Malley has entered the field as a serious contender and we think he has been encouraged by assurances of powerful Media support and finance. The weekend’s WSJ’s Laura Meckler and Scott Calvert have launched his Media campaign with a glowing profile. Meckler is a Democrat insider who ensures Obama gets the star treatment and her approval is really the approval of higher-ups. O’Malley, a Far Leftist, has long been a campaigner for the homosexual agenda and has also forged strong links with urban Black activists. Watch his rise!

The MSM is blaming the poor GDP figures on a ‘brutal winter’. Need we add anything to our Global Warming Watch?


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