Has Trump Lost Momentum?

Tweeting at 3 AM about terrorism in London, spats with the Londonistan Mayor, and awaiting Supreme Court’s consideration of a Muslim travel ban is not our idea of offensive action. Is President Trump shackled by White House administration, Presidential routines and Washington D.C. social events?

Once again, we call for a campaign among the people who voted for him, including Georgia in support of Karen Handel. Tweets may have outwitted the Mainstream Media in the primaries, but it was mass rallies in fly-over country, with carefully-considered speeches plus informalities, that made the difference in the Presidential contest.

Come on Donald, kick the swamp-mud off your boots and raise your profile in all those places where Republican congressmen need support and, in some cases, a fright. These are the best places to lay out your plans for healthcare reform and wall-building. You will find that the air is cleaner and the people far more trustworthy.

What has happened to the dynamo of change?

Music Choice

The Song Is You, which is one of many tunes that were written by the famous composer Jerome Kern, was recorded by Dodo Marmarosa (piano) in 1962 on the album Jug & Dodo. It is a good example of Marmarosa’s excellent improvisation using block chords (Shearing’s locked hands style), although it was sadly one of Dodo Marmarosa’s last recordings. In this recording, Ammons (saxophone) does not play, but Sam Jones (bass) and Marshall Thompson (drums) do. Enjoy!

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