Has a Revolutionary Struggle Begun?

On this website we maintain that a new Class (The Media Class) has emerged in the last 40 years and has now taken power in many Western Nation States and in the USA. We also maintain that at the last US election, the Media Class gained dominating political power through the victories of the Democrat Party in Congress and Obama’s capture of the White House. Unlike all those Rightwing commentators and bodies that describe the Mainstream Media (MSM) as tools of Leftist politicians and Leftist Parties, we say that those Parties and Leftists are junior Parties of the Media Class. The MSM, a key component of the Media Class, promoted Obama to the White House and has the power to both promote and destroy national and local politicians at will. In the Democrat Party (which has been purged of dissenters) the elected members are now united behind the Media Class agenda (most of it social and moral in content) and the Media Class in return, is willing to support a Leftist economic agenda that will give a Leftist government overwhelming control over US citizens. In the Republican Party, most elected members are constantly intimidated by a hostile Media and those who are not are denied Media coverage for their views and subjected only to the coverage of ridicule or the coverage of demonization. Only the US Constitution, the traditional Christian Churches and the patriotism of conservative US citizens stand between the Obama Administration and its irreversible revolutionary program. In the UK, where there is no Constitution protecting freedoms of speech and political activities and where the Christian Churches have withered, there is only the tiny and much-persecuted British National Party and a few grass root extremists standing between the Media controlled political parties and the annihilation of the native British people and their culture.

We have long argued on this website that when a new Class takes power it inevitably and almost unconsciously seeks to remake society in its own image. The Media Class, which consists of much more than newspapers, magazines and TV companies, owes much of its power and wealth to its Showbiz component and to the related components of Fashion, Advertizing, the Arts and Pro-sport. Thus is the Class characterized by Bohemianism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, dysfunctional people and the discontented radicals of the political Left. We can expect a Class that is typified by Hollywood to be anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-Nationalist, and so it is. Obama and his comrades in Congress are now busy fulfilling their commitment to this triumphant and necessarily impatient Class.

We maintain that the speedy steps Obama and his Congressional comrades are taking are the revolutionary expression of his masters in the Media Class. They are moving to dismantle the private enterprise society that underpins personal freedom and free speech and to destroy the Christian Churches that underpin personal morality. They may not all be fully aware of the revolutionary implications of their actions but their President is now driven by the momentum that has been generated by the victory of the new Ruling Class. Obama’s agenda is a revolutionary one! The dictionary definition of a revolution is “a fundamental change in government, especially by the forcible overthrow of the existing system and substitution of a new ruler or political system; a radical change or reversal of circumstances, conditions, relations or things.” On this website we maintain that the nationalization of health care, the take-over of some big manufacturing industries and the intimidation of all others, the subjection of the Banking industry to Government control, the opening of national borders to alien peoples, the transfer of sovereign powers to foreign bodies, the destruction of the currency, the persecution of those who have protected the Nation from enemy forces, the imposition of speech codes and the indoctrination of school children by government, the mobilization of Union thugs and Leftist activists in organizations like Acorn, the monopoly over news and broadcast speech by a ruling Party and President, the State’s abandonment of heterosexual marriage and the traditional family, the orchestration of demonizing charges (in this case ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’) to silence opposition and the ubiquitous promotion of a ‘charismatic’ leader, all together create a revolutionary situation.

Not all revolutions are bloody! Some proceed by stealth and speed, the victim classes rendered powerless before they realize what is happening to them and their Nation. This is how the Communists took over Czechoslovakia. It is in the context of a developing revolution that we see the Tea Party protests and especially last weekend’s massive march in Washington. The leaderless and largely spontaneous demonstration on Saturday was surely the beginning of a counter-revolutionary movement. It was the expression of fear and anxiety on the part of those people who are about to be ‘changed’ and disempowered in order to make way for a new society.

It is possible that Obama’s revolution will stall and the American people will pull back from an internal bloody conflict that will be disastrous for most. Perhaps the Leftist extremists will be denied ascendancy and the Media Class will discover that it cannot impose its morally destructive agenda except by slow increments. We shall soon learn whether Obama has unleashed forces that cannot be controlled. His speech to the AFL/CIO today had all the rabble-rousing, class-envy trademarks of a Leftist revolutionary bent on victory. One thing is certain, the millions who marched for American-style freedom last weekend are a force to be reckoned with and the Internet has enabled them to overcome the Media Class control over information. We are living in interesting and very dangerous times.

Let us end on a couple of happier notes! Reggie Dwight (also known as Sir Elton John) has been denied the adoption of a vulnerable 14 month old Ukrainian orphan boy. It seems that the 63 year old Reggie and his ‘wife’ David Furnish, who has, apparently, longed for a child, did not meet the criteria for adoption. Reggie and ‘wife’ David have been touring orphanages where children are the innocent victims of AIDS and this little boy captured their hearts! This disease could be eliminated if people abandoned the disgusting practice of sodomy and reckless promiscuity.

Congratulations to the UK’s BNP. That Party frequently seems to favor limiting personal freedoms but last week it announced that it will support the right of parents to home-school their children. It is a right that is at the core of freedom from the State and the busy-bodies who would like to nationalize the family.

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