Hamburg’s Red Warning Light

In our previous article, we claimed that increasing numbers on America’s Broad Right are seeing civil war not just as a conflict threatened by the Far-Left, but as an unavoidable contest whose time has come. No-one can doubt that there is a large and growing element on the Left that has, for the last 8 years, been seeking violent confrontation with us. On college campuses and urban streets, the Left has employed violence to successfully shut down all opposition. Rarely has this Leftist violence been effectively hampered or discouraged by those responsible for maintaining peace and political freedom.

The election of Donald Trump to the White House, and Republican majorities in Congress and most State legislatures, has so far done nothing to deter this one-sided march of violence.

Some take comfort by viewing this repeated political criminality as nothing more than the actions of a marginalized, youthful, Far-Left fringe – and therefore without significance. On this website, we warn that the rioting is one Leftist expression of an unfolding, though lop-sided, civil war.

 The other, and more significant expression of an unfolding civil war, is the refusal of what is wrongly called the ‘center-left’, to accept the Presidential election result. In our view, the Leftist street and college mobsters are inextricably linked to the ‘center-left’ deniers of the Presidential election result. Both are rejecting government – and opposition – played out according to the rules.

On this website, we repeatedly claim that Americans are living in Revolutionary times. Revolutionary times spawn violent times, and in such times, there is no room for ‘shades’, ‘moderation’ and a genuine ‘center’. All who wish to be relevant must take one side or the other – or be consigned to the sidelines.

We argue that there are only two relevant sides engaged in the current revolutionary conflict, and for simplicity we might as well label them Left and Right.

 On the Left, temporarily evicted from the White House but occupying much of the commanding heights, are the Media Class, its Mainstream Media propaganda arm, its Democrat Party, the Internationalists of Big Business, most of the government’s administrative machine, taxpayer funded academia, and the professional activists of the streets. None of these constituents of the Left, nor their ideological agenda, qualify as ‘moderate’, ‘centrist’, or ‘Constitutional’.

Decades of dishonest MSM propaganda, and brain-washing education, have persuaded too many Americans that black is white. There is nothing ‘moderate’ or ‘centrist’ about open borders, the mass importation of alien and hostile peoples and religions, the creation of sanctuary cities, the un-Constitutional rejection of many parts of the Constitution, redistribution of wealth in any guise, restrictions on free speech, draconian speech codes, same-sex marriage, compulsory re-education of the defenders of real marriage, the official denial of gender, the demand for an end to scientific debates, and the employment of government officials to target political opponents.

All of the above list – and much more – is Revolutionary Socialism, and its proponents intend to impose it on America by ignoring a Presidential election result. To resist will surely ignite a civil war.

At the beginning of this century, it seemed as though Socialism in any form had been thoroughly discredited as the road to a society of mass chronic poverty, a privileged party elite, a police state and the suppression of free speech. Yet everywhere Socialism is again on the march, attacking Nation States from within, Balkanizing societies, and mobilizing the envious. The importation of hordes of alien peoples and the accompanying over-crowding provides the raw material of Socialism.

We refer you to the website Free Republic, and a May 14 article from the Gatestone Institute, entitled “Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants”.

Socialist Hamburg in Germany may seem a long way from America, but Angela Merkel’s open door policy has led directly to the government confiscation of private property and the criminalization of protest. Who can argue that some human beings remain without homes and shelter whilst others have empty properties and unnecessarily large houses?

In the UK, overcrowded with immigrants, there are now extra financial penalties for those purchasing more expensive homes. It will be a short step to house rationing. Who can doubt that the policies developing in Hamburg and the UK are on the agenda of America’s Left?

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  1. I’ve met many Germans from Hamburg over the years. They have uniformly been an unsavory type: argumentative, boorish, and unpleasant…and leftist to a man (or woman). Germany is going off the rails again.

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