Guns and Revolution

The latest shooting in Washington D.C. has predictably re-energized the Left and its useful idiots.   Let me confess right from the start that I own a gun and it is not for hunting deer or any other wild life. It is my belief that wild animals generally, though not some pests, have enough of a problem surviving in a shrinking wilderness without me adding to their woes. I own a gun for three reasons. The first is to exercise my Constitutional right and the second is to protect myself and my family from human predators. It so happens that since I legally bought and registered my gun, the risk from human predators has greatly increased thanks to the election of a Black partisan President and his appointment of a Black partisan at the DOJ. In the UK where I once lived, the law-abiding long ago lost the right to effective self-defense. Now home invasions by thugs and thieves of all colors are an every-day fact of life. 

    This brings me to my third reason and one which has come to rank with the others. It is that I foresee a time when I will need to defend myself against a lawless Government. This reason would have been unthinkable some 30 years ago, but times have changed, haven’t they? The so-called ‘massed shootings’ (I think of massed shootings as German SS soldiers on a mission to rid Europe of Jews, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and Slavs, and Russian Communist police ridding the Soviet Union of all those arbitrarily dubbed Class enemies) we are experiencing are invariably the result of schizophrenic loners hearing voices or settling a relatively petty grievance. Others are emotionally alienated young men who have lacked a normal and healthy 2-parent experience and been attracted to an alternative ‘culture’ of drugs, mindless music, self-mutilation and death. It so happens that the number of victims of such shootings would be greatly reduced if more good citizens were armed and carrying. Such attacks always occur in ‘gun free’ zones! 

    Still, in past times, discussion about some extra gun controls in response to these tragedies would likely have been fruitful. It cannot be refuted that the easy accessibility of guns in the US and their increasing firepower have given the mentally sick and socially alienated greater firearm power. The National Rifle Association (NRA) steadfastly opposes any limitations, and despite what I have just written, I support them in their complete opposition to more controls. I do so, because I know that we live in Revolutionary times. By this, I do not mean revolutionary with the small ‘r’ but Revolutionary with the big ‘R’ meaning that we now have a Ruling Class in America and it is pursuing not just changes here and there but a wholesale reshaping of our country that requires that ordinary Americans who oppose such radical change be suppressed. 

    The current Left-led campaign to take our guns is not a response to the occasional shootings of innocents, for after all the Left and its allies in the Ruling Media Class are happy to kill millions of innocents every year and describe such killing as a ‘woman’s right’. The new Ruling Class intends to disarm the law-abiding citizenry so that it can more easily impose a totalitarian rule. We are not living in the old era of two-Party politics any longer. In those days, though the Democrat Party always had its extreme communist fringe, the Party shared fundamental beliefs with the Republican Party and was socially conservative. That old Democrat Party no longer exists for its activist membership has been purged of non-Socialists and cultural traditionalists in a process that began in the late 1960’s and was probably completed by the 1980’s. Since then the Party has been a monolithic extreme Leftist party which benefits from its past outer trappings just as was the wolf dressed in Granny’s clothes to welcome Little Red Riding Hood. 

    There is no negotiating with Obama and his comrades for they front a Revolution and Revolutionaries do not negotiate in good faith. They do not compromise, except to gain ground for the next advance. They are not willing to surrender ground or find middle ground for they are intent on, in the words of Obama in one of his rare honest moments, “fundamentally transforming America”. The total -as in totalitarian- transformation they ruthlessly pursue requires a disarmed opposition and disarmed potential opposition. 

    The campaign for more gun controls attracts useful (well-meaning) idiots but the drivers of the campaign have a far-reaching agenda of disarmament and imposed docility of the people. The NRA is right to not give an inch. More controls are simply one more step to total disarmament just as same-sex marriage is just one more step to the normalization of homosexuality and the criminalization of opposition. We are to have no means of resistance. You have been warned! 

    The Left has been adept at inventing new words or adapting old ones so that they function as denunciations that require no argument, or scent sprayed on dirty actions. ‘McCarthyism’, ‘homophobia’, ‘bigot’, ‘racist’ and ‘pride’ come to mind. This last week I saw two words that we on the counter-revolutionary Right should begin to use at every opportunity. They are “Christophobia’ and ‘Just-us Department’. 

    Here are two articles found on Free Republic that I recommend. 

    Posted on 13th Sept. and referring to ‘Clinton Body Count by Ether Zone Staff’ lists all the people who have unexpectedly died over the years since they were connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Some, like Vince Foster, are well known to those who were paying attention to politics when the Clintons were in the White House. The list however is shockingly long and full of suicides and accidents. On this website we are not keen on conspiracy theories, which is not to say that there are no conspiracies in politics. No conspiracy could possibly arrange so many deaths as this list contains and get away with it except in a Nation that was already totalitarian-and ours is not yet one. Nevertheless, reading the list – assuming that it is accurate – even allowing for the usual deaths and accidents in life, is more than worrying. 

    Posted on Friday Sept 13th by preacher at 11.49am. “Of 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85% and Whites 15%. Blacks commit more violent crimes against Whites than Blacks. 45% of their victims are White, 43% Black and 10% Hispanic. When Whites commit violent crimes only 3% of victims are Black. Blacks are estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime than vice versa and 136 times more likely to commit robbery”. Google “The Color of Crime”. 

    If the above is true then we here have good reason to resist all gun control. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it is so far a much colder September than normal. No evidence of global warming! In the UK it is the usual dismal early Autumn and no rising sea levels noted.

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