Guns and Exceptionalism

In a previous article I praised the NRA for opposing all gun control attempts, even though some limitations on some weapons might seem reasonable.   On this website we assert that the Revolutionaries who now dominate America’s Government are hell-bent on disarming the people and thus creating a defenseless and apathetic population incapable of halting the march to totalitarianism. Ruling Class gun controllers in present-day America are simply pursuing a step-by-step disarmament, just as Ruling Class homosexuals are pursuing a step-by-step suppression of free speech through same-sex weddings. 

    The latest news from America and abroad provides dramatic new evidence for having an armed citizenry. The NRA and Conservatives should be busy taking advantage of it and alerting the people. The latest mass shooting in Chicago’s southwest side Cornell Square Park were carried out by 3 armed men and left 13 wounded, including a 3 year old boy. Chicago’s police chief claims that shootings and murders are down this year from last year but since the year has not been completed and since statistics from public authorities can no longer be believed, it is anybody’s guess as to the true figures. From January to September Chicago officially has had 306 murders and 1,402 shootings. If and when the perpetrators of this latest gangland shooting are brought to book, those conservatives who monitor these things and don’t rely on the propaganda of the Mainstream Media (MSM), will discover that the shooters were both Black and possessors of illegal weapons. In this latest incident the victims were almost certainly also Black, though as always the MSM avoids skin color except when victims are Black and perpetrators are White. 

    One could take the view – though on this website we believe Government exists primarily to protect all innocent victims – that Black on Black violence is par for the course and not worth getting excited about. There is ample evidence however that Black violence to Whites and Asians is rapidly growing thanks to the propaganda and racial bias of Obama and Holder. Whites and Asians – and law-abiding Blacks too – need to be armed for self-defense. 

    The news from Nairobi, Kenya, provides even more argument for an armed citizenry. The attack by a platoon of homicidal Islamic Imperialists on an upscale shopping mall has resulted in a large number of deaths. The victims were ordinary though affluent shoppers, including many Europeans and Asians and Kenyan Christians. It has been widely reported by witnesses that the Muslim murderers executed foreigners and demanded to know the religion of Kenyans. Muslims were spared and non-Muslims (mostly Christians) were also executed. I assume that victims were shot but if the attackers had had time they would probably have sawn off heads and filmed their work for the benefit of Muslim Internet viewers around the world. 

    It is certain that the innocent shoppers were unarmed and defenseless. A few armed citizens willing and able to fight back would surely have greatly reduced the death toll. We can be sure that when these Muslim Imperialists plan their attacks they take into account the defenselessness of their potential victims. The attackers are reported to have come from many Nations including the USA and this is a reminder that America’s uncontrolled immigration and too much inappropriate concern for immigrant civil rights results in an enemy within. It is clear that Islamic Imperialism (on this website we call it what it is, for the purpose of jihadism is to conquer the world for Islam) is relentlessly growing and always looking for soft targets and that its militants nestle and organize within the wider Muslim communities that now congregate in Western countries. It occurs to us on this website that the planners of these atrocities have no need to consider the effects of cruelty and mass murder of non-Muslim innocents on the wider Muslim population. Just as the IRA could rely on the silent approval of most Irish Catholics (including those long ensconced in England) when they bombed Protestant Churches and gunned down ordinary Ulster citizens, so the jihadists seem confident that Muslims in the West will not renounce Islam in disgust. Still, why should they when it is clear that the Leftists and the Media masters who now rule in the West rush to defend Islam no matter what its practitioners do? Despite all the evidence to the contrary our rulers and their MSM insist that Islam is a religion of peace. 

    In Pakistan, the last few weeks have seen more attacks on Christian Churches and Christians, adding to the growing persecution of Christians throughout the world. 43 Christians were killed in just one Church bombing. As we frequently point out on this website, Christians here in the USA are becoming an endangered species too and those Leftists and perverts who are brazenly calling Islam a ‘religion of peace’ are determined to paint Christians and Christianity as the source of all bigotry and the biggest obstacle to their promised land of equality, redistribution of wealth and inclusiveness. It is time for Christians here in the USA to arm, for surely the governing Revolutionary Media Class and its Leftist allies do not intend to tolerate them any more than do Islamic Imperialists. 

    This brings me to what conservatives have coined ‘American exceptionalism’. Leftists hate this ‘E’ word and no doubt many who are ignorant of America’s Founding and its Constitution assume that the ‘E’ word stands for superiority or a ‘chosen people’. My understanding – and I am an immigrant who was lucky enough to be granted citizenship many years ago – is that the ‘exceptionalism’ resides in the Constitution. The men who labored to write the Constitution had turned their backs on an England (and even more a Europe) where Government held power and the ordinary people were subjects of the Government. Recognizing that a dominating Government possessed the power to give and take away all rights and thus keep many in poverty no matter how hard they strived; arbitrarily condemn others to poverty; control speech and religion; and assign freedoms or remove them, the framers wrote a Constitution that placed severe limits on the power of Government, defining Government as the servant of the people, guaranteeing property rights and assigning most of the severely-restricted government powers to the States. They then added amendments, including the right of the ordinary people to bear arms, for they realized that Government had a propensity to grow and acquire powers. They realized that citizens had to be able to protect their property and lives from both human predators and from their government. 

    The new country that the writers legislated for was truly revolutionary in that it rejected all the models of Government that existed in the world at that time and reversed the relationship of people and Government. By placing the dominant power with the people they were confident that conservative values would triumph, for the people they framed for were a socially conservative people. This is the source of American ‘exceptionalism’ as I understand it. The resultant freedom from Government restrictions and financial rapaciousness enabled America and its citizens to rapidly prosper like no other country. This is the America that I signed up to though sadly the Constitution has been nibbled and nibbled away over the years and the new Revolutionary Class that has now taken power is determined to bury it. The piecemeal departure from the Constitution that took place in the years prior to Obama was undoubtedly the result of several factors not foreseen by the Founders. They include the catastrophe of the Civil War which fueled the growth of centralization and depleted States’ rights, and the influx of immigrants from countries that did not share the Christian values of the Founders or the English traditions of liberty. No doubt the Framers envisioned a relatively homogenous population stretching into the future. 

    In fact, many of the newcomers were hostile to Christianity and to Nation States and they worked tirelessly for international Socialism. Though they took advantage of America’s economic freedoms to become rich and influential, they retained a separate identity and perpetuated an antipathy to America’s institutions. Others came from countries where, though Christianity was the religion, corruption was the norm. They brought with them a form of tribalism that together with the attachment to corruption was ill-fitted to the Constitution. These groups settled in big cities and re-shaped the old Democrat Party for their own purposes. They saw Government and its funds as theirs to distribute in order to win elections, feed at the trough, and always campaign for more government. They were eventually joined by poor emancipated African Americans who remain attached to Big Government and its ability to redistribute wealth in the form of welfare. 

    The Framers surely did not foresee the development of Big Business, which would use its wealth and power to open borders and gain cheap labor from the Third World. Nor did they see the development of international Big Business, whose beneficiaries would come to share with the Socialists a self-serving dislike of the Nation State and a taste for Big Government, resulting in what is now called crony capitalism and which cannot co-exist with the Constitution. 

    Nevertheless, the Constitution has been so strong that it has survived, albeit in a weakened state. Many in the heartland remain committed to the Constitution, the old Christian moral values and to their Nation State. They have been joined by a surprising number of immigrants from certain countries such as Korea, the Philippines, China and Mexico, and who have integrated, intermarried and often served in the armed forces. There is still hope for the Constitution and the Nation State but the arrival of a new Class, which together with its allies of the America-hating Left, has the power of mass communication and now the powers of Big Government, may sound its death knell. America’s other claim to ‘exceptionalism’ has been its long freedom from a Ruling Class. Now it has one that has the advantage of being unrecognized as such and yet is, in the words of Obama, fundamentally transforming America. Those who do not want their country transformed and its Constitution consigned to history, had better work flat out to retain the right to be armed. 

    On this website we have frequently pointed out the power of our Ruling Class to paint good people as villains and turn lowlifes into heroes. Joe McCarthy, Whittaker Chambers and perhaps J Edgar Hoover were heroes who are now defined by our Ruling Class as villains. Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and even George Zimmerman may join them over time. The Kennedy brothers, Alger Hiss, Harvey Milk, Barney Frank, Matthew Shepard and Trayvon Martin are examples of lowlifes who have been elevated to hero status. 

    If the name Matthew Shepard means little to you normal folks out there, he is the young man whose cruel murder by two other young men was turned by the MSM into a cause célèbre and used to impose a law that defines certain crimes as hate crimes. The definition depends not on blind justice but on certain government selected groups as privileged. The unfortunate Shepard was an out-of-the-closet homosexual and his savage death at the hands of two young lowlifes was presented by the MSM and a complicit prosecution as a tale of a homosexual being murdered by bigots. Now a well researched book by Stephen Jiminez has been published and its title is “The Book Of Matt”. The book marks the 15th anniversary of Shepard’s death. Free Republic September 18th has information about this book under the title “Signs and Wonders: Rethinking the hate crime that unleashed the gay rights movement” by Warren Cole Smith and posted by rhema. The book alleges that the two killers, one of whom was interviewed by Jiminez in jail, were themselves homosexuals and that one was a former ‘lover’ of Shepard and that all were involved in drugs and drug dealing. I can guarantee that this book will be totally shunned by the MSM as was the M. Stanton Evans well-documented book “Blacklisted by History” which wholly exonerated Sen. Joe McCarthy. In a society in which truth, facts and justice are valued, books such as these would be widely and objectively reviewed in the MSM. We however are in a new world where facts, truth and justice count for nothing and are suppressed when they do not advance the Ruling Class agenda. 

    I keep reading MSM reports such as this one “this has angered many in the gay community”. This is a standard line that is repeated word for word all across the MSM and is part of today’s propaganda-speak. It should be replaced by the forthright and accurate phrase “Many homosexuals are offended by”. 

    On this website we have long branded billionaire George Soros as a force for evil in the world. Here is a man who is wanted for alleged criminal behavior in France and who mysteriously survived both Nazism and Communism in his native Hungary and yet has acquired citizenship in America, a country he spends his fortune trying to fundamentally change for the worse. Along the way he has accumulated billions by juggling currency. Last week this 83 year old Jew married a woman about half his age. It was his third wife and it is said that he has had many girlfriends. One recent ex-girlfriend is taking him to court for a share of the spoils. Yet despite his raunchy reputation his wedding was attended by Presidents, Prime Ministers, diplomats and Nancy Pelosi. The MSM never has a bad thing to say about Soros and, like Obama, his past is never investigated. Contrast that with the MSM treatment of Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin. Soros is a member of the Media Class as well as being rich beyond the comprehension of ordinary working stiffs. 

    Another billionaire who uses his money to fund some decadent causes is Paul Singer. He is another Jewish money-juggler who was born in New Jersey. In some ways, Singer is possibly more dangerous than Soros for he is what is mysteriously called by the MSM a ‘log cabin Republican’ and targets conservative Republicans for electoral defeat. Singer’s son is a homosexual who has ‘married’ another man and Singer is devoted to promoting the grotesque same-sex marriage. What chance has the Christian NOM which relies on the small donations of true Constitution-loving Americans against these billionaires who reject America’s traditions? 

    Weather – It is said that experts are now admitting that the Earth’s climate has not warmed for the past 13 years. Apparently that truth cannot be concealed any longer. The experts are still claiming however that the sea is rising yet my contact in Starcross on the Exe Estuary has still not had to resort to her boat. Perhaps the sea can rise in some parts of the world and not in others even though all the oceans are connected. Here in California I was fortunate to be in the Sierras last Saturday and experienced a prolonged blizzard and very cold weather. It seems that winter has come early, for September temperatures are way below the norm all down the West Coast. As we constantly say on this website, it is best to believe your lying eyes. 

    Music Choice – The deep-voiced Canadian singer Robert Goulet was a master of the romantic ballad and I recommend the well-written song ‘A Man and a Woman” from the album “Hollywood Mon Amor”. This is adult music and the lyrics are guaranteed to drive Feminists and lesbians crazy. What better recommendation could there be?

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