Guessing 2007!

No matter how much one studies and understands the past, it remains almost impossible to predict anything useful about the future. Nevertheless, January 1st somehow invites us all to speculate and make plans, whether they are about personal finances, health or politics. Here are my ‘guesses’ for 2007. If they turn out to be mostly correct, I shall claim they were predictions!

There will be a major earthquake on the West coast of the USA.

The US stock market will experience a crash in October 2007.

The housing market in the US will stage a short revival until late summer.

President Bush and Congress will continue to dither in Iraq and a US moral defeat will be a gradual process brought about by inaction.

Mrs. Clinton will be promoted by the Media as a mother, moderate, and tower of strength on all things.

Same-sex marriage and other homosexual demands will continue to be granted by most Courts and supported by many Big Businesses, no matter what the public votes for.

Senator Johnson of South Dakota will be unable to take his place in the Senate but will not resign either.

President Bush will fail to get another constitutionalist nominated to the Supreme Court.

Muslim terrorists will enjoy their best successes outside of the USA.

Nothing will stop the steady advance of Islam across Western Europe.

Israel will make air strikes on Iranian nuclear plants but not halt the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.

Gordon Brown will take over as Prime Minister in the UK before the summer recess of Parliament.

No cure will be found for AIDS and the Gates foundation will fail to turn back the disease in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World.

North Korea will continue to consolidate its nuclear arsenal and Japan will move towards re-armament.

There will be no real progress between Israel and the Palestinians.

The situation in Ulster will deteriorate as the IRA reveals it is still armed.

The UK Parliament will introduce new laws to further restrict free speech and free association, and the laws, which will have all-party support, will be aimed at the BNP.

The closet BNP celebrities ‘outed’ by the Guardian newspaper will lose their livelihoods.

The racial tensions in the UK and Western Europe will ignite into riots during the summer. Africa will continue to be sunk in economic backwardness and disease despite the efforts of Sir Bob Geldof, Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates.

Basque terrorism will continue in Spain and so will the ferocious civil war in Sri Lanka.

If all the above suggests that I am feeling pessimistic, here are a few optimistic predictions.

The USA will continue to be a truly free nation and the most generous and benign super power the world has ever known. It will also continue to be the most successful multi-racial experiment.

The US and the world’s economy will not collapse, despite stock market and housing corrections.

The US will continue to cope with natural disasters and its people will continue to be “can do-ers”.

The world’s supplies of oil will not decline.

The climate will continue to change just as it has always done, with some places colder than normal and some hotter.

Jed Bush will emerge as the front running Presidential candidate for the Republicans for 2008, though the Party will remain divided and cowed by the Media.

The Internet will continue to develop as the source of truthful news information and the Mainstream Media will continue to slowly lose credibility.

US Talk Radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh will continue to have more influence with conservatives than the Republican Party and President Bush.

Heterosexual marriage and child rearing (combined) will continue to regain both popularity and intellectual support in the USA.

This website will gain support for its contention that the Media Class exists and dominates the politics of North America and Western Europe.

The British National Party will make modest but significant gains in the May local elections.

Radical and Right wish conservatives (of all religions and none), nationalists and supporters of free speech, a Happy New Year!

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