Griffin Scores a Goal

On this website we predicted that the BBC was setting an ambush for Nick Griffin when inviting him to take part in its weekly political program ‘Question Time’. We also predicted that it would go overboard in doing so and might unwittingly hand a victory to the BNP. Furthermore we wrote that if Griffin held his ground against all the odds, the Mainstream Media (MSM) would claim that black was white the following day.

We were right with all our predictions. I did not see the program but I have spoken to several English viewers who did and their view is that the program was blatantly intended as a lynching and that as a result the BBC’s unprofessional political crusade has been revealed. Since this is damaging to the BBC, it can only be helpful to the BNP. Most viewers in the UK are familiar with the format of the ‘Question Time’ program and so had no difficulty recognizing that that format had, for the first time ever, been abandoned, in order to create an opportunity for all involved to become a pack of dogs savaging a victim. Instead of a range of questions about issues of the day, all of the questions, bar one, were vehicles for attacks on Griffin. The handpicked (by the BBC) audience was partisan in its vocal hostility to Griffin, and since this hostility was expressed during the introductions, no-one was surprised that the questions were loaded.

In the new multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain, there are Leftist politicians and organizations that owe their existence to racial conflict. This is also true of the US, and Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the ACLU all come to mind. In the UK, the Labour Party’s South African-born Peter Hain and the self-styled anti-Fascists of ‘Unite Against Racism’ have no other purpose than protest. Hain lost no opportunity to ‘demand’ that the BBC withdraw its invitation to Griffin and he was able to bathe in Media publicity prior to the broadcast. This publicity is very important to him. No doubt he was delighted when news of the program first surfaced for he is able to capitalize on his special place on the UK’s Left, as a once-youthful anti-apartheid campaigner. He has dined off of this for many years and it provides him with the kind of credentials that canonize him with the activists of the Left. By ‘activists’ I mean those angry, dysfunctional children of all ages who must have a Leftist cause that releases them from the adult responsibilities of work and family. These are the restless Red thugs who squat or occasionally attend a sequence of college courses and who can conjure up anger at a mention of the word ‘Fascist’. Behind the various anti-racist organizations are a number of elderly Stalinists and Trotskyites who dream of revolution and who survive economically on donations from Trade Unions and rich Socialists.

For the Red thugs and their leaders, the Question Time invitation to Griffin was manna from Heaven. The anger that erupts from their demonstrations is not political at source but psychological and I suppose we might pity them if they were not so dangerous to a democracy. Their violent demonstration outside the BBC studio (and outside other BBC studios around the country) may have been sympathetically handled by the police and lovingly filmed by the Media, but many good citizens watching TV in their homes will not have been impressed. It is clear to any thinking person that the Red protestors do not believe in free speech; that they have no good counter arguments and that they do not trust the British people to make up their own minds.

The MSM newspapers this morning all had attacks on Nick Griffin as their front page story. All of the attacks that I saw were grossly offensive, hysterical and in some cases inciting hatred of BNP members. One has to assume that Griffin had survived the BBC ambush intact and that therefore the Print Media felt it necessary to attempt to do what the BBC had failed to do. Again it is likely that overkill will win the BNP sympathy in some new quarters. However, no-one should under-estimate the power of the MSM to indoctrinate the masses and there will be many who will accept that the Media’s onslaught though devoid of facts, must be justified.

For those who regularly visit this website, this QT episode will be further proof of the leading political role of the Media Class. No Government agency or cabal of politicians summoned the MSM to unleash its hatred on the front pages this morning. This was the combined action of a Class that recognizes that the BNP is its deadliest enemy. A question remains! Why did the BBC take a risk by inviting Griffin, even though the intention was to destroy him. I wonder if the BBC’s extreme Leftists are sending a message to the Labour Party that sending troops to Afghanistan will not be tolerated, for the BNP is anti-war and will take more votes from Labour in an election. Perhaps the BBC is saying “We will give the BNP a little platform and enable it to take votes from you, unless you take all your orders from us”.

One final point! I understand that the only question to Griffin that was not a direct personal attack was about the late homosexual pop warbler Gately. I see this question as further evidence that promoting homosexuality is very high on the Media Class agenda – just as we have always maintained.

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