Greece! The Weakest Link in the Chain?

It is beyond argument that if a chain is going to snap under pressure, it will snap at the weakest link. As the EU strains to cope with those members who have been living beyond their means over several years, it is beginning to look as though at least two or three Southern EU Nations have been dining out on the EU credit card that is largely underwritten by Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries. It is now clear that Greece has been the worst offender but Portugal and Spain have also spent recklessly, and so we speculate not just about chains snapping but also about domino effects. If the debts piled up by the Greeks are not soon convincingly underwritten by Germany or the World Bank, it seems likely that Greece will collapse into political anarchy and then the other feckless Nations will follow. After Portugal and Spain there are others who will be exposed, including Ireland, Italy and the UK.

The riots in Greece are now taking a dangerous turn, with a Bank in Athens set on fire and three employees tragically burned to death. Greece has been an unstable country for as long as I can remember and only its beaches, scenery and climate have fended off a Communist revolution. It has been the postwar vacationers from grey and chilly Germany, Scandinavia and the UK who have enabled its pimping economy to survive. The same has been largely true of Spain and Portugal. It has been the holiday industry that has not only pumped in easy cash but also fuelled a prolonged speculative building boom. The EU fanatics, eager to expand their totalitarian reach across Europe, have chosen to overlook the significant cultural and historical differences between Nations. It has not been politically correct to ever mention the work ethic, for example, for the Elites have pedaled the notion that people are all just ‘one world’.

There is still time for the German-led EU to take over the Greek economy and to force the Greek Government to exert its power and restore law and order. It is even possible that after a financial bail-out, EU forces might be used to underpin the authority of the Greek Government. The use of naked quasi-military power to maintain the EU may seem far-fetched but no more so than that the elite leaders who have engineered the totalitarian EU edifice will be willing to see it just fall apart. There are several constituents of the Western drive to the growth of Government into one World Government. There are the Leftists who pursue the twin goals of ideology (everything should be planned) and personal ambition, there are the unionized public sector workers who pursue self-interest in growth and there are the members of the dominating Media Class who wish to complete a social/moral revolution through rapidly imposed legislation. All these powerful and well-funded groups see the EU as a stepping stone to World Government and social and economic totalitarianism. At this point in time, the economic downturn and the possible collapse of Greece, severely threatens the drive towards World Government, for waiting in the wings are the opposing forces of Nationalism, Conservatism and Religion.

One of the big differences between Greece and its potential savior Germany is that the latter is still a country where things are invented, designed and manufactured. People really go to work in Germany and ‘play’ is something that is done at weekends and holiday times. This is also true of Scandinavia and Holland and to a lesser extent the UK. Unfortunately, real work has been declining in all of them but compared to Greece, they are still countries with a genuine, if diminishing workforce. Greece is a playground, as is Spain and to a lesser extent Portugal and Italy. For a long time it has appeared to be an attractive proposition to be a ‘playground’ country. We have been led to believe by the Media that ‘real’ life is not about work but about relationships (especially sexual relationships), the Arts, Fashion and entertainment. In films and plays, work hardly intrudes, especially if it is something as boring as factory work, construction, farm work or accounting. Interesting people in Plays and Movies are in advertizing or design or are therapists – well, you get the picture. They do ‘interesting’ things but not stuff that is repetitive or causes a sweat. They also live in places where exciting things happen and where the only work that goes on is behind the scenes and exists only to service the interesting people. In the US there are places like San Francisco, LA, Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Denver, Washington and New York that are magnets for the ‘real’ people. Of course, behind the scenes in the boring parts of these cities there are people who work to keep the whole thing going but they are almost invisible to the Media Class. In these places, just like in Greece and Spain, the work ethic is feeble and the real work of making things that are necessary for survival (and especially growing food), are despised. The weakest links in the chain are in such places.

In the Far East, Thailand is in crisis. The land of pretty and available girls and transvestite ‘lady-boys’, drugs, beaches and bars, is also falling apart. Bangkok has been one of those cities where the West’s perverts have long headed for cut-price satisfaction. Thailand’s absence of Christianity and its tolerant Buddhism has made its young people vulnerable to the grossest exploitation. Bangkok’s neon-lit street life offers us a look into the future that the Media Class wishes to encourage everywhere. No need for work, just an endless search for fun, where the rich, powerful and perverted can find satisfaction. Thailand, like Greece, is on the verge of collapse and both might take the new post-Christian, internationalist forces down with them. (Written before the dramatic stock market crash of Thursday).

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