GOP Health Bill Restores Trump Momentum

The GOP Health Bill, which is intended to replace Obama’s ACA, was passed today in the House by 217 votes to 213. The slim margin reflected the continuing disunity of the House Republicans, for 20 Republicans voted with all the Democrats in opposition.

This Bill is a long way from becoming law and faces more Republican disunity in the Senate. It also faces any number of amendments on its way to Senate approval, and then returns to the House for a final vote.

 It can be seen that there is some way to go on a difficult road before Obama’s ACA is repealed and replaced. Nevertheless, today’s vote has thrown the Democrats into a great rage and the Mainstream Media will be working flat out to frighten the poor and further disunite the Broad Right.

President Trump, having thrown his weight behind the House Bill, is rightly claiming the vote as a personal victory, which indeed it was. In order to win enough support, he pledged $8 billion to cover existing conditions. As of now no-one is sure what ‘preexisting conditions’ will be covered.

Any political realist will agree that a number of preexisting medical conditions should be covered but Obama’s AFA included a long list of ‘conditions’ that were a gift to those who were reckless, those who are spongers and those who are neurotic. These inclusions were deliberately stuffed into the ACA by the Democrats in order to sabotage the private insurance market and encourage the feckless dependency that breeds Socialism.

It remains to be seen how far the Bill will eventually weed out the dross and how far it can travel to rid America of Obamacare.

If we view the current political landscape as a war between two opposing sides – Revolutionaries and the Counter-Revolutionaries led by General Trump – we can view today’s House vote as a very small gain of territory for Trump but a major propaganda victory for him. No matter how the MSM seeks to diminish Trump’s achievement, he has, for the moment, restored some momentum to his agenda, exerted some control over his Republican Congressional forces, and solidified his power as President.

The rage of the Far-Left, and the teeth-gnashing of the MSM, tells us that Trump has enjoyed a significant victory in the propaganda war and has further buried the ‘illegitimate/temporary President’ narrative.

Meanwhile, his big North Korea test continues to a countdown.

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  1. Whenever I hear the term “pre-existing condition”, I think of the uninsured man whose house catches fire. He then calls his insurance agent and buys coverage. The problem is, that’s not “insurance” any more.

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