GOP Continues To Implode

I suppose it was predictable that after Romney’s shocking defeat, the GOP would find itself under attack both from without and within. All major democratic political parties are uncomfortable coalitions and it is usually the prospect of governing power that keeps the ambitious among the leaders of the factions focusing on unity. In the last few decades however the two major Parties in the USA have not been Left and Right sides of the same coin. Until the late 1970’s it was possible to see the Republican and Democrat Parties as two similar institutions, generally bound together by American Nationalism, Christian beliefs and an adherence to the Constitutional ‘rules of the game’. The same could have been said about the Conservative and Labour Parties in the UK and probably their equivalents in Australia, New Zealand and Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

From the 1970’s onwards, in all these countries, the major Parties of Left and Right began to develop more fundamental differences from each other. Even as the Soviet Union and Communism began to crumble from within, and their deadly (external) threat to Western Democracies receded, the Old Left Parties in the West began to experience their own revolutionary changes. These changes would have been manifested as internal civil wars except that three great changes in the wider society had a huge impact on the Parties of the Left. These changes were the rapid decline in heavy industry manufacturing, the growth in Government (Unionized) employment and mass immigration from the Third World. The Old Parties of the Left, long anchored by the Trade Unions of heavy industry and the socially conservative, cohesive working people they represented, were radically transformed. This transformation has never been fully recognized and on the surface, the Democrat Parties of the Left appeared to carry on as before.

However, the unions of Mine Workers, Shipyard Workers, Steel Workers, Railroad Workers, Car makers and Engineers that had underpinned the Democrat Party of the USA (and the Labour Party of the UK) were replaced in importance by Government Public Service workers whose jobs and remuneration depended on the growth of Government. Immigrants from the Third World also began to play an increasingly bigger role at rank-and-file level of both the Trade Union Movement and the Party.

The expansion of publicly-funded Education at all levels – which, incidentally, has not produced a more educated population – has had a profound effect on the Parties of the Left. Solidly unionized, and concentrated at their places of work, workers in ‘Education’ were and are able to be active in politics in a way that workers in the Old industries were not. Short working hours (in Colleges and Universities, many lecturers and professors have little work commitment), long vacations, freedom from ‘profit obligations’, opportunities to study subjects that are ‘politics in disguise’ (Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Sociology and many other unmarketable topics), freedom to become full-time political activists whilst being paid, and suffering no job or financial penalties (in fact being lauded and promoted) for outspoken and radical activism, the new rank-and-file of the Teachers and College Professors Unions, made articulate through practice, have come to dominate the Union Movement, reinforced by the wealth their Unions have to spend on political matters.

Not surprisingly, the modern American Democrat Party has become unhinged from the old (largely White) Blue collar working class which had an investment in Capitalism, was generally Christian and was identified with all things American – we might say ‘patriotic’. Yet the old working class values might have ultimately reasserted themselves in the Unions and Democrat Party had not another revolutionary force arrived on the scene. The emergence in the 1970’s of the Media Class (which we have chronicled on this website), with its revolutionary moral agenda and its ever-increasing wealth and control over communications, has turned (purged might be a more apt word) the Democrat Party (and the Public Service Unions) into a Revolutionary Movement and forced a Revolution on to the American people. The Media Class needed a political party through which it could legislate a new society and it needed political troops on the ground. By the turn of the century it had successfully purged the Democrat Party of Christians and Nationalists and in alliance with the anti-Capitalist Public Service Unions it has set about dismantling the free market of Capitalism and individualism.

It only remains now to destroy forever the old pre-revolutionary (conservative) forces that survive in the Republican Party and to ensure that all political parties in the future wholly accept the Revolutionary agenda – until the march to totalitarianism is completed. It is not difficult for a wealthy and all-powerful Ruling Class to find turncoats and discontents in the opposition and to foster disunity in its ranks. The leaders of the Republican Party, some of whom have long been uncomfortable being out-of-step with the new elite, feel powerless when the Mainstream Media (MSM) has the awesome ability to deny them a voice to the people. Some, perhaps many, are vulnerable to blackmail after years around the fleshpots of Washington. Obama is well aware that the MSM is the force that grants him almost dictatorial powers and he can now play with the Republicans in Congress much as Stalin played with the Trotskyites when embarking on his road to ‘Socialism in one Country’. As Obama’s policies deliberately impoverish America’s productive workers and incrementally reduce the country’s ordinary working people to dependency on Government, so he can, via the MSM, heap all the blame on those Republican remnants who remain opposed to him. The irony – and Obama and his comrades must find this extremely satisfying – is that he will denounce ‘the people’s enemies’ as ‘the rich’ whilst he and his Democrat Party comrades are ‘the rich’. (7 of the richest Congressmen are Democrats, and Obama’s campaign was funded by almost all the richest people in America). The really rich of the Media Class and Big Business, who are the new Ruling Class, will not of course be called upon to redistribute their wealth. For those who are familiar with the revolutionary history of the Soviet Union, the people who are about to be dispossessed of their salaries and savings in the USA, are the equivalent of the Kulaks who Stalin leveled down in the 1930’s. There is nothing new under the sun!

Besides the pressure to capitulate from without, there is the threat from within. A small but powerful Fifth column of homosexuals, Libertines and secularists in the Republican ranks and leadership now see Romney’s defeat as an opportunity to call for the Party’s break with its Christian morality. These people would like nothing better than for the Republican Party to embrace unfettered abortion, same-sex marriage, a secularism to match the Democrat Party and the abandonment of Borders. They are aware that this is a recipe for electoral disaster but they themselves will feel comfortable in the remaining rump (no pun intended). They also expect to be granted endless favorable exposure in an approving Media. These people pose as fiscal conservatives who are socially progressive and enlightened. Let them join the Libertarian Party!

The recent picture of George Zimmerman, which has appeared all over the Internet in color, confirms that Zimmerman was brutally attacked just before he shot dead Trayvon Martin. It is not possible to ascertain that Martin caused Zimmerman’s facial injuries, for we most certainly do not yet have all the facts. Those few elements of the MSM that have reluctantly featured this colored photo (previously only released in gray) can still not bring themselves to report honestly. Mention is made only of Zimmerman’s bloody lip, despite the photo revealing a broken nose and developing black eyes. It is obvious to anyone’s lying eyes that Zimmerman was badly beaten just before the police arrived on the scene. I suppose it is possible that some thug other than Martin (the son Obama never had!) inflicted these severe facial injuries or that Zimmerman savagely beat himself, but it is a big stretch of my imagination. It seems likely that Zimmerman also had bodily injuries. Will we ever know if Trayvon Martin had any substantial injuries other than a bullet wound? A lack of such injuries would certainly indicate to any rationale mind that Martin was the attacker and Zimmerman the desperate victim.

Presumably we will soon hear more facts at the pending trial but it is increasingly hard to see why Zimmerman was charged and incarcerated by the Florida Authorities. The whole business stinks of a Media-led persecution (lynch mob might be a more accurate description) designed to influence the November elections in favor of the Black man in the White House. For those who follow facts no matter where they lead, the Zimmerman case, besides being a gross miscarriage of justice, also appears to be an awful commentary on Race Relations in Obama’s post-racial society. Since the photo appeared on MSM websites I have been reading the blogs and it is clear that no matter the facts, a very large number of Blacks are totally indifferent to them and salivating over the prospect of Zimmerman spending his future years in jail being endlessly sodomized by Black fellow prisoners.

It is hard not to see that Zimmerman is you or I as far as these people are concerned – and not just we ‘White’ people, but Asians and anyone who is not considered ‘Black’. I look at the good Black members of the Church I attend and cannot now help wondering if, when the chips are down, they will stand with the law-abiding or join the mob. I know where Obama, Eric Holder and their comrades stand for they have made it clear and sadly the American people have not taken note. Racially-motivated violence by Blacks is surely on the increase and with 4 more years of Obama’s policies and Holder’s ‘Justice’ unfolding, I can see why so many law-abiding White and Asian citizens are buying guns. God help any White man who finds himself standing before a Black jury, having defended himself from a young Black thug.

Weather – The UK is experiencing very cold temperatures following on from the rains and many southern counties have received their first snow of the season (confounding the ‘forecasters’, and road gritters were unprepared in parts of Essex and Hertfordshire). Many areas may see more snow before Christmas, a modern rarity, though in Dickens’ time a White Christmas was normal. This may sound like an argument for Global Warming but I prefer to see it merely as evidence that climate and weather goes in cycles over centuries. Here in California it is grey and damp. I believe Ella Fitzgerald sang about this in “The Lady Is a Tramp”. That was back in the 1940’s.

Music Choice – Brooks Bowman (1913-1937) was an Ohio College boy who attended Stanford University in California where he wrote some songs with lyrics for a college musical. One of the songs was “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” and I believe that title comes from a Scandinavian folk tale. The Bowman song became a jazz standard for improvisers and has also been recorded by almost every great singer. Clearly it is not a song for warblers and whiners like Reggie Dwight, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan. It is a very lovely tune with sophisticated lyrics that were written for adults and so something of a museum piece in today’s post-revolutionary culture. Bowman continued to write songs though none matched this one and his life was cut short by a car crash. Perhaps he would have written more great tunes but this one alone has made his reputation. The late and great George Shearing recorded it on more than one occasion and often featured it at live performances as it was frequently requested. One occasion was at Claremont College in Southern California where someone taped it and I recommend it for adult ears. It is featured by the Quintet on the “Shearing on Stage” CD album and can be found on “The Capitol Years”.

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