Goodbye To All That

Looking back on 2006, it has to be said that the Media Class has had a successful year and probably has an even better one ahead. This must be good news for the Democrats and Mrs. Clinton. 2007 will be the final year ‘BH’, i.e., the year ‘Before Hillary’.

The Great Black Hope (Barack Obama – U.S. Senator for Illinois) is certainly getting a lot of media attention but there is plenty of time for the Media Class to bring Mrs. Clinton to the fore and anoint her. The most that Obama can expect is to be Mrs. Clinton’s powerless running mate in 2008. Clinton and Obama (in that order) will be celebrated by the Media Class as the ‘Dream Ticket’! First woman and first African American as President and Vice President!

2006 saw the Media Class hit Bush and his Republican Party conservatives with one ‘telling’ punch after another. His and his Party’s ‘failures’ have included Avian Flu and the antidote shortage, Hurricane Katrina, the Valerie Plame affair, a disastrous economy, the melting of the ice caps, predictions of hurricane disasters, a widening wealth gap, the Foley scandal, Jack Abramoff and of course, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq!

It is pointless protesting that the bird flu has not materialized, that Katrina was a natural disaster and not Bush-created, that the bumbling New Orleans administration was Black Democrat dominated and Louisiana is Democrat governed, that the real Plame scandals have been how Mr. Plame got his assignment to Nigeria and then lied, lied, lied, and how a Bush employee has been prosecuted for not ‘outing’ Mrs Plame. What does it matter that the US unemployment figures are historically low, that there were fewer hurricanes this year than usual, that California is shivering and the ozone gap has closed, that ‘poor’ people in the US are now better off than half the world, that people of color are flooding into the oppressive, racist USA, that Mark Foley seems to have done nothing worse than send suggestive emails and Jack Abramoff paid nearly everybody in Congress? Can anyone recall that Senator Harry Reid had a financial problem and that a former (Clinton) national security adviser called Sandy Berger stuffed classified 9/11 documents down his pants and stole them? What we have experienced is a year in which the Media Class has successfully demonstrated that it decides what is news and what is not news. Rush Limbaugh and the Internet not withstanding, the Republicans lost an election that the Democrat Party did absolutely nothing to win.

Iraq is another matter, and even if the Democrat Party still has no answer to 9/11, the Iraq situation is now a disaster that Bush truly is responsible for. He has failed to lead the nation and has let initial success turn into a tragedy in which the finest young men in the US are being sacrificed by his paralysation. By failing to order his generals to deal a hammer blow to the Sunnis of the triangle and to mass troops on the borders of Syria and Iran he has prepared the way for the betrayal of the many good people of Iraq. It is true that the treacherous US Media Class has done everything possible to undermine the war effort and encourage the enemy, but a President has the power to appeal directly to the people and confront the enemy at home and abroad. Bush has been lethargic in office, failing to go on a sustained offensive in either place.

No-one can predict how it will all end but every likely scenario looks disastrous.

Radical and Right cannot let 2006 end without mentioning Cindy Sheehan. “Cindy who?” you may well ask. Cindy’s lengthy absence from the ‘news’ reveals all you need to know about the Media Class and its powerful grip on the nation. Most likely this pathetic, hysterical woman is still camped out down in Crawford, Texas with her little band of Leftist neurotics and receiving regular encouragement from America’s enemies abroad. But she is now invisible to the American people because the Media Class has no use for her. The elections are over and Bush humiliated and consigned to the sidelines. Nancy Pelosi will now be the Media’s chosen voice for the American people, and Nancy and her Democrat comrades will have to help deal with the Iraq mess. It is possible that Cindy could be resurrected, should Bush become effectively energized about Iraq, but more likely she will have ceased to exist. Cindy does not fit into the Media Class plans for Hillary, but we doubt she will ever realize her own insignificance. Poor Cindy!

Our title “Goodbye To All That” was taken from Robert Graves autobiography.

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