Goodbye to 2008. The Party Ends With A Hangover.

2008 was the year that saw the end of the housing bubble, the collapse of the banking system, the freefall of the investment markets and the unmasking of wealthy fraudsters. The housing bubble, surely the result of political meddling and political correctness in mortgage lending, was the catalyst of our current depression but bloated government and the steady growth of social engineering also played their parts. Behind all this there lies a much greater sickness and most conservatives, Christians and Nationalists sense that something profound is pushing our society in the wrong direction.

I wrote the above paragraph with the USA in mind but it could equally apply to most of Europe, Australasia and Canada. I read today that a Christian Housing Association for the elderly in England is to lose public funding because it will not seek to ascertain the ‘sexual identities’ of its residents. The purpose of the identification is to ensure that the Association is sufficiently sexually diverse and we all know what that means. In every country in the Western world the people have lost their personal freedom, and often their right to a personal morality, under the dictatorship of diversity. This ‘diversity’ concept has been used to intrude government into every business, every charitable organization and every individual life. It has been used to drive the resisters out of public service employment and almost completely out of the public square and it has been used to swamp the native peoples of Europe and the West with Third World immigrants. This policy of ‘diversity’ has been aided by those who can benefit in the short term – most Big Businesses, some small businesses, political parties and frankly many ordinary people who had a house to sell, wanted a winning sports team or had some other equally trivial motive. Human nature is what it is and conservatives should never underestimate the capacity of many people to look no further than tomorrow. This is truer now than ever in recent history thanks to the Leftist domination of public education. But the slide into Leftist despotism and the defeat of the traditional Christian morality that underpinned individual freedom and concern for a Nation’s long term future (based on parents’ investment in children and grandchildren) can only be explained by the rise to power of a new Class across the Western World. We have long known that when a Class or political ideology controls the education of children, it can shape the future. We have also known that when a Class or ideology controls a politicized police force it can control the present. Now we must learn that in the modern world when a Class or ideology controls the Media, it controls us all. The Media Class is now in power and imposing its agenda and destroying all those beliefs and institutions that stand in its way. Like all ruling Classes it has willing allies and benefits from those who are passive as their freedoms are taken from them. There is a nightmarish quality to it all as the many dupes of our world sacrifice essentials in order to buy bigger TV screens with more channels (all the better to be enslaved), flock to sports arenas to pledge loyalty to some (multi-racial/multi-cultural) team of mercenaries or enjoy their emotional experiences through the antics of ignorant amoral pop stars and TV personalities.

As we move into the financial and social crisis that is 2009, we do so with leaders who have been chosen by the Media Class for their subservience, intellectual deficiencies and opportunism. The people and the ideologies that have brought us disaster are surely not going to reverse the policies that are destroying us. Here in the USA under Obama, the Democrats and some Republicans we can expect more taxation of the hardworking, more Government, more largesse for the lazy and inadequate, more Third World immigration, more UN corruption, more politically correct international laws imposed, more of our money thrown away in Africa and elsewhere, more spent on AIDS research whilst many great killer diseases remain unexplored, and more lies and immoral propaganda pumped out from the Media.

On this website we always make much of the ‘law of unintended consequences’. The Media’s success in installing Obama so that he will speedily advance its social and moral agenda will spawn many unintended consequences. On this website on December 3rd I wrote a piece entitled “War in January?”, and outlined four international flashpoints that might ignite due to Obama’s election. One of those was Israel/Iran. I pointed out that Obama’s perceived weakness on foreign affairs (a weakness born of ignorance but also of Leftist ideology) would encourage our enemies to gamble. The Israeli strike against the Gaza Palestinians is surely a first consequence. The Israelis are calculating that the US will not be a staunch ally after the departure of President Bush and so are taking the military initiative. Iran’s leaders plan to destroy Israel but not while the US guarantees its existence. The Israeli attack may seem to be against the Hamas rulers of Gaza but make no mistake it is intended to confront Iran. The leaders in Teheran must be writhing with indecision at this time for Israel is calling their bluff (if indeed it is bluff). The crazed Iranian leaders are no doubt trying to interpret Obama’s responses as part of their calculation as to what to do to support their surrogates in the Gaza strip. We are about to move into dangerous times militarily as Obama’s election signals to the world a weaker and irresolute America.

America is not only about to become weaker militarily under Obama’s leadership but also much weaker financially and economically. Fortunately the rest of the world, including our enemies, is also being weakened by the growing world depression. We have written previously on this website that all of the responses of Government to the crisis seem likely to make matters worse. I recommend an article by Peter Schiff in the Wall Street Journal of December 27th as the voice of sanity. Schiff, a free market economist of the Austrian school, reiterates that a Nation’s economics are essentially no different from that of a household. He writes “It would be irresponsible in the extreme for an individual to forestall a personal recession by taking out newer bigger loans when the old loans can’t be repaid. However, this is precisely what we are planning to do on a national level”. He follows this with a splendid paragraph that includes “these ideas hold sway largely because they promise happy, pain-free solutions. They are the equivalent of miracle weight-loss programs that require no dieting or exercise … governments pretend that they can dispel hardship with the whir of a printing press.” Later he writes “I believe that market forces apply equally to people and nations”. His conclusion is that current Government policies to deal with our crisis can only lead to great inflation. How right he is!

His comparison of the economics of the individual household with a Nation’s economics is more applicable than he realizes. The same comparison holds good for almost everything. Let us take welfare or immigration. Suppose we are a family of father, mother and three children and we have worked and saved to own a home, furnished it and filled the larder. We have, in short done our duty as responsible parents and put a roof over the family’s head and made our priority our children’s secure future. Let us suppose that a neighbor or relative’s house burns down. We might offer temporary accommodation to the family whilst a long term solution is worked out but it would only be temporary. We would not condemn our children to a permanent overcrowded life sleeping on the floor and going hungry but would have to fix an early date for the unfortunate family’s parents to devise their own solution. Why are the Western Nations neglecting their own people, overcrowding their homes and emptying their National larders by admitting the homeless (and some of the feckless) of the world and providing a permanent home?

This is the last article of 2008 and Mr. Radical and Mr. Right view 2009 as the beginning of a decade of economic depression and social turbulence. There are revolutionaries on both Left and Right who hope it will be so. We do not. We will be happy if Obama really has magic powers and Gordon Brown proves to be a man who can solve all economic problems. We hope there will be no inter racial conflicts or spontaneous eruptions of violence in the Nations of the West and that business and employment regain stability, for revolutions have unintended consequences and too many casualties. On that note we wish all our visitors a Happy New Year and thank you for reading our contributions.

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