Golden Dawn Suppression – A Lesson For The Tea Party!

On this website we often group Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists together. We deliberately do not include Libertarians.   Although Libertarians are opposed to feckless welfare spending and intrusive government, there is nothing traditional in their beliefs. They have no commitment to the traditional sexual moral standards that arise from Christianity and age-old wisdom; they care nothing for the concept of Nation and National identity; and they are not defenders of family and community values. In so far as Libertarians have any relationship to another ideology, it is to Anarchism, though even that is a stretch. We are aware that Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists have some fundamental differences but they should be united by their attachments to traditional moral values, a strong Nation and an enduring opposition to revolutionary change that is motivated by ideology and self-interest. Those ‘conservatives’ who support legislation that undermines the traditional family, or are willing to compromise on mass immigration and the integrity of borders, or collude in the undermining of the Nation’s currency, or treat the Constitution lightly, or are willing to pass any power to international bodies, are not Conservative! What should unite Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists, despite many differences, is that they are all uncompromisingly counter-revolutionary in this era of Revolution. Having stated this, we can move on to the fate of Greece’s Golden Dawn. 

    Many Conservative commentators and more than a few Libertarians have predicted a Greek future for Obama’s USA. In doing so they are undoubtedly referring to Greek’s financial bankruptcy caused by too much welfare spending, too many Public Service bureaucrats, too many lavishly-pensioned Government Service retirees and too much Government. Financial Conservatives and Libertarians are aware that the Greek economy currently exists courtesy of the IMF and European Union, that Greek unemployment and under-employment is now that Nation’s signature piece and that chronic civil disturbance is a daily fact of Greek life. 

    Such informative news items about Greece rarely hit America’s Mainstream Media (MSM) headlines but they can easily be found in the inner pages by those who are paying attention. The MSM naturally makes every effort to obscure any comparisons of Greece’s current catastrophe and its causes with Obama’s misgovernment of the USA. The Greek scenario and Obama’s USA are only linked by some conservative Republicans and Internet pessimists on the Right. Obama’s financial policies may be taking us at a fast clip down the Greek road to national bankruptcy but the MSM’s reporters and commentators neither know nor care, for their eyes are fixed on his social policies – and his social policies are, of course also theirs! 

    American Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists, especially those counter-revolutionaries in the ranks of the Tea Party, should however be paying attention to Greek goings-on beyond those that are financial. The Greek people can expect no golden dawn in their near or long-term future but Greece has had a political party called Golden Dawn. Counter-revolutionaries throughout the Western world, and especially here in the USA, should be paying close attention to its recent experiences. 

    The interestingly-named Golden Dawn Party is or was, as far as I can ascertain, a typical European Nationalist movement. Its recent growth in support was due largely to the intensifying mass immigration from Arab North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa that seems to be a part of an international conspiracy to obliterate the racial and cultural identities of Europe’s Nations. This flood of uninvited immigrants has been exacerbated by the civil wars in Libya and Syria which have brought many more Muslims north into Europe. Beyond this flight from civil breakdown there is also a steady flow of Africans from the Black continental countries who seek jobs or welfare. Greece, along with Italy, Bulgaria and Spain are in the flight path and are being overwhelmed by Third World people who have few skills, no resources, are preponderantly men, do not speak the local language and are culturally indigestible. Not surprisingly, many ordinary Greek people, unlike the rich and politically well-connected, are suffering the effects and cannot escape. Just as in every European country that is now enjoying the benefits of cultural enrichment and overwhelmed social services, these ordinary people have no voice, for the Media Class, which includes the Entertainment/Arty world and which has the usual coalition with the Leftists of Academia and the Public Service Unions, suppresses dissent. Opposition to mass immigration is branded bigotry and is denied any Media expression. Opposition to mass immigration is only publicly acknowledged in Greece’s MSM in order to denounce it. Just as in America, the race card is played with maximum effect by the Media and its Leftist allies, along with charges of xenophobia, bigotry and lack of humanity. 

    Despite this very effective Media Ruling Class propaganda war denying any legitimate expression of opposition to Third World invasion, Nationalist Parties have inevitably gained a footing and the economic collapse since 2008, which has caused widespread unemployment, has added fuel to the flames of discontent of ordinary Greek people. Greece, like every country that for decades has recklessly expanded Government employment, pursued libertine Leftist social policies whilst lulling the working people with welfare, and provided a playground for northern Europe, has borrowed and borrowed other countries’ unsupported paper money. The people of Southern Europe have been led to believe that productive jobs in agriculture, manufacturing and small workshops, and a sensible relationship between National economic self-sufficiency and the wider economic world, were unimportant. Living on borrowed (largely worthless) money has caught up with Greece, and as always the working people are required to pay the price. Greece’s ordinary people are now having to dramatically tighten their belts at the same time as Third World immigrants are pouring over their borders and demanding accommodation to their needs and cultures. 

    Golden Dawn has increasingly been providing a voice for those native Greek people who resent not only the belt-tightening but also the enforced and unwanted social and cultural colonization. In recent elections Golden Dawn took 7% of the popular vote. With a growth in membership the Party began providing welfare and physical protection on the streets to those Greeks in need and those threatened by the close proximity of lawless and predatory Third World camps and slums. The effectiveness of these tactics has seen Golden Dawn recently jump to 17% in opinion polls and win a significant presence in the Greek Parliament. 

    At this point it is necessary to point out that Golden Dawn, like similar Nationalist movements throughout Europe, including the UK’s BNP, is racist (which is to say that they all wish to preserve their people’s racial identity and wholly resist racial and cultural ‘enrichment’). They oppose multi-culturalism and multi-racialism and although they do not say too much, surely intend to ruthlessly turn the clock right back if they gain power. This must mean the expulsion and possible statelessness for millions of poor people. Golden Dawn is also, like the others, national socialist, which is to say that its ideologues and leaders believe that International trade and free markets inevitably pave the way for the loss of racial and national identity. Any Nationalist government would control the market place and hugely restrict the importation of goods and services. Probably, the Golden Dawn Party also advocates that a future Nationalist Greece would enforce collaboration between Big Business, Unions and Government. This is most accurately called Fascism. In defining Golden Dawn as Fascist or National Socialist, this website is not using either as terms of abuse or implying that the Party has anything to do with Hitler and Death Camps. It is fair to point out that many of Europe’s mainstream parties also favor a form of economic Fascism and that all modern Leftist parties of the Western World are only ‘international’ Socialist as distinct from ‘national’ Socialist and internationalists are totalitarian in intent. This is especially true of Obama’s Democrat Party in the USA. 

    It is the opinion of this website that the Media Class-led Ruling alliances of the Western World, including the Obama government, will not draw back from the policies of enforced mass immigration from the Third World, will not retreat from its policy of eliminating ‘whiteness’, will not retreat from the incremental suppression of traditional Christianity, will not retreat from policies to eliminate the traditional family and will, at all costs, promote homosexuality and all other forms of perversion. We have no doubt that Golden Dawn, like all truly Nationalist movements, opposes homosexuality and for the obvious reasons to do with native population replenishment and military strength. This more moral stance regarding sexual behavior is another powerful underlying reason why Media Class elites in the Western World seek to eliminate Nationalist movements. 

    Finally, it is certain that Golden Dawn sees the West’s Ruling Classes, not as a Media Class coalition but as an international Jewish conspiracy, motivated by race and economic exploitation. 

    It can surely be argued that Nationalist Parties have a legitimate right to oppose any and all immigration, resist any loss of racial and cultural identity and to advocate a move to economic nationalism. (Policies not favored by this website!) Golden Dawn has abided by Greek’s Constitutional rules and has earned the support of a significant portion of the Greek people. It seemed likely that in the next election Golden Dawn would significantly increase its presence in Parliament. However, as we point out, neither here in the USA nor in the Western World that is now being governed by a Media Class/Leftist coalition, will there be any retreat from the new revolutionary policies. 

    The threat that Golden Dawn might grow to provide a powerful voice for Nationalism and for traditional Christians and thus become an effective counter-revolutionary force, was enough to tear away Greece’s façade of Constitutional government. The Greek Government, surely with tacit approval from many international quarters, seized on the street murder of a Leftist pop singer by an alleged rank-and-file member of Golden Dawn, as a flimsy justification to arrest and incarcerate the Golden Dawn parliamentarians and proscribe the Party. This outrageous and wholly illegal act, carried out with the approval of all the mainstream parties and with not a protest from the MSM anywhere in the Western World, is surely evidence that illegitimate force will be used whenever Nationalism gains significant support among the native people. 

    In Greece, the MSM, the celebrities of the Media Class, and the extreme Left (on the streets), have been engaged in vilification and marginalization of the Nationalists for opposing mass immigration. For some time this was successful. As soon as it became apparent that Nationalism could no longer be contained by these methods, the Constitution was cast aside and the Government machinery was used to silence a voice of the people. 

    On this website we believe that what has happened to Golden Dawn in Greece will happen to the Tea Party movement here in the USA. If relentless MSM smears and denunciations, massive funding of the Democrat Party machine by the rich, underhanded Government persecution, and fraudulent voting fail to block its progress, reasons will be found to remove its legitimacy. 

    The Tea Party has very different aspirations than Golden Dawn but it too is a counter-revolutionary movement. The Obama Government and those in the Media Class who pull its strings will not retreat or compromise or slow down on their Revolutionary agenda. The American Constitution will not be allowed to protect the activities of dangerous opponents any more than the Greek Constitution has protected the legitimate activities of Greece’s Golden Dawn. 

    In a previous article, I mentioned a pending publication “The Book of Matt” by Stephen Jimenez. It purportedly revealed that Matthew Shepard, the 21year old homosexual Wyoming college student whose brutal murder in 1998 became a cause célèbre for the homosexual world and triggered ‘Hate Legislation’, was not the innocent victim of homophobia that the MSM rushed to portray. I assumed that such a book, revealing both the truth and Media lying propaganda, would be totally ignored in the MSM. After all, the Stanton Evans hugely researched book that should have restored the reputation of Senator Joe McCarthy as an anti-Communist hero, was wholly ignored, even by the WSJ. 

    It was therefore with surprise that I saw in Wednesday’s WSJ (Oct 23rd) that the Jimenez book received a whole column and a sympathetic review by James Kirchick. The book claims, apparently with some persuasive evidence, that the pitiless murder of Shepard by the two youths Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson was not a crime of ‘homophobia’ but a drug-fuelled dispute. Shepard, apart from being a college student (always a description used by the MSM to confer innocence on any MSM-selected ‘victim’) was also a user of crystal meths and a dealer, as were his two killers. It is said that this drug often causes its users to explode in violence and this is what happened when the three young men had a dispute over the drugs they were dealing. More startlingly, in view of the MSM’s successful campaign to turn Shepard’s death into a vehicle for Hate Crime legislation and further homosexual promotion, it is now revealed that Shepard and McKinney had been ‘enjoying’ a sexual relationship. McKinney, it seems was bi-sexual. I don’t recall a slightest hint of these facts – not at the time, not at the trial and not until now, although such facts must have been known to investigators, prosecutors, to some homosexual activists and to many in the MSM. Suppression of facts and truth are easily achieved in this new era of Media Class rule whenever a revolutionary agenda item is being promoted. We have just seen this in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case which has had the facts turned on their heads in order to bolster Black votes for Obama and promote more gun control. 

    The interesting and significant aspect of the book and the WSJ review is that the writer of the book, Jimenez is also a homosexual and so is the reviewer James Kirchick. Jimenez is a journalist and TV producer and Kirchuck is a Media celebrity and writer for The Advocate, the US’s largest homosexual publication. Kirchuck is a leading homosexual activist and former Yale man and so must have a powerful place within the Media Class homosexual constituency. Of course, nothing is now lost by revealing the truth, for the ordinary normal American will have forgotten the case except as an example of homophobia and the Hate Legislation has opened the doors to the eventual legal suppression of any criticism of sodomy and same-sex relationships and of traditional Christianity 

    The march of the disgusting homosexuality to official normalcy is continuing and Kirchuck is no doubt playing his part. At one time, the homosexual movement thought the time was ripe for advance via popular State-wide referenda but defeats in California and elsewhere soon revealed that the indoctrination of the young in school and college, movies from Hollywood sanitizing sodomy and a massive MSM campaign was not yet enough to convert most Americans to perversion. 

    In time it will be, but perverts are always hugely impatient, driven by appetites and the search for further degradation. So, the homosexual advancement is being rapidly achieved by finding judges sympathetic enough to sodomy to make law, or judges who are ambitious or judges with skeletons in the cupboard and vulnerable to MSM exposure. Judges are not the only prominent people looking for Ruling Class rewards, celebrity treatment by the MSM or fearing exposure to scandal. Politicians are always in the forefront of those seeking Media Class approval and Chris Christie is proving very adept at this. New Jersey’s State Supreme Court has just legislated SSM and Christie quickly dropped his flirtation with Catholicism in exchange for Media approval by ending his “battle against Gay marriage”. When did he battle? 

    We can expect to see more Church leaders end the battle too in the search for MSM approval. Some others will want to court the young. These are the shallow types who subscribe to the view that we have much to learn from the young and must trim Christianity’s sails to attract the brainwashed who are emerging from educational propaganda. Such renegades will enjoy massive MSM headlines and approval and will be plucked from obscurity. Such a Church ‘leader’ is Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention who is burying the policies of his predecessor Richard Land and has written a flier to the Convention’s 45,000 Churches with the message “Love your gay and lesbian neighbors”. “Marriage” he has written “shouldn’t be seen as a culture war political issue”. Well, Mr. Moore, what is it? 

    If you want to see how the MSM will divide the SBC I suggest you read the Neil King Jr. front page article in the WSJ of October 22nd. King, by the way, is a Far Left reporter who can be relied upon to push the extremist agenda at all times. 

    The MSM knives are out for Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Lee is the man who had the guts to support Ted Cruz. Cruz has received a hero’s welcome from rank-and-file conservatives (Tea Partyers) in Texas but in Utah, where Big Business funds the Republican Party, the rank-and-file have yet to emerge. Prominent amongst those rushing to the MSM to make a quote attacking Lee is former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. Huntsman is a pro SSM Republican and on the liberal wing. When he cast his hat into the ring as a Presidential candidate his popular support among Republicans was derisory, yet he continues to be presented by the MSM as a man Republicans should listen to. 

    The lessons of all this betrayal is never underestimate the overwhelming power of the MSM and Media Class behind it. Every time you read a newspaper or watch the TV or Internet news, you are being brainwashed. 

    Weather – It is unusually warm here in middle California. Low 80’s is a little higher than usual for the latter part of October but hardly amounts to evidence of global warming. In the UK, October has been the usual wet and mild month of tradition and as yet the sea has not submerged little Starcross on the Exe Estuary. Many residents however have boats in their yards ready for the inundation from the English Channel. 

    Music Choice – Some time ago I wrote about the beautiful tune “Willow Weep For Me” attributed to composer Ann Ronell (Rosenblatt) though it may have been written by her lover of the time George Gershwin. In 1956, the Modern Jazz Quartet recorded it on the album “Fontessa”. This recording stands the test of time – which means that it is timeless – as all good music should be. The MJQ contributed positively to America’s culture and perhaps 1956 marked the culture’s highpoint for soon after we experienced the beginning of the decline of American (and the West’s) culture with the arrival of the Beatles and the music of children. The members of the Quartet were extremely gifted musicians with exquisite taste. Milt Jackson the vibraphonist was a quiet genius whose playing always incorporated the rich language of Bebop and Blues and pianist John Lewis was the perfect foil and an under-rated pianist and composer. This music would be beyond the understanding of Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity who seem unaware that America’s decline as a great economic and moral powerhouse has been accompanied by a catastrophic cultural decline.

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