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Since the re-launching of this website there has been an increase in the number of visitors. Some new visitors may wonder why, after the main article, we have a paragraph-usually with unremarkable content- on weather in the USA and the UK. The explanation goes right to the heart of this website and its theme, which is that both countries have been taken over by their respective Media Classes. We argue that when a Media Class achieves the power to govern, albeit by stealth and operating through a political party it has captured, it sets about imposing its revolutionary agenda on the country and its native people. Its main weapon and key to power is its near-monopoly of the Media. A consequence is that all news and entertainment are infused with propaganda serving to advance its revolutionary and unpopular agenda.

We often advise our visitors ‘believe your lying eyes!’ This old adage is lifted from a joke about the husband who discovers his wife in bed with another man. The wife takes the offensive and says to him “Well! Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” We liken the content of the MSM to that of the cheating wife. The MSM (on behalf of the Revolutionary Media Class) demands of the ordinary conservative people that they ignore the reality they (their eyes) experience and instead believe the barefaced denial of reality that the MSM is promoting.

This writer has seen and enjoyed enough magicians to know that sometime the eyes can be deceived. However in today’s America what people see and experience in daily life and what may be called ‘anecdotal evidence’ are more dependable than the MSM’s torrent of deceitful propaganda. Indeed, since the Media Class, born and nourished in Hollywood, has developed superb techniques for deception, story-telling and fantasy, we declare that it’s MSM has the skills of a magician.

Our new Revolutionary Ruling Class has, through its MSM, politicized almost everything. In the past, ‘weather’ would have been a very apolitical subject, its variations, trends and eccentricities dismissed as the consequences of great cosmic forces interacting with random earthly patterns. However, in the 1950’s, the political Left in the USA and UK, acting on behalf of the Communist Soviet Union and in concert with gullible anti-war idealists, sought to impair America’s nuclear bomb advantage over their comrades in Russia. The decade of exceptionally cold winters and cool summers was hi-jacked by Leftist scientists and intellectuals who attributed ‘Global Cooling’ to nuclear test explosions by America.  The MSM of that era, already predominantly Leftist, frightened the masses with tales of ‘a new Ice Age’ and ‘the Death of Grass’.

In that era, the fear-mongering was employed for the limited Socialist objective of protecting the Soviet Union, the external enemy of Western Christendom. Today, when the Media Class-dominated alliance has become the internal enemy, and is capturing ever-more control over the machinery of government, the objective that is emerging is total control over the people of America and ultimately World government. On this website we argue that totalitarianism has been re-born.

Since the 1990’s, the Media Class Leftist coalition has been taking advantage of perennial weather change and instant world-wide weather news (there is always a weather-caused catastrophe somewhere) to create a crisis of ‘Global Warming’. The political trick has been to attribute the alleged warming to human activities, pre-eminently those of the Western Nations and especially private sector capitalism. The goal of the coalition is an irreversible submission, by the people, to total Government control. Once the people submit to Government (for their own good and that of the world) all things become possible for those who have both a blue-print for Society and a privileged place in control. To ensure survival, so the MMGW narrative goes, the masses must surrender the right to choose where to live, where and how to travel, what to eat, how many children to have, how much to earn and what to own. The next step in this blue-print is complete wealth redistribution both within Nations and across the world.

Hand–in-hand with this amount of Government control, the elimination of opposition and the suppression of challenging ideas, comes the reward for the perverts and libertines of the Media Class. That reward is the official destruction of traditional morality and all the norms that spring from nature. The new world that these people seek to create is truly revolutionary and is already emerging before our lying eyes. It is a world in which children choose their gender at an early age, in which any and every sexual perversion is deemed normal and desirable and every deviant appetite is nurtured. It is a Godless world of bondage foreseen by Orwell and Huxley.

It may be that the world will warm and it is unarguable that weather patterns constantly alter. Humans here and there have to adapt to a changing environment. Those who crave an amoral totalitarianism and are impatient, see Man-made Global Warming as an opportunity to quickly advance their agenda by fear-mongering. The prophets of doom, already impatient to achieve control, have to create panic and immediate action, since the passage of time may reveal their predictions to be wrong.

Even with control over the MSM and education, our Ruling Class struggles to persuade people that Global Warming is happening. Normal droughts and heat-waves can be promoted and exaggerated by the MSM. Schools can indoctrinate children with faked pictures of Polar bears floating on ice-bergs. Tornados and hurricanes can be presented as unprecedented in intensity and frequency and dire predictions by ‘experts’ unveiled, but most people remain skeptical because Nature has a habit of intervening. As people all across America struggle to keep warm with temperatures plummeting they believe their lying eyes.

Even the MSM finds it difficult to conceal climate reality. Conflicting pictures emerge for those who watch carefully. As the experts announce 2014 as the hottest year ever, other experts accidentally reveal it as the 34th warmest in the USA. The MSM, anxious to promote an Arab story of suffering carries pictures of unusually bitter cold troubling refugees in Middle East camps.

This website, being genuinely conservative, supports measures to preserve wild land, agriculture and wild life. We believe government has a major role to play. Clean air, clean water and peace and quiet are essential for a healthy and independent people. We oppose the Libertarianism that argues people can do as they please and we oppose the laissez faire conservatism that argues that each man can develop his property in any way he pleases. We oppose unlimited population growth through mass immigration and constant urbanization. Sadly almost all of the ‘Green Movement’ is a Socialist hoax and only true conservatives and genuine Nationalists care about the environment.

We record the weather being experienced here in middle California, in the greater USA and UK as anecdotal information to combat the MSM propaganda of MMGW. Through the eyes of a website visitor from Starcross in Devon on the Exe Estuary, we note that there is no evidence of rising sea levels. If the oceans are catastrophically rising, the effect will be as noticeable in the English Channel as in the Indian Ocean. If Starcross becomes submerged we will print it here and acknowledge Global Warming.

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