Global Warming (Man-Made) Hits Only Eastern America

Regular visitors to this website will be aware that we assert that a newly-ascendant rich and powerful Media Class now rules the USA from behind the scenes, manipulating all News and Entertainment. We maintain that its political tool is the Democrat Party and its propaganda is disseminated through the Mainstream Media and much professional Entertainment.

We further maintain that the Media Class has a revolutionary agenda of still-unpopular social/moral standards that, in order to triumph, require a big and overbearing Government and the curtailment of free speech. Obama and the Democrat Party are charged with imposing the agenda – mostly by stealth. Since the Media Class funded and campaigned for Obama’s Presidential victory and for his Congressional comrades, and since he and his comrades have faithfully pursued its agenda – though not yet completed it – every issue taken up by the Mainstream Media (MSM) is tailored to ensure his and their re-election in November.

It is in the context of the MSM’s hidden campaign to hold the White House and Senate in November that we are analysing all MSM ‘news’, claiming that it is permeated with lies and distortions – in short it is propaganda. We advise our visitors to remember that all MSM topics from now on are wholly corrupted.

In the last few days, the MSM has again resurrected the ‘man-made global warming’ issue, using carefully selected ‘facts’ and carefully selected ‘experts’ to deliver election propaganda in the guise of detached scientific evidence. The Media Class support for the ‘MMGW’ theory has a long history and several strands. It owes much to our Ruling Class’ need to forge an alliance with Government employees and Public Service Unions, for this Ruling Class is numerically too small to exert control alone in a democracy. The Media Class shares with them an appetite for big, intrusive (and ultimately) totalitarian Government, for only with Government force can it impose its unnatural amoral agenda. Man Made Global Warming is an excuse to create Big Government and achieve total control over the masses. Government Unionized employees provide not only votes for the Democrats but also funding and groundtroops on the streets at election times. The Media Class also cultivates the support of the Environmentalist Organizations so that it can harness and divert the genuine popular yearning for preservation. Members of the Media Class and its allies do not themselves believe in MMGW as can be seen by their own jet-setting lifestyles.

So what is false about this latest MSM reporting that the US has experienced the hottest winter in recorded history and that it is undoubtedly man-made? It is its timing, and its incomplete picture. Here on the US West Coast we have been, and still are, experiencing our coldest winter for decades. Moreover almost the whole of the Northern Hemisphere has shared our discomfort. This the MSM is not mentioning! Why is MMGW being pushed in the MSM now? Because Obama’s election campaign has to justify his policies that have halted oil exploration, coal production, diverted taxpayers money to solar energy (mostly his cronies) and confronted voters with record-level gas prices.

The Trayvon Martin story, which, given today’s news of the arrest of George Zimmerman should now be called the Zimmerman story, is another example of the MSM selecting a story from many, corrupting its facts and misusing it entirely for political purposes. It is well to remember that neither the Democrat Party nor the President selected and twisted this story, nor do we believe that they did other than ride it after its launch. This story is entirely a Media creation that from Day One had the dual purposes of inflaming African Americans and White Leftists and distracting voters from Obama’s actual record of Government.

The MSM has many themes running and another is ‘the rapidly improving economy’. False employment figures are being peddled and inflation is being ignored. The Housing Market is being presented as being ‘just about to improve’ despite a stagnation of sales and prices.

Meanwhile, Obama ceaselessly campaigns for the November election, ignoring the economic and financial realities, attacks the ‘rich’ in speeches when he is surrounded by his billionaire buddies and shamelessly spouts nothing but lies. He is confident that the MSM will make all this palatable, but he is not the boss of the Media Class, he is their tool.

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