Global Warming Check & BNP Update

I suspect that Ted Turner, his facially reconstructed ex-wife, Jane, Al Gore et al are not changing their opulent life-styles one iota, jetting around the world and consuming, consuming, consuming. These people have what Jews call ‘chutzpah’.

The same may be said of the Clintons. We now know that Bill and Hill ‘earned’ $109m from 2001 to 2007. This seems an extraordinary amount of money for a couple who do nothing but campaign politically and make speeches all of the time. I suppose they would claim that they have been ‘working’ for the poor and under privileged. Perhaps we should all start working for the poor and thus all become rich. Actually, the $109m is only a small part of their income and does not include the money that has gone into Trusts and the Clinton Library. It is a function of the Media Class monopoly to have us all believe that the Media Class people and their political operatives on the Left care about the poor, understand their problems, empathize and sympathize and will put things right for them through government programs funded by the taxation of those who really work. In the meantime, which will be a very long time, the Media Class wealthy and their politicians will continue to live high on the hog and pontificate, whilst quietly reconstructing society for the benefit of perverts and libertines. One consequence of the new (more inclusive, more tolerant, more relaxed) society will be hordes more damaged, incapable, dependent, morally sick people looking to government to feed and care for them.

I advise all visitors to this website to pay close attention to the upcoming local government elections in England and Wales. In May, we will discover if enough of the native Brits have realized that their rulers are trying to erase them as a race and Nation, and have decided to halt the process. The BNP has an uphill task overcoming a united Media Class offensive that includes lies and damned lies, and daily persecution from Union thugs, local police chiefs and publicly financed bodies. Mr. Radical, who has been out on the stump in some election areas, is hopeful but not over-confident that the BNP can beat the overwhelming odds. He and I have many disagreements with some aspects of BNP policy, but there is no doubt that the Party is the only hope for the native British people.

Global Warming Check

The snow showers that covered much of the UK last weekend, caught most people by surprise. After all, with the ice caps melting, the seas inundating coasts, the desertification of Kent, Sussex and Hampshire and cannibalism taking place in Devon and Cornwall, who would have expected a drop in temperature?  According to Mr. Jane Fonda (formerly Media Mogul Ted Turner), within 25 years the above scene will be universal. Here in California, the days are pleasantly warm, but the nights are still very cold. Actually, I remember snow storms in April as a regular occurrence in England and I am sure the Californian weather is now as typical as at any other time in the last century. I know the experts at the UN and their expert colleagues in all the establishment centers are united in telling us we have to submit to government controls in order to stop the deadly global warming threat, but I just see no evidence of this threat in my daily observations. Those old lying eyes of mine are at it again!



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  1. That’s right. The media are pretending to care for the poor. However, they’re not.
    Global Warming is such a lie. It’s obviously still cold in many parts of the world. Anyway, changes in climate are natural. Mother Nature decides in the end. You only have to look at the past to see that. “Ice Ages” occur commonly right up until 10,000 years ago, which is very little compared to the existence of the Earth.

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