Glen Beck Rally Success Proves this Website Right!

I have to admit that I did not expect the Beck rally to draw a half million or more people. I would have regarded one hundred thousand to be a pretty darned good attendance. After all, any conservative rally in Washington DC has to import all of its followers, for the Capital is overwhelmingly populated with Government employees and is largely Black and therefore dominated by Leftists. Beck claims that there were 650,000 people packing the Mall. The lowest estimates from honest sources claim at least three hundred and fifty thousand. These are incredible numbers and have to be highly significant of something. The next morning, the Media Class and its Democrat Party politicians in the White House and Congress must have been getting the kind of panic feelings I get just before my plane touches down, for they will have understood that significance.

First, let us just remind ourselves what this rally was ostensibly about. Beck called it to honor the American men and women in uniform and their sacrifices, and also to give voice to those who believe that America is on the wrong moral path and needs to get back to the spiritual qualities of the Founding Fathers. It also happened to be on an anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death and one of the speakers was the late King’s niece. The rally was therefore aimed at those who consider themselves to be patriotic and inspired by religion and conservatism with a small ‘c’. It was not (ostensibly) a Party political rally and was open to those Democrat voters who were once called Reagan Democrats. It was also open to those who consider themselves to be independents and who are increasingly alarmed at the Obama/Pelosi/Reid lurch to the Left. Even the most biased and hostile reports from the Mainstream Media (MSM) acknowledge that the rally was predominantly religious in tone and that the speakers avoided political commentary. Besides Beck and King’s niece, the other main speaker (at least according to the Media reports) was Sarah Palin and she also avoided Party politics.

I have watched Beck occasionally on Fox News but he leaves me with mixed feelings. Much of what he says about contemporary politics and social matters is on a par with the comments of Limbaugh and Mark Levin and Beck has a neat turn of phrase and an engaging delivery. Yet he seems a little odd and unstable to me. I have no problem with his being a Mormon. Many of my conservative friends are very inspired by him so perhaps I simply haven’t watched him enough or am too inclined to see emotional instability and opportunism in all TV people. TV news and commentary has no room for those who do not voice instant opinions on everything and whose faces and appearance are forgettable. For the time being I will assume that Glen Beck is both sincere and stable but I would not be surprised if one day the MSM uncovers a scandal or skeleton in his cupboard. After the success of this rally the MSM will be raking over his past and present and if nothing scandalous exists Beck can expect the MSM to become creative. And so I come to the title of this article! If George Bush, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Jim DeMint or any leading Republican politician or Church leader had called this rally I guarantee that not 50,000 would have made it to Washington. On the other hand, Sarah Palin, who now has ascended to the Media Class via Fox, or Rush or Hannity might have drawn big numbers. This is not to take anything away from Beck, who either possesses unparalleled charisma or has read the public mood more accurately than any other Media person. But my point is that in this new century, apart from the Pope, only Media people have the power to reach the masses and draw the people to action. In this instance it is a conservative and traditionalist maverick whose power is rooted in the maverick Fox News Channel. The Media people rule! Most of the time it is the Leftist MSM that, via propaganda, outright lying and omissions, (mis)leads public opinion but in this case the maverick Fox Channel, bolstered by the people’s Internet, has revealed not only Media power through one of its own but the widespread seething resentment of many decent ordinary people who feel they have been denied a voice. The Beck Rally may not have been overtly political but its political significance is unmistakable and it is not good news for the Leftist Media Class and its Leftist allies in Congress. Nor is it good news for the Congressional and Country Club Republicans for it indicates that they have lost control of the Right. The leadership of the Right has now passed to Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and, at this point in time, to Glen Beck. The Beck rally, and its huge success comes at a time when it looked like the grass roots conservative movement might be losing some steam, for the Republican primary results were a mixed bag. Now it is clear that the conservative and Christian rank-and-file are as fired-up as at any time since Obama began to reveal his Left hand and they are getting their leadership from Media conservatives.

On this website we never underestimate the ruthless and unparalleled power of the Media Class and it is already in overdrive on the Beck rally. The deliberate dishonesty started with the next-day headlines in the MSM. ‘Tens’ not ‘hundreds of thousands’, showed their determination to minimize the numbers attending Beck’s rally. Bestowing equivalency on the little pimple that was Al Sharpton’s gathering of racists was another MSM ploy. The MSM studiously avoided comparing the numbers of the two rallies. The Sharpton gang, probably much reinforced numerically by ‘newsmen’, was given equal or greater coverage in the reporting. Almost all subsequent MSM reports have stressed the ‘Whiteness’ of Beck’s rally and carefully ignored the presence on the platform of Mrs. King. Their implication is clear – that the Beck rally was racist and that in lacking large numbers of Blacks it was lacking credibility. Beck’s rally was open to all races and I have no doubt that there were Blacks and Asians in that Christian crowd. But how many Whites were at Sharpton’s competing little mobfest across town? Why doesn’t it’s ‘Blackness’ similarly demonstrate a lack of credibility and its racism? Unfortunately the MSM has so conditioned us all on the race issue that we never think to ask this question. The MSM is now determined to bury the Beck rally by speedily moving on to other matters. Obama has dismissed it in his usual lofty fashion.

On this website we define the Media Class as our new ruling Class and explain why it is inevitably Leftist and revolutionary in intent. It is not remotely representative of the America people for if so it would be composed of about one third Democrats, one third Republicans and one third independents. As everyone who pays attention knows, the Media Class is overwhelmingly composed of Leftists who are promoting an unpopular and underhanded revolutionary agenda. Given its members’ affluence, this is baffling unless we understand its Class nature and those members’ moral turpitude. We explain these things in many past articles, so visit our archive! Still, new evidence of the political unity of the Media Class constantly surfaces. The Washington Examiner reported on 29th August 2010 that “senior executives, on-air personalities, producers, reporters, editors, writers and other self-identifying employees of ABC, CBS and NBC contributed more than $1m to Democrat Party candidates and campaign committees in 2008”. The Democrat total was given by 1,160 employees of the three major broadcast TV networks. Only 193 employees contributed to Republican candidates and campaign committees. Obama and the Democrats got 88% of the contributions. Frankly, I am amazed that any employees were brave enough to identify themselves as Republican sympathizers for we know that conservatives, Christians and Nationalists have long been purged from the MSM except for the token few who are wheeled on to the Talk Shows to face Leftist panels and Leftist hosts. I have no doubt that an investigation into the other areas of the Media Class – Hollywood, Fashion, Pro-Sport, Show-Biz and Advertizing – would reveal identical numbers. The same people are also contributing heavily to Leftist social activist groups. Yet their financial contributions are as nothing compared to their contributions of relentless lies, propaganda and concealment of the truth.

In the same week that Ken Mehlman the ex-Chairman of the Republican National Committee during the Bush years ‘came out of the closet’ and said he was now going to campaign for ‘gay’ rights and ‘gay’ marriage, the UK’s Conservative Party’s MP and Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, Crispin Blunt also ‘came out’. Blunt, unlike Mehlman, has been married (for 20 years). Now that the US and UK are being ruled by the Parties that submit themselves to the Media Class I suppose all the homosexuals in politics and public life will reveal themselves and openly campaign to suppress the free speech rights of those who consider sodomy to be disgusting. We are only now discovering how this small minority has infiltrated public life. Politicians, judges, bureaucrats – they seem to have quietly captured the legal and administrative infrastructures of our societies. When this secret power is combined with the homosexual domination of the MSM and the many dissolute billionaires, it is clear that organizations like the National Organization for Marriage are the little ‘Davids’ opposing Goliath.

Finally I must bring to attention the belated revelation that in Ulster back in 1972, Father Chesney, a Roman Catholic Priest, was almost certainly the leader of an IRA gang that planted three bombs in the small town of Claudy, County Londonderry on July 31st 1972. There were no warnings about the bombs and 9 people were killed, including children. Many more were injured. All were innocent civilians and some were unlucky Catholics. We now learn that Chesney, who died in 1980, was the prime suspect of the British security forces and that this knowledge was shared with the RC hierarchy of the Irish Republic. It was considered politically insensitive at the time to charge Chesney and he was moved to another parish over the border. The MSM is in a constant frenzy about priests who sexually abused children, though we are never to attribute this to their homosexuality. I doubt the MSM will want to dig up past crimes of those priests who, like Chesney aided and abetted the psychopathic killers of the IRA, for the MSM in the UK and across the West was always sympathetic to the IRA and nursed the same hostility towards the Ulster Protestants that it now directs towards traditional Christians of all denominations. And so, in this article we have come back to MSM hostility to the Beck rally.

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