Glen Beck and Hannity are Weasels!

On this website we have twice posted articles supporting Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has been defying the heavily armed and illegal BLM militia seeking to expel him from his home and range.   Today we salute the patriotic American men and women who flocked to his defense with their Bibles and guns. Now, Mr. Bundy’s refusal to retract his most recent statements about Black crime, the collapse of the Black family and Black dependence on welfare, has shown him to be resolute, firm in his beliefs and ready to speak his mind. This is further evidence of his courage and we applaud him. 

    The weasel is an English white-bellied quadruped related to the ferret and it preys on small birds and mice. It is not the most attractive creature in the English countryside. The American version mentioned in our headline is noted for its yellow belly. On the Bay Area Radio Station to which we mostly listen, Rush Limbaugh is sandwiched on weekdays between these two yellow-bellied weasels. Up until now we have been overcoming our moderate distaste for their smarmy conservatism. Not any longer! From now on it is patience until 9am, then Rush, and over to Michael Savage at noon.

    Cliven Bundy is one of those ordinary people who, by his labor, helps keep America going. He is just a rancher making a living for himself and his family by raising cattle in a hostile environment of semi-desert and climate extremes. He pays no rent because he is exercising a long-held family right to graze his cattle in the Clark County corner of Nevada. It is certain that he and his wife (a woman, for Bundy is sexually normal!) claim no welfare, their children do no criminal acts and all of them work damned hard. None of this endears them to Media Class people and Leftists- indeed it earns the fear and contempt of these superior people. The Bundy life-style (which sane people would view as admirable) is in stark contrast to that of the Las Vegas African-American families he commented on to a NYT ‘journalist’. 

    Bundy said (and I paraphrase) that he used to drive past ‘negro’ people sitting idly on the steps of Las Vegas apartments with lots of kids and no employment. The image of such people reminded him of the statistics, (that are common knowledge) which are that marriage is almost non-existent amongst these inhabitants of the ghetto, work (productive employment) is a four-letter word and crime is rampant. Bundy didn’t say so, but if he had driven past an area of Asians such a scene would have been unimaginable. He has subsequently commented that the Mexicans he personally experiences seek employment, work hard and are productive citizens. To some it might sound as if Bundy judges people by their behavior and not by skin color. In speaking the truth in plain unvarnished language about the life-style/culture of so many African Americans, Bundy went where (in Media Class – ruled America) angels fear to tread. He then mused aloud that maybe the ghetto people were once better off as slaves, for at least then they had work, marriage and family life. 

    Now on this website we do not use the word ‘negro’. It is a proper word but we recognize that for those African Americans who lead productive lives, (and there are many) it has offensive connotations and harks back to the days of slavery. It is our view that too much time these days is spent on a subject (slavery) which belongs to the past and which was settled by the spilling of a lot of White American blood. Leftists, and Black parasites like Jackson and Sharpton, do all they can to pick at it so that it remains a festering sore. The Left has its own motive – nurturing White guilt – and the race-baiters make a living from it. Young Blacks today, those to which Bundy was referring, are the victims, not of slavery, but of welfare dependency, the Leftist attack on marriage (now reinforced by the homosexuals’ grotesque acquisition of this essential institution), and the failure of their communities to reform themselves. Bundy was largely describing it like it is, though his implication that slavery kept families intact was factually incorrect. Quite the opposite, for the trade in slaves cruelly tore families apart. Welfare life in the ghetto, dangerous and demeaning though it is, must be at least marginally better than being owned and subject to the arbitrary will of another. Still, Bundy was making some points about the condition of urban Blacks that cries out for debate. The Media Class and its Leftist allies are determined to stifle such debate. On this website, when discussing any event beneath which we detect the Media Class agenda at work, we like to start by asking basic questions. In this case we ask, how did it come about that a NYT ‘journalist’ was having a conversation with Bundy that would turn to the subject of race. What were the circumstances and the ‘journalists’ motive, for the topic has nothing to do with the issues surrounding the Bundy ranch and the aborted BLM Militia action? 

    If Bundy had been a reader of our website he would have known that no conservative, no Christian, no patriot and certainly no active counter-revolutionary, should ever share one thought or speak one word with a ‘journalist’, indeed should never utter a word in the hearing of a ‘journalist’. ‘Journalists’ are no longer reporters of news and opinions. They are either products of ‘Schools of Journalism’, where they have been carefully screened and fully indoctrinated by Leftist academics, or they have been recruited after some years of faithful active service in a Leftist cause. ‘Journalists’, in our view are the secret service of an oppressive regime bent on creating a revolutionary totalitarian Utopia. They are the equivalent of the Communist Party activists who emerged from Stalin’s komsomols (recruited for their revolutionary enthusiasm and then brainwashed), entering America’s Mainstream Media (MSM) world to produce propaganda, conceal real news, denounce and destroy enemies of the revolution and (here we get to Mr. Bundy) insinuate themselves into the confidence of the unwary and elicit statements that can be used for denunciation. 

    Having in this instance snared and framed the unsuspecting Bundy, the next stage of all such journalistic operations is to manufacture in the MSM a furore, citing the presence of one of the contemporary ‘intolerable crimes’ of racism, bigotry or insensitivity. The final steps are to destroy the reputation and credibility of the victim and then confront all those who have been, or might be, sympathetic to him and demand a response. Now at this point it is worth mentioning that anyone on the side of the revolution can make the most outrageous (or stupid) statements that are never noticed and indeed are regularly buried by the MSM. No Leftist comrades are confronted for comment, though if they were they would not deny association. Sheila Jackson Lee, the buffoon Biden and the President himself are examples of those on the Left who make outrageous or foolish statements and are never brought to task by the MSM. In contrast, rancher Bundy’s comments have been summarily defined by the MSM as racist, placed at the center of a MSM-manufactured ‘storm’, and anyone who can be linked to him is required to repudiate him. 

    The gut-wrenching part of this for conservatives is that Glenn Beck and Hannity did not even wait to be confronted but each fell over himself to denounce Mr. Bundy as a racist. It may be that both fear that their radio programs will be terminated but we suspect that both strive to burnish their credentials as modern tolerant, loving, White-guilt Christians who would sooner the enemy triumph than that anyone should violently resist or utter harsh words. As Sgt Bilko once famously said “they want to be loved!” Yellow stomachs always yearn to be loved by the powerful! 

    The correct response to criticism of rancher Bundy’s comments on Blacks and Mexicans should be “So what!” As a hard working American citizen he is entitled to both respect and strong views about those who are a threat or burden to society. And he is entitled to express them! All on the Right should be grateful that he is fearless and rally to his cause. Rancher Bundy has refused to retract and retreat. His belly is not yellow. 

    In our preceding article we mentioned the latest totalitarian initiative emerging in California. Here are further details! The Californian Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Code of Ethics is proposing that any affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America disqualify any man from ever serving as a Federal Judge. 

    We have always pointed out that the homosexual core of the Media Class has a revolutionary agenda. It is not appeased by compromises. Every concession wrung is a stepping stone forward to an America in which sodomy is normal and obligatory. The legalization of same-sex marriage is one mere stepping stone and the BSA’s concession by admitting homosexual scouts is only another stepping stone. Nothing will suffice until the BSA is organized for the recruitment of young boys for homosexual seduction. The armed forces are being purged of resisters and now the judiciary is also to be ‘cleansed’. It is claimed on the Internet that normal parents are withdrawing their boys from the BSA in droves, though the MSM will never mention this if it is true. We understand that there is now a safe organization for boys called ‘Trail Life USA.’ It faces an existence of relentless persecution. 

    Recently, the MSM mentioned the case of a 15 year old boy who climbed through the perimeter of San Jose airport and hid in the wheel well of a jet plane. He survived a journey to Hawaii where he was found wandering the runway. It is amazing that he survived unharmed. He claimed he was trying to return to Somalia to find his mother. The MSM reports deliberately omitted some interesting details. The boy arrived from Africa as a refugee 4 years ago and there is no mention of his legal status. Also his father is reported by the San Jose Mercury News as thanking God for the safety of his son. In fact his father thanked ‘Allah’ and this was allegedly changed by the Mercury News to ‘God’. Needless to say, the SJMN is a Leftist component of the Media Class and all reports are filtered. In crime incidents the SJMN never mentions the race of suspects and convicted criminals – unless they are White. 

    Weather – Rain and very cold temperatures have returned to middle California. The mountains and valleys are a brilliant green and full of wild flowers. Our UK correspondent reports rain and cold weather in England. Starcross remains above sea level.

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