Gingrich, Romney, Cain. Who Next?

Several articles ago we (Radical and Right) predicted that Herman Cain had been mortally wounded by the smear campaign of the Mainstream Media. It now appears that the Media Class has completed its work with the inflated Ginger White scandal. As soon as Cain emerged as a dynamic Republican frontrunner his fate was sealed, for the Media Class was bound to see him as their worst nightmare. Here was a Black conservative-ostensibly conservative on both social and economic issues- who had carved a successful career in business and who might split off a significant portion of the Black vote in any head-to-head contest with Obama.

The Media Class, which has promoted and financed Obama into the White House, knows full well that Obama will need that 95% of the Black vote in 2012. Should even 15% switch sides or stay home on election- day and it will be fatal for their man. Worse still, Cain’s nomination by the Republican Party would have impaired the racism accusation that the Left uses so effectively, thanks to MSM collusion. Cain would have been almost everything that Obama is not-self-made, victim-denying and dynamic. It is true that Cain has revealed in debates that he has gaps in his knowledge of Foreign Affairs, but so what? I doubt that Obama could find New Zealand or Botswana on a map for I suspect that he is the most under-educated President in modern history and relies -as all Presidents do- on having experts around him for every issue except street agitation.

Some conservative commentators, including Limbaugh and the razor-sharp Mark Levin, have been able to cast much doubt on the authenticity, integrity and truthfulness of the Cain accusers. Certainly Ginger White, the latest, who alleges a 13 year affair with Cain, has a very checkered past. However, any woman who goes trawling for rich or influential boyfriends is hardly likely to be a Church deacon. There is a strong possibility that Herman Cain has an extra-marital past that has caught up with him. If he has been guilty of even a few ‘flings’ the man is clearly lacking ‘smarts’ if he assumed that the Media Class would not dig them out and crucify him. If he had been a longtime visitor to our website he would have known that the MSM would destroy him for the reasons set out in the second paragraph. Surely he at least knew that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are shameless in their double standard regarding morality. They admire immorality and are comforted by it in their own representatives, concealing it from the public where necessary, but delight in crucifying those on the counter-revolutionary Right for the slightest evidence of feet of clay. It is said that Cain will announce his plans today but we will be surprised if he opts to continue campaigning.

Commentators say that Cain’s erstwhile supporters are mostly going to Gingrich and propelling him well to the front of Romney. This scenario appears to have honed the race down to two. We are not so sure and there are still good reasons for believing that someone else might emerge. Neither Gingrich nor Romney are appealing to social conservatives and a stalemate in the early primaries, marked by a lack of enthusiasm amongst conservative primary voters, might yet see the drafting of Sarah Palin or a Governor like New Jersey’s Christie or Wisconsin’s Scott Walker. Of course we do not know how many good candidates dare not risk the uncovering of a distant past sexual or other transgression or even a trumped up smear by the MSM. Personally, I will vote for any Republican mentioned so far except Huntsman, for almost anyone is preferable to the dangerous and incompetent Obama and his lawless regime. “So why not Huntsman”, you may ask? I believe he is the Media Class’ last resort should Obama so stumble that the MSM cannot rescue him.

Amidst all the Republican candidates’ in-fighting, the big issue now emerging is staying under the radar- where it will remain if the MSM has its way. Inflation is steadily gathering pace. Any visit to the Supermarket in the USA will reveal that prices of just about everything are rising week by week. Food in particular-after years of price stability- is costing more and more and gasoline is not far behind. Since house prices are still dropping and workers are continuing to drop out of the labor market, it seems that we are in a period of stagflation. The MSM today is gloating over the trumpeted drop in the official unemployment figures and the Comcast News headline is that this is great news for Obama’s re-election. It would be a surprise if all that paper money that was pumped into the economy as stimulation was not at last having some effect, temporarily on demand as well as prices. We(Radical and Right) do not pretend to be experts on economic matters, any more than on climate matters or Foreign Affairs, but we do claim to stick to common sense and the evidence before our lying eyes. A Nation’s economy, indeed the world economy, can be artificially stimulated time and time again before chickens come home to roost. The modern description of the inflationary printing of money to pay Government bills and stimulate consumer demand is ‘kicking the can down the road’ and it is a good one. That downhill road can be quite a long one and what we have to remember is that ordinary working people live along its length. It is their savings and their standard of living that are either steadily eaten away or wiped out in a crash. Our new Rulers hope that inflation will be a gradual process (not a spectacular crash) and that ordinary people will never wholly catch on. They may be right, for with control of the Media and great wealth, a Ruling Class can largely dictate events.

This last week, Obama and his buddies in Europe have committed to printing more money in order to avoid a crash in the Euro-zone. There seems to be no limit to their willingness to print money that is not underpinned by real wealth. So confident of their power to get away with devaluing currency are they that Obama has even promised more money to ‘fight’ AIDS. Not a week goes by but that more money is promised to some cause, some Nation or some interest group. We know that the USA is bankrupt- as is much of the rest of the Western World- and yet more and more Government spending commitments are being made, mostly to worthless causes and people. Who will ultimately pay?

The great warbler Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton John) was in Africa last week demanding that much more money needs to be spent on people with AIDS. For him and for the perverts of San Francisco, the BBC and Hollywood, HIV is the one disease that is a priority. It is, of course, one of the few diseases that could easily be eliminated by a change in sexual habits. Just as the unnecessary habit of smoking causes lung cancer so sodomy and other unhygienic perverted sexual practices cause HIV. Sadly, Reggie and his ilk seem unwilling to forego the ‘pleasures’ of perversion and demand that we all give it priority for funding. As our Ruling Class is infested with perverts, it seems that we have little choice and so more of our savings will be devalued by the printing presses, so that a cure is found for AIDS. In a world ruled by good men and women there are a great many illnesses, diseases and medical conditions that would be considered far more deserving of our savings. At the top of the list would surely be cancer and innumerable others that have little to do with lifestyle.

For a good peek at our new Ruling Class, I suggest a visit to the website of the National Organization for Marriage which has a link from the article “A Letter from the President”. This link describes a visit by Andrew Cuomo (the Democrat politician who engineered New York State’s same-sex marriage victory by encouraging several Republican Senators to betray their promises to electors) to a Hollywood fundraiser-tickets $12500 each- in the Bel Air home of White House decorator and interior designer Michael S Smith and his ‘partner’ HBO Executive James Costos. Normal people will find the reported chit-chat of our Ruling Media Class nauseating, but remember that these are the newly rich and powerful and they pull the strings of all Leftist politicians. Their wealth and control of the MSM is enabling them to force through a cultural revolution of moral degeneracy. Michelle Obama is a frequent visitor to the Hollywood palaces of perverts- a far cry from the mean streets of the Detroit and Chicago ghettos- but the MSM is careful to keep this information from the 95% of Blacks who vote for Obama believing that he and his wife are in the White House to improve their lot.

Music Choice – Horace Silver, who was born in 1928, was part Black and part Portuguese and he began musical life as a sax player. Fortunately, for those who appreciate good jazz, he switched to piano. I have heard that at some point early in his career he had a severe problem with his fingers and had to simplify and alter his technique in order to continue playing. Prior to this he was said to have had great fluency but after his technique was a little more limited. If all this is true, the result was that he was blessed with a very individual style that was percussive and easily recognizable. Besides his exposure to the Portuguese folk music played by his father, he also absorbed a lot of Blues and Gospel influences, and these all helped to enrich his music and add a wider appeal to the Hard Bop style that he adopted. Silver, with Art Blakey, was a founder member of the Jazz Messengers but he soon began forming his own groups and they generally played a wider range of material than the Messengers. Much of that material was composed by Silver, who soon revealed a great talent as a writer of tunes.

‘Song For My Father’ is perhaps his best-known composition and it was soon to become a fixture in the library of every Hard Bop group. When lyrics were added it also became popular with jazz-influenced singers. Like many of his compositions it was not written in 4/4 and has an interesting chord sequence. Many of his compositions have not reached a wide audience, not even amongst jazz enthusiasts. This is a pity for Silver wrote stuff that Reggie Dwyer could not even dream of and I will refer to several in future articles. This time I want to draw your attention to a really beautiful tune that Silver recorded in 1975 for the album “Silver and Brass”. The tune is titled ‘Barbara” and is played in 6/8 time. The musicians in the studio included the excellent Tom Harrell on trumpet and flugelhorn, Bob Berg on tenor sax and Ron Carter on bass. Later a brass section that included the multi-reed player Buddy Collette was overdubbed. ‘Barabara’ is a swinging yet relaxed tune that is not only a vehicle for great jazz solos but can stand as a great tune in its own right. The harmony and solos may be a challenge to those unaccustomed to adult music, but give it several listens and soon the tune will be on your mind.

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