Giffords and the War of Words

Not a day goes by – in fact not a news bulletin goes by – without an update on the condition of Gabrielle Giffords, the Congresswoman who was one of several survivors of the Tucson shooting. It is now almost two weeks since that shocking Saturday attack by a lone deranged gunman. Six people died, including a Federal Judge and a nine-year-old girl. The Media has shown little interest in the tragedies of those who died and the twelve other survivors have become forgotten people, at least as far as the Mainstream Media (MSM) is concerned. The Media’s only concern is with Giffords and I think I am correct in writing that the Comcast News, for example, has headlined Giffords in every report subsequent to the shooting.

On this website we constantly point out that all the ‘news’ that is covered by the MSM is subordinated to an agenda that has little to do with actual newsworthiness. Thus, when reading, watching or listening to any MSM report of the Tucson shooting, it is important that our website visitors bear in mind that they are most certainly being cleverly indoctrinated. The MSM is never interested in giving you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. All news is filtered, distorted, often wholly censored, slanted and sometimes simply invented to further the interests of the Ruling Media Class and its revolutionary agenda. Tucson was of course a minor tragedy for the Nation and a major one for those caught up in it, including the unfortunate alleged killer and his family, especially if he has been mentally ill. But in this big Nation of ours there are deaths and serious injuries in shooting tragedies every day as well as deaths in fires, multiple road crashes, knifings, stranglings, industrial accidents and of course the deaths of military personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq and other under-reported wars. The MSM’s detailed and repetitious reporting on the medical progress of Mrs. Giffords’ completely eclipses the reporting on all other contemporaneous deaths. One truly relevant story related to this unhappy event is that of the immediate response and subsequent skills of the Arizona doctors but this has been ignored by the MSM. We should not be surprised, for the MSM will not report favorably on America’s private health services at a time when ‘Obamacare’ is Obama’s jewel in the crown.

As we stated in a previous article, the MSM was on the starting block and ready to go the moment the Arizona shooting took place. Not only that, but it was ready with a narrative and context that had no need for facts. It is our confident opinion that if the unfortunate Mrs. Giffords had been a Republican politician or a prominent conservative Christian leader, the MSM reporting would have been both cursory and short term and with an entirely different narrative and context. From the ‘off’ the MSM’s reporting of the Tucson shooting was all about Mrs. Giffords, the fact that she was a Democrat and that she had been politically targeted for defeat by the Tea Party movement at the last election. The MSM never wastes a tragedy that will advance its agenda, for its real business is primarily not news reporting but news manipulation in the promotion of that agenda. There were probably many in MSM News rooms who regretted that Mrs. Giffords was not a Hispanic lesbian for then even more items on the Media Class agenda could have been included for promotion and Sheriff Joe Arpagio included in the cast of villains.

One famous writer, I think it was Mark Twain, noted that a lie travels around the world while the truth is still putting its socks on. The Media Class, like its Leftist allies, has embraced this piece of wisdom and never misses an opportunity to get its lies and distortions off to a flying start. Thus the whole world now ‘knows’ as ‘facts’ that the Tucson shooting was a politically motivated crime, that the intended victim was a Leftist (and therefore in the mainstream of politics), that the shooter was inspired by ‘extreme’ conservative rhetoric and that the chief culprits were – in order of culpability – Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Mark Levin and the whole Tea Party Movement. It matters little now that facts have emerged to confirm that the alleged assassin, in so far as he was in touch with reality, was either non-political or was something of an anarchist. The Media Class can look on its work with pride – a job already well done and still a work in progress, for the Giffords story still has some legs as far as the Media Class is concerned. Here is a gift horse that will not be looked in the mouth. At the beginning it provided the Media Class with an opportunity to present Democrat politicians as victims of Right-wing violence. This was welcome relief for reporters and editors wrestling with applying a positive spin to the Democrat Party setbacks in the November elections. Since virtually all political violence in the Western World is Leftist or Islamist and since nearly all victims are conservatives, Christians and Nationalists, it is a never-ending challenge for the Media Class to convince the apolitical masses that the exact opposite is the reality. The Tucson shooting presented a unique opportunity, for one of the victims actually was a Leftist even if (a minor matter when facts can be casually overlooked) the perpetrator was not a Rightist. But it quickly became apparent to the MSM that there was much more to be extracted from the tragedy. A local Leftist ‘lawman’ was ready and willing to enjoy the spotlight with his baseless but vitriolic denunciations of the Tea Party people and any and all conservatives. As we repeatedly point out on this website, the MSM is constantly searching for non-Media people who will say what the Media Class seeks to promote. Such people become (sometimes unwitting but more often actively collaborative) mouth-pieces for our Ruling Class. The Media Class much prefers that others say the required words so that the MSM can maintain the fiction that it is merely reporting from a position of neutrality. In reality, this lawman would not have got near a microphone or a TV camera, or been quoted in the Press, or promoted to MSM celebrity status if he had been sticking meticulously to the facts. Indeed if he had been saying that there should be no rush to judgment until all the facts were known, we would never have been made aware of his existence. The MSM reporters would have continued searching until they found someone willing to promote the message that is really theirs. This is how it works! Reporters search high and low, passing over countless people with something relevant to say, until they find the one who will sing their song. Sensing that the MSM was promoting a campaign of smears, many Leftists who would otherwise be no-body’s, lined up for their moment of Media-provided glory and such a climate of denunciation was created that many Media people felt able to get up-front themselves.

The Giffords story has achieved much more for the Media Class and its Leftist allies than simply smear the Right. It has added another nail in the coffin of Sarah Palin’s political ambitions, thus further damaging a potential challenger to Obama in 2012. It has helped create a more favorable political climate for the control and censorship of conservative Talk Radio. It has partially obstructed the House Republican’s initiative and deprived it of the limited publicity it might otherwise have enjoyed and it has put Conservative Republicans on the defensive when they might have been able to go on the offensive. It also provided Obama with an opportunity to play the Statesman before the Media’s cameras whilst further legitimizing the whole pack of lies. It has even served to distract from the fiasco created by the Hawaiin Governor’s boast that he would reveal Obama’s birth certificate.

In our last article we wrote that the British National Party’s leader, Nick Griffin, was the continual victim of Media and Government persecution in a way that no other UK Party leader had ever been. We need to make clear that we were only writing in the context of the UK. In the USA, surely Sarah Palin has also been subjected to similar Media-inspired/amplified lies, unfounded smears, ridicule and demonization. If we went back just a few decades in the UK we could also include Enoch Powell and the Revd. Ian Paisley. Going back a little further in the USA we could include Whitaker Chambers and surely no politician has ever been more persecuted and lied about by the Media Class and its Leftist allies than Joe McCarthy.

In the Cathedral city of Exeter in the UK, some 400 immigrant Hindus have applied to build a temple. It is claimed that the presence of a temple will attract many more Hindus to the city. No doubt this is seen as a good thing by all those Establishment politicians and aspiring politicians who view towns like Exeter as being far too White and in need of cultural and racial enrichment from the Third World. The city already has a Mosque and a growing population of Muslims. It has also experienced a number of violent crimes committed by Third World newcomers. A public meeting has been called, supposedly to test out the native people’s reactions, though more likely the real purpose of the meeting is to orchestrate support.

Hindus and Indian immigrants to the UK in general have a pretty good record in terms of being law-abiding and somewhat willing to integrate but I can see no good reason why Exeter (which I am informed is already bursting at the seams and devouring good farmland for more building) needs an influx of any immigrants. It is not difficult to see inter-racial and religious strife just down the road as tensions erupt between India and Pakistan. Exeter has no need for ‘cultural enrichment’ for it has managed to prosper and grow for around two thousand years without enforced multi-racialism. It is extremely difficult for native businesses and other local organizations to get planning permission in the city, and the local speedway club, which has enjoyed a long presence in Exeter, is now homeless and unlikely ever to be allocated a site. Yet sites for the anti-social travelers/Gypsies have become an Establishment priority and prime land allocated for them in the face of local opposition. I have no doubt that no matter how much opposition emerges to the Hindu temple it will be relentlessly promoted by the City’s Establishment and Government bureaucrats and will be allocated a desirable site. One of our website visitors intends to be at the public meeting and will provide us with a report. In this way we will learn just how the immigration juggernaut rolls forward.

In our previous posting I failed to include an item about popular music from the 1950’s, those wonderful days before the Media Class and its Leftist allies set about destroying all decent popular culture and replacing it with angry, whining, tuneless chants designed to dumb down the ensuing generations with puerile lyrics and performed by the ignorant or perverted or political or all three. This time I want to pay tribute to Les Paul and Mary Ford and their version of the Lewis/Hamilton classic “How High The Moon”. Les Paul (real name Lester Polfuss) was, I think, of Polish/Jewish origin and he was born in Wisconsin in 1916. A proficient guitarist by the age of twelve, he began his musical career in Country Music radio but soon graduated to jazz. By the 1940’s he was playing with Charlie Parker and many of the other great musicians of that era before moving (like Nat King Cole) into popular music where the money was. He married Country Music singer Mary Ford and the two began to make records that were immediately popular. I say ‘the two’ for Paul, who was severely crippled in one hand, pioneered multi-track recording in his garage and also built his own guitars. ‘How High The Moon’, made by just the two of them, was surely their finest recording. Even some 60 years later it sounds just as fresh and as exciting as then. It opens with a hard-edged guitar intro and then the pure-voiced Mary Ford floats over Paul’s highly rhythmic and cunning backing. Ford has been greatly under-rated as a singer and like Saxophonist Stan Getz she was capable of injecting a sudden fiery moment into a generally sweet, pure sound. This record is full of joy, excitement and invention, the song has great lyrics and is a tune that rightly can be called a classic. Nothing whiny or protesting here, no juvenile sexual cutting edge, and definitely not one for today’s cultural infants.

For the record (no pun intended) the weather here in California is pleasantly warm in the day though frosty at night – in fact, typical January weather. Starcross on the Exe Estuary (UK) remains above sea level!

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