Gianforte KO’s Media Man

The Montana Congressional election failed to give the Media Class and its Far Left Mainstream Media the propaganda head-line they worked so hard for. The 7% margin of victory gave Republican Greg Gianforte a comfortable win and stalled the Democratic Party’s hope for the beginning of a momentum.

The stall wasn’t for lack of effort, for the Democratic Party poured resources into the election, and the MSM campaigned on behalf of Rob Quist as though he was running for President.

We can join President Trump in congratulating Gianforte on his win, and breathe a little easier that enough of Montana’s Broad Right turned out to turn back the enemy.

The result was not good news for Montana’s Democrat Senator Jon Tester who faces re-election in 2018. Montana’s junior Senator is Republican Steve Daines, and since Donald Trump won the State by almost 20%, and Gianforte topped 50%, this is a State that has generally moved to the Right.

However, the Counter-Revolutionaries of the Broad Right will not be re-assured that Trump’s 20% shrunk to a mere 7% margin yesterday. Local circumstances generally play a bigger part in special elections, but the relentless and unprecedented MSM campaign to de-legitimize Trump has had the effect of turning every election into a Presidential referendum.

Neither Gianforte nor Quist were stellar candidates, and Gianforte was a loser in a 2016 election. The MSM’s rat-pack must have thought it had drawn the ace of trumps when he lost his cool with Far Left propagandist Ben Jacob of the UK’s Communist Guardian newspaper. From that moment, the MSM – as always in lockstep – went into overdrive to paint the picture of Rightwing extremism versus a seeker-of-truth.

It was highly significant that a Fox reporter and her team, who were interviewing Gianforte when Jacobs aggressively gate-crashed, seized on the ‘incident’ to amplify and inflate it to the detriment of the Trump-supporting Republican. After the voting was over,  and under pressure to be careful with the truth, she greatly modified her description of violence, but here is more evidence that Fox is now 90% in the MSM camp.

If only Gianforte had either kept his cool, or better still, KO’d the Guardian bed-bug into next week, we could have congratulated him for doing the right thing, but unfortunately, he has become grovelingly apologetic. A fatal mistake!

We understand that Gianforte has to be mindful of legal repercussions and may face a well-funded civil case in front of a cherry-picked pervert judge, but he could have made a statement admitting limited ‘guilt’ but stressing the calculated provocation of an aggressive Far Left MSM.

We believe that such an unapologetic response would win votes in places like Montana and give Gianforte hero status.

In conclusion, we maintain that our yesterday’s assertion that Trump would be better engaged fighting the civil war here at home rather than seeking the world stage, is correct. This is not to criticize his performance abroad which has been Presidential, American, honest, and laudable, but the enemy is here between the Pacific and Atlantic, Canada and Mexico.

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  1. “…the enemy is here between the Pacific and Atlantic, Canada and Mexico.”

    I wish more people understood that.

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