German Home Schoolers Granted US Asylum

Mr. Radical forwarded to me an email containing an article by Gerald Warner commenting on the recent case in which a US immigration judge (Lawrence Burman) in Memphis, granted asylum to a German family whose crime in Germany was to home-school their children. The article is excellent and I commend Mr. Warner’s article to all our visitors.1 Until recently when I read in the Wall Street Journal that these German parents were about to apply for US asylum, I had no idea that home-schooling was illegal in Germany. I was aware that it is being made extremely difficult in the UK. Apparently the German Government’s argument is that home-schooling would allow ‘parallel societies’ to develop. This is rather rich coming from a Government that encourages mass immigration and cultural diversity. Mr. Warner argues that criminalizing home-schooling is further evidence that the EU is a developing totalitarian State and I am sure he is right. Anyone who delves back into our archive will find many articles in which we accused the EU of being totalitarian in intent. Any Super State that imposes rules about the types of apples which may be grown, the types of cheese that may be sold and insists its laws about everything must reach into every corner, is aspiring to totalitarianism. According to the BNP’s website, David (hug-a-hoodie) Cameron, the British Conservative Party’s ‘progressive and modernizing’ leader has publicly declared that when elected, his Government will ensure that all children, whether in State schools, private schools or home-schooled, will be required to receive education designed to remove the stigmatization of homosexuality. These are my words but I am sure accurately reflect Mr. Cameron’s sentiments. No doubt the education curriculum that Cameron has in mind to impose on all UK children will ultimately also include the correct views on Global Warming, multi-racialism, multi-culturalism, immigration and any number of other issues that should be beyond debate in a ‘progressive’ society. All of Mr. Cameron’s proposed new laws will owe their origins and inspiration to the EU and beyond that to that supra-totalitarian body known as the UN.

Here in the US my next-door neighbors happen to home-school their three children. Both husband and wife are doctors and are Asian-Americans who belong to a Protestant Christian Church. They are well-educated people, not at all eccentric and as far as I am aware their religious views are traditional Christian views. I think that in secular England they might disparagingly be called ‘Fundamentalist’ for they consider the Old and New Testaments to be literally true. As a religious skeptic I do not find this any more outlandish than having a materialist view of the world, believing in man-made Global Warming or believing that Socialism will lead to a perfect society. What I do know is that my neighbors are good neighbors and their three children are well-educated and well-behaved. My neighbors have two reasons for home-schooling and I am sure that most home-schooling parents share one or both. Their reasons are to protect their children from the progressive and increasingly immoral secular propaganda that Californian public schools now propagate and the other is to provide a better education for their children. They wish to be the main influence in their children’s lives. David Cameron, George Brown, President Obama, George Soros, Tim Gill, the leaders and officials of the EU and UN, and almost all Leftists and secularists would almost certainly take the view that home-schooling for the first reason is outrageous and must be prevented by any means. Providing a more effective education, they will say, counts for little when set alongside the need to indoctrinate a secular ‘progressive’ ideology.

We send our son to a private Christian school for we have concluded that it is more important that he receive a moral education and be protected from the indoctrination of Global Warming, income redistribution, homosexual practices, moral relativism and all the rest of that ragbag of Leftist progressivism. We are not Christians, at least not yet, but when choosing between our son being indoctrinated with Christianity or being indoctrinated with Leftist materialist atheism or New Age nonsense, we choose Christianity every time. If California’s government enforces ‘positive’ homosexual teaching in private Christian schools (a la David Cameron) we will Home school. If that gets outlawed we will move to another US State. Fortunately, the judges ruling in Memphis gives us cause for hope and all conservatives, Christians and Nationalists should read his words and be thankful that the US is the last bastion of freedom and a place where people still have not lost their parental rights to the Government. The reasons for America’s enduring freedom can be found in many articles in our archive but, in short they boil down to the vibrant Christianity of most of the American people and to the Constitution that is a bulwark against the advances of modern-day secular revolutionaries.

In the UK, a Nation without both a Constitution and a separation of powers, truly free speech and moral and political freedoms are almost extinct. As the UK’s Media Class increasingly and brazenly flexes its muscles; and the laws of the EU replace old English customs and freedoms; and as the country becomes swamped with indigestible Third World masses, the Establishment politicians are busy extinguishing the last remnants of native opposition. The latest legal assault on the BNP, designed to cripple it financially before the May elections, and the promises of the Tory’s Cameron to enforce anti-Christian beliefs on all children, suggest that time has almost run out for the world’s oldest Christian democracy. Soon the few British home-schoolers, like their German counterparts, will be in hiding and forced to seek refuge in the US. For the isolated and impoverished BNP time has likely also run out. It is not too late however for that Party to campaign for a written British Constitution that would guarantee free speech, equal rights for the native people, the rights of private property owners, the sovereign independence of the Nation and its State and a draconian limit to the power of Government.

1. Gerald Warner Telegraph blog – German homeschoolers political asylum in America exposes the EU Gulag/

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