George Zimmerman, Nancy Strait and Hate Crimes

On this website we were among the first to accuse the Mainstream Media (MSM) of selecting Trayvon Martin’s death for one of its re-election campaign race themes on behalf of Obama. We were also among the first to claim that the Media Class mistakenly assumed that George Zimmerman was White. We (wrongly) predicted that the MSM would quietly drop this case once it realized that Zimmerman did not fit the role of a Hate Crime killer. Then we quickly backtracked and recognized that the MSM was so confident in its power to insist that Black was White and vice-versa that it would continue to promote Martin’s death as a crime of Race Hatred and evidence that Black victimization was still alive and rampant in the USA. And so it has proved to be. In every MSM story – and they pop up every day – Trayvon Martin’s Black skin color is given prominence and George Zimmerman is always categorized as a White man with a Peruvian mother. Martin has been embedded in our consciousness as a cherubic ten-year-old and many salient facts about both Martin and Zimmerman are uniformly ignored by the MSM.

It is beyond any doubt that the MSM is determined to treat Martin’s unfortunate death as a White on Black murder and ipso facto a Hate Crime. As far as the Media Class is concerned, the fact that there is not a scrap of evidence that Zimmerman was a man salivating over the chance to gun down a young Black man, is irrelevant, for the Obama re-election agenda demands a White-on-Black Hate Crime killing and, in the absence of the real deal, this one must be made to fit the bill.

In the real world that existed back in the days before the Media Class gained control of our society and our thought processes, it would not have been possible for the MSM to classify Zimmerman as a White racist. Neither would it have been possible to portray Obama as an all-Black representative victim of White oppression. After all, he is as half White as Zimmerman is half Latino. But we must remember that the Media Class has deep roots in the Hollywood Movie World, the Theater, Advertizing, Pop Music and Fashion Worlds and indeed everywhere where illusion is practiced, reality banished, fantasy reigns and sexual perversion is re-defined as normal. Whether the MSM’s agenda issue is the US economy, the global climate, Islamic terrorism, inflation or marriage, truth, facts, and commonsense are no longer allowed to impede the progress of the revolutionary agenda of our new Ruling Class.

And so, the privileged half-White Obama and his very privileged wife, surrounded by and socializing with the Nation’s richest White men and White women, jetting here there and everywhere in pursuit of pleasure, daily strolling on America’s finest golfing greens while their daughters attend the most exclusive private school, are portrayed to the Nation as the symbols and rescuers of the downtrodden Black people of the Ghetto and beyond. And no-one gasps with disbelief when he phones the parents of Trayvon Martin and says that Trayvon was the son he never had. It is a tribute to the Media Ruling Class that this kind of nonsense passes as reality, just as same-sex marriage and the physically degrading and unhygienic activities that underpin it are everywhere being accepted as normal.

And so we come to Nancy Strait! Most likely her name is unfamiliar to you, for the MSM regards her sad and cruel death as unprintable, unmentionable and utterly forgettable – that is if it regards her at all. Nancy was White and her alleged killers are Black and are the sons that Obama and Michelle never had. Mrs. Strait’s death at the hands of Black youths does not fit the ‘re-elect Obama campaign’ agenda and so the MSM has no interest in it or in her. Not only did Mrs. Strait have White skin but her husband was also White and, worse still, he was once a member of the 101st Airborne Division and saw active service during the D-Day invasion. Here is the story of the end of the Strait’s life. It will never see a brief paragraph, let alone headlines, in the MSM. It will not be considered a proper subject for Sunday Talk Shows. Eric Holder’s vast Justice Dept will never find a need to insert itself into the circumstances of her death.

Nancy Strait was 85 and living with her husband, 90 year old Bob, when a gang of Black youths broke into their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 13 of this year. Nancy was taken into a room and allegedly raped by at least one of the gang. She and Bob were then brutally beaten and the intruders made off with their more valuable and movable possessions. The Straits had been married for 65 years and had two daughters. Nancy died at the scene of the crime and Bob survived and was cared for by his daughters until last week when he died. They say he died of a broken heart but I would think he died as much from delayed shock.

A 20 year old Black man, Tyrone Woodfork, is in custody and charged with her murder. On this website we are not going to assume that he is guilty for he has not yet been tried. We will most certainly not call for his assassination or for Nation-wide protests, for at this point he is, like George Zimmerman, still legally, an innocent man. We might wonder why his alleged partners-in-crime have not yet been apprehended. Certainly the search for them is not being propelled by Media coverage, for there is none beyond Tulsa. Woodfork may be innocent, but his mug-shot is depressingly familiar, for pictures of young Black men who have murdered and been found guilty and looking equally hate-filled and pitiless, appear regularly on the website Free Republic. Quite frequently their victims are White. I will venture a guess here and predict that when the facts of the Nancy Strait rape are revealed, she will have been sodomized. I predict this because anal intercourse is all about domination and hatred and I am sure that the Straits were targeted because they were both vulnerable and White and hated for their skin color. In other words I am claiming that this is a Hate Crime based on race as well as on envy and greed.

On some conservative websites, many bloggers are demanding that the Strait murder be charged as a Hate Crime. I can understand this sentiment which springs from a rage that Hate Crime seems only to apply one way-Black victim, White perpetrator. However, on this website we oppose all Hate Crime legislation, for it creates privileged categories of victims and divides even further our society along artificial lines. Mrs. Strait’s cruel death would have been an equally cruel death if her raping and thieving killers had been White or Hispanic, Oriental or Asian or something in between, and the motives had been only theft and sex.

On this website we will make one further prediction. It is that when the killers come to Court and found guilty, and if their backgrounds can be gleaned from the local Media, they will all be from single-parent families. Their families will not be those two-parent Black families that I see regularly at our local Church and whose children are attending school as well as Church. They will not be the Black people who are voting solidly against same-sex marriage and standing up for family values. The overwhelming reason why so many young Blacks are violent predators is the absence of fathers in their lives, an outcome of decades of welfare, feminism and Media culture. It has little to do with skin color and everything to do with the combination of Media Class anti-Christian propaganda and Leftist social engineering. The new ingredient that is stoking Black crime against Whites and Asians is the Obama/Holder policies that are dividing America along racial lines and giving young alienated Blacks the belief that they are above the law and that it is their turn to exact revenge for past wrongs.

The recent local election results in the UK were a catastrophe for the BNP and its leader Nick Griffin. His leadership failures have been made more obvious by the success of Mrs. Le Pen and the French Nationalists. He has made the BNP a one-man-band by driving out all those who might have eclipsed him. Unfortunately, his rivals in the other small Nationalist Parties seem only capable of personal attacks and so we learn nothing about difference of policies.

Here is some advice to any emerging leader of British Nationalism. First establish sensible democracy within the Party. Then put together a written Constitution for the UK that guarantees Free Speech, National Sovereignty, Property Rights, Right-to-work Rights (i.e. no forced Union membership), devolves most Government to cities and counties, Restricted Citizenship as in Switzerland, Low Taxation and most importantly, Gun Ownership Rights to all citizens.

The UK, we are informed by website visitors, is still being swamped by rain and immigrants and so water rationing continue to be on the agenda.

Music Choice – Gigi Gryce (1923-83) was a fine alto sax player who also played flute. Overshadowed by the many virtuoso sax players of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Gryce actually recorded some fine music. He also wrote some interesting pieces including ‘Capri’ which was recorded by J.J. Johnson. In 1960 he recorded the album “The Rat Race Blues” with Richard Williams on trumpet, the excellent Richard Wyands on piano, Julian Euell on bass and Mickey Roker on drums. Two of the compositions are by Gryce and two by the interesting composer Norman Mapp. All are good vehicles for the soloists and I recommend the whole album which was digitally remastered in 1991. Warning! This is adult music so you might be shocked by the lack of repetition.

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