George Zimmerman – Murderer or Fall Guy?

In our previous article we opened with the unfolding Media-inspired story of the death in Sanford, Florida of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. It was our belief that the Media Class jumped on this violent incident prematurely in the mistaken belief that the alleged killer, George Zimmerman, was White. It remains our belief that the Mainstream Media (the propaganda arm of the Media Class) and its Leftist allies assumed that this particular deadly incident would provide the basis for a race-based story that would mobilize Black voters for Obama. We pointed out that with the arrival in Florida of racist demagogues like Al Sharpton and the eruption of African American and Leftist protest marches, it was difficult for the Mainstream Media (MSM) to drop the story, even though Zimmerman was clearly not White but Latino. We assumed that the MSM and the Leftists would not want to drive a racial wedge between Blacks and Latinos this close to November. We predicted that as a consequence the MSM would bury this story. We were wrong!

Perhaps the MSM has concluded that it is too late to drop it. Or, more likely, we underestimated the confidence and power of the Media Class to change the facts to suit its agenda. Far from dropping the story, the MSM is giving the conflagration of irrational racial rage all the oxygen it can muster. Sensing an opportunity to revive his career, Jesse Jackson has now arrived in Florida, sure proof that this story will have long legs. In support of our belief that Martin’s tragic death is to be used to promote Obama’s re-election, the President of all Americans has weighed in on one side of a yet-undecided legal issue.

On this website, although we attack the revolutionary activities of the Media Class and its Leftist allies, we strive to always respect facts and promote truth, even when these might harm the prospects of the counter-revolutionary cause. One of the main complaints we level at the Media Class, its Leftist allies and the MSM is that they have no interest in truth but instead adhere to the Leftist shibboleth that ‘the ends justify the means’. The MSM is displaying in this case its power to set facts aside and promote lies in such a brazen fashion that we must assume that it is either desperate to get Obama re-elected or it now possesses such power that it can say, with impunity, that Brown literally is White.

In report after report in the MSM and on Leftist websites Zimmerman is being described as White or (cleverly put in the right racial order) the child of a White father and Latino mother. The White is clearly meant to be the word that registers in readers’ minds. With some difficulty I have discovered that his mother is Peruvian though even that may not be true for it was mentioned in the MSM. One look at his MSM picture (and the same one is used everywhere) reveals that George Zimmerman is Brown skinned and Latino. Incidentally, the one MSM picture of him looks like a mug-shot for police records.

Let us start with the pictures that the MSM and its Leftist allies are promoting. As I have mentioned, the Zimmerman picture is more than unflattering. It is the only one to be seen in the MSM. Are we to believe that the MSM has been unable to obtain a kinder one? With all its resources now concentrated on this case, must we conclude that the vast army of well-funded MSM reporters has been unable to find even one other? I am surprised that his one picture has not been ‘whitened’ to fit the narrative. Perhaps that is to come! We know that the White House has experts who can doctor documents. At any rate, the picture of Zimmerman that the whole of the MSM has chosen in lock-step is one that makes him appear to be a cold-blooded killer. Presumably, this killer look outweighs the undesirable fact that he looks unmistakably Latino. Damn your lying eyes you readers and viewers!

In contrast to the MSM’s one picture of Zimmerman, there are now countless pictures of poor young Mr. Martin. All are appealing and clearly meant by the MSM to paint a picture of the finest of fine young men. It may be that Trayvon Martin really was a fine young man. Even if not, he lost his life just as it was beginning and he may have become a good and successful citizen. If he had been something of a waster, his family (and especially his parents), have nevertheless suffered a loss that will accompany them through life. It would have been better had it not been necessary to question it in the public domain. It is our belief on this website that where deaths involve children and young people, surviving family can best grieve in private. Unfortunately for the Martins, their son’s death has been selected by the Media Class to serve a ‘higher’ cause and they will not be able to grieve in private. In the interests of truth and justice for Mr. Zimmerman and his family, who have a future in this world, we must here make some comments about the pictures and life of Trayvon Martin.

Mr. Martin was 17 and over 6ft. tall and the many pictures of him which the MSM has selected appear to be those of a child of maybe 12 or younger. It is just possible that he really was the most babyish-looking 17 year-old ever but that is unlikely. It is more likely that the MSM and its Leftist allies now taking to the streets are deliberately using child pictures to make dishonest propaganda and whip up the emotions of the ignorant and mob-in-waiting. If so, this is disgusting but to be expected, for ‘the ends justify the means’.

Mr. Zimmerman’s past is being raked over by the MSM in the search for anything negative. Much is being made of a claim that he was arrested for assault on a police officer. It is also claimed that charges were subsequently dropped and mostly such posts on the Internet imply that he was lucky to escape justice. His alleged wish to become a police officer and his alleged recent attendance at a Law Course are being reported by the MSM not as points in his favor, but as evidence that he had an unhealthy desire to throw his weight around and misuse lawful authority. This might be true but at this stage of the investigation it is surely not proper for the MSM or anyone else to speculate on his motives for pursuing a career.

In contrast I have read many approving reports of how young Mr. Martin harbored a dream of becoming a pilot – not only that, but becoming a Black pilot and thus breaking down racial barriers. This alleged ambition does not sit well with the undeniable fact that at the time of his death, Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for 5 days. The school officials, no doubt now under huge pressure (from the MSM, the local Black community, the marching mobs across the Nation and the American President himself) to say nothing negative about their late suspended pupil, have retreated – according to the MSM – behind the bland statement that Martin was suspended for ‘tardiness’. They are refusing to reveal anything more. It would be a very rash school official who, in the violent climate now being orchestrated, revealed something less than affectionate about the dead youngster. Many Internet sites that I have visited, especially Black sites, are peppered with violent threats and some death threats against Zimmerman, and this must surely intimidate any who might contribute one comment or piece of evidence favorable to his case and unfavorable to Martin.

I find it difficult to believe that Martin would have been suspended just for ‘tardiness’. Tardy is defined as ‘moving slowly, slow, sluggish, late, behindhand, dilatory and reluctant’. Is this school really suspending pupils for tardiness? I believe that all academic research indicates that black youngsters across the US have a problem of non-attendance and thus one might expect that this school would have been greatly pleased that here was a youngster who was attending school – albeit occasionally late – and who had an admirable ambition to become a pilot. We will probably never know the whole truth as to why Martin was suspended and the MSM will certainly not probe. Should something negative come to light, the MSM will bury it.

We should not be surprised that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have arrived in Orlando to play to the gallery and provide headlines for the colluding MSM. The intervention of Obama at this stage, really no different in intent than Jackson and Sharpton (i.e. self-promotion), is outrageous however, simply because he is the US President of all the people and entrusted to uphold due processes of the law. If this had been Bush intervening in a State’s ongoing crime investigation and on behalf of a White victim, the MSM would have been frothing. Instead, every MSM report is massaging the English language to present Obama’s intervention in a pleasing way. “President Barack Obama, speaking in unusually personal terms, weighed in on the recent killing of an unarmed black teenager, a rare moment of engagement by the President on a racially charged issue” wrote the sycophantic WSJ reporters Laura Meckler and Arian Campo-Flores. “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids” the President said Friday, responding to a (searching and unexpected – I joke of course) question. “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”. Since no pictures of Martin beyond about 10 years old have appeared in the MSM, Obama cannot know what a hypothetical son of his could look like. The sub text is, of course, racial.

Obama is telling Black voters that he is one of them. It is worth mentioning that in any week in the USA several Black teenagers die from gunshots and stabbings, indeed last week a 6 year old Black girl died as a bystander to Black violence. Obama did not see fit to tell the panting MSM that she reminded him of his daughters. Meckler and Campo-Flores do not comment on this omission. Sadly, leading Republicans, far from roasting the President for abusing his position with interference in an ongoing State criminal investigation, jumped into line.

Only Gingrich has had the courage to criticize him. One MSM report describes Obama’s ‘weighing in’ on a racially charged issue as “a rare moment”. It is not, of course, for he once accused a police officer in Massachusetts of “acting stupidly” for arresting a Black Harvard Professor. As now, he knew nothing of the facts and spoke only because he took the side of a fellow-Black based on race. Obama at that time did not comment that the Professor reminded him of a family member but he has now discovered that this is a comment that sounds good in an election year. Sandra Fluke, a brazen Harvard student who wants us and not her boyfriends to pay for her contraception, reminded him of his daughters too.

There is one other point of fact I would like to mention. In our previous article we wrote that the killing of Trayvon Martin took place late at night. I have since read several articles that claim that Martin went to the store to buy candy in the afternoon. All the website pieces about recorded phone messages fail to mention the time of day. It is surely relevant to this case, for Zimmerman would have more reason to suspect criminal intent from a hooded stranger in the darkness around midnight and there would be more chance of misunderstandings on both sides.

I will not get into the big debate as to whether Zimmerman’s phone message said the word ‘punk’ or ‘coon’. The latter word would indicate some racism on his part but I think people are hearing what they want to hear, for the recording is open to any interpretation. I have poor hearing.

Zimmerman may well be a trigger-happy racial psychopath who was looking for an opportunity to shoot a Black youth, but there is precious little evidence to conclude this. I have worked as a security guard and understand the two motives most likely to have influenced his decision-making. One is the wanting to do a good job of preventing crime. The other is fear – of failing to stop a crime or of the violence that a suspect might employ when challenged. If Zimmerman is not telling the truth when he says that Martin attacked him (and the original police investigation suggests that he was telling the truth, he had injuries and there is a witness) then he displayed very poor judgment or was reckless. We have police forces and police powers of enquiry to ascertain such things. For some two weeks after the incident these were being played out and then suddenly this case was seized upon by an orchestrated MSM. We believe that reason is that the Media Class sees an opportunity to arouse Black voters for Obama. Zimmerman, innocent or guilty of something, can expect little justice from now on.

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