George Zimmerman – A Rush to Judgment?

The arrest of George Zimmerman was not unexpected by Radical and Right, for the naked politicization of the legal system, both here in the USA and in the UK, has been increasingly apparent in the last ten years. With the election of Obama and his appointment of Eric Holder to head the US Justice Department, America has experienced a transition from a Nation of relatively free people governed by laws that are color, class, gender and race blind, to a Nation of divided communities – some with more legal privileges than others and all decided arbitrarily by the Obama Government. The Leftist politicians in Congress and in many States have been busy these last ten years passing laws that favor certain minorities, most notably people of a certain color and flagrant ‘transgenders’ and homosexuals, and the American people have been largely unaware that their society’s legal system has been transformed in a revolutionary manner.

In this transformation, the USA has followed a path already trod in Canada and the UK, where old Anglo-Saxon legal traditions of free speech and fair trial have been jettisoned. The two most important basic rights jettisoned have been (1) that TRUTH spoken or written is a cast iron defense against Government prosecution. This underpinned free speech, (2) that what was alleged by the prosecution to be in the mind of the accused was irrelevant, for it was the crime alone that was judged. Thus the BNP’s Nick Griffin and his comrade, when prosecuted by the British Government for making statements about Islam, could not claim as a defense that they had spoken the truth. Similarly, crimes against fellow citizens that in the past would merit certain clearly-defined charges and punishments are now enhanced if the victims belong to certain privileged groups (hate crimes legislation). The criteria for both of the above departures from traditional law are now in the hands of Government and can be, and are, arbitrarily applied.

Those citizens who were about to be adversely affected by these revolutionary changes – Christians, conservatives, Nationalists, i.e. the backbone of any Nation – remained largely passive because the Media Class concealed their revolutionary consequences and simultaneously presented the changes as a ‘tidying up’ and a long-overdue ‘righting’ of old wrongs.

And so we come to the George Zimmerman incarceration in Florida!

It has been clear to any fair-minded and alert observer that Trayvon Martin’s death has been plucked from the obscurity occasioned by the commonality of shootings in the African American population, and hugely inflated by the MSM. Indeed it would be fair to say that the MSM deliberately minimizes the daily killing of Blacks by Blacks and conceals most Black on White killing in accordance with a Media Class/Leftist agenda that has been regularly revealed on this website. In two recent articles we have pointed out that the ‘Martin shooting’ selection for MSM publicity is entirely due to the Media Class’ need to ensure the November re-election of their Man in the White House. We, like some other Conservative commentators, immediately pointed out when the story ‘broke’ that the MSM had wrongly assumed that George Zimmerman was White and that here was an opportunity to resurrect the racial climate of the 1960’s and thus mobilize Black voters and arouse White guilt – just in time for November.

The consequence of the MSM’s wrong assumption about Zimmerman’s race, caused by a rush to judgment and the sloppy journalism that is now commonplace, has been that the MSM has been in overdrive to hide and ignore facts, invent facts, print outrageously biased photos and doctor tapes – all in order to turn Martin into a suitable martyr (Black child, hardworking student, good boy on the cusp of a career as a pilot and with a ‘lily-white’ – no pun intended – personal life). The other side of this coin of deceit has required the MSM to paint Zimmerman as a vigilante with a shady history and a racist with a White skin.

In so successfully firing up Black resentments and Leftist revolutionary activism, the MSM has prematurely ignited the mob element that exists in all societies and unites an unsuccessful minority, criminal elements intent on looting and those angry, envious Leftists who crave revolutionary destruction. The MSM has predictably hidden most of the burgeoning mob activity related to the Martin ’cause’ but websites that post local news reporting (and a reading of Leftist websites) reveal growing mob activity. In particular, Sanford, where the shooting occurred, appears to be a powder keg, with the mob ready for action.

If this threat was not enough to influence, perhaps intimidate, the special prosecutor (Angela Corey) and the Governor of Florida, Eric Holder has announced that he intends to use every Government agency, including his own (In)Justice Department and the FBI, to ‘investigate’ what is happening in this case. If Obama was a more energetic revolutionary we would be tempted to write that Holder is the emerging Dzerzhinsky to Obama’s emerging Stalin but fortunately Obama is not only too addicted to the good life but is also beholden to the Media Class for his office. Still, the intervention of the powerful and lawless Holder, emboldened by enthusiastic MSM support, is surely enough to strike fear into any elected or appointed public official who has a career to nurture and a family to protect.

When Corey by-passed the Grand Jury, it was clear that she was intending to have Zimmerman prosecuted, albeit on shaky grounds. The public statement she subsequently read, when announcing that Zimmerman was to be charged with 2nd degree murder, seems to have taken her several days to put together. Despite that, it is a shoddy document with grammatical errors, unsupported assertions and some blatant twisting of facts. We cannot yet know why she by-passed the Grand Jury, thus denying Zimmerman his rights, or why she decided to prosecute him for murder. It may be that she has unearthed some dramatic new evidence that will reveal Zimmerman’s account of events to be substantially untruthful, though the threats of violence, the mob and Government pressure to rush to judgment, will surely taint the evidence of any new witnesses. Only new forensic evidence would be beyond a reasonable doubt.

The MSM has relentlessly cast Zimmerman as a racially motivated vigilante, though without a shred of evidence to date. It has failed to reveal anything about his domestic circumstances such as who he lives with, whether or not he is married, has children or a job. It has failed to mention his social activities and the circumstances of his parents. These omissions suggest that all this background information does not fit with the Media profile of a racist vigilante and a potential killer. In several MSM reports I have seen him referred to as “the gunman Zimmerman”, obviously intended to paint him as a terrorist or gangster. Some website contributors, who have seemingly reported what the MSM has concealed, claim that he has a multi-racial network of friends and a good citizen record in the gated community he was protecting on the fateful night.

Martin’s background of broken family, poor school record, ‘gangsta’ image as revealed by his tweets, foul-mouthed, ‘sex-preoccupied and proud of it’, are all facts hidden by the MSM, though they do not justify unlawful killing or diminish the heartbreak for his family.

There is nothing in the facts so far revealed to suggest that Zimmerman was a Black-hating vigilante, nor is there anything to suggest that he would have ‘hunted down’ Martin in order to shoot him. The most likely scenario is that Zimmerman believed he was meeting his responsibility to protect his gated community and that, though neither he nor Martin were seeking a fight, one broke out and Zimmerman was being beaten or panicked. For both families this would be a tragedy without any wider implications. Thanks to the MSM and its need to bolster Obama’s re-election, this tragedy has inflamed racial tensions, stoked up the likelihood of nationwide mob violence and prepared the way for a flagrant miscarriage of justice. Corey, if her evidence is flimsy or worse, will probably find some way to avoid taking this case to court herself and the judge who eventually hears the case will be well aware of the civil unrest that will follow dismissal of it. Still, from a Leftist perspective, if an innocent Zimmerman gets a long prison sentence it matters little for as we always write on this website the Leftist mantra is “the ends justify the means”.

Music Choice – On this website we dismiss most modern (post Media Class Rule) popular music as infantile, dreary, whining, miserable or angry. Sometimes it is all of that at the same time. Here is an antidote from 1951. Earl Bostic, who was born in 1913 in Tulsa, expertly played all the reed instruments and was also an arranger and occasional singer. He rarely gets a mention in the jazz history books, despite a very respectable resume with the best musicians of his era and despite the fact that his many recordings are full of high-quality improvisation and some accomplished be-bop phrasing. What alienated jazz critics was that Bostic stumbled on the hit-parade of his day, successfully exploited it and in the process became the father of the Rhythm and Blues saxophone. Bostic mostly played the alto saxophone and presumably combined hard reeds with strong lungs to produce a rasping, throaty sound that set him apart. He did what Fats Waller also did, which was to take romantic ballads of the day and play them as raucous, no-holds-barred foot-tappers.

The excellent 1941 Ted Grouya ballad ‘Flamingo’, transformed into a celebratory swinger by Bostic in 1951, sold a million copies in the US and was also a hit in the UK. Bostic’s band consisted only of Gene Redd (tpt and vibes), Count Hastings (tenor sax), Cliff Smalls (p), Rene Hall (gtr), Keeter Betts (b) and Jimmy Cobb (d), yet it made a big sound. This is happy music so enjoy it and all the other Bostic post-war recordings. Unfortunately Bostic died from a heart attack at the early age of 52.

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