George Will Deserts The Battlefield

Most deserters choose to desert when they smell the cordite and are expected to get out of the trench and engage the enemy. They usually run away to the rear. A few deserters, more treacherous, desert to the enemy and offer their services.

Here in America, the ‘phony war’ is more or less over (aka ‘politics as usual’ by Republican Congressmen, even though the Far Left Revolutionary forces have long been busy advancing and capturing ground) and the real war is starting. It is starting because counter-Revolutionary forces of the Broad Right, led by General Trump, are finally resisting. This is the point when the collaborators who claimed to be on the Right, are being called upon to fight. They detect a whiff of cordite and realize that they are now expected to leave the trenches and engage the enemy.

George Will is the latest deserter and there will be more. Most will come from the ranks of the intellectual Think-Tanks and Washington lobbyists. Some potential deserters have already appeared in Congress and a few Talk Show hosts (among them Mark Levin and Glen Beck) have also joined them.

George Will has been willing to earn a living and a Media reputation as a ‘token’ conservative. Will has for many years been the ‘token conservative’ writer for the Far Left Washington Post. No doubt this sinecure opened many rewarding doors.

The knack required for this kind of ‘token conservative’ employment was to concentrate opinions on finance, economics and foreign policy. It was necessary to steer clear of the moral issues that lie at the center of the Media Class agenda (e.g. same sex marriage) and be accommodating on borders, language and culture. Will, was a ‘path-to-citizenship’ advocate.

The reality is that at least since Obama occupied the White House, no self-respecting conservative would contribute anything to the Washington Post, New York Times and other Far Left propaganda organs. Tokenism is playing the enemies game! Will is now more clearly playing the enemy’s game, which is to very publicly desert -one at a time – thus rewarding the Far Left MSM with a weekly headline designed to inflict maximum damage on the people’s campaign which Trump is leading.

Will sold his desertion to the enemy at a Federalist Society luncheon, where, no doubt, he was surrounded by other intellectuals who have been making their livings much like him. Will’s background is typical of those who are now deserting. The son of a University professor, he went from college to politics and journalism. He has never built a skyscraper or a golf course or raised crops, and Trump and his working class followers now exerting themselves in the Republican Party, are turning the Party into something too plebeian for his rarified tastes.

If George Will was in the UK, he would be one of those ‘conservatives’ demanding that the exit vote be set aside by Parliament. After all, those who ignored the Intellectuals and Party leaders, and voted for the return of their borders, language and culture, were the working people of the hinterland, the rust belts, the farms, the seaside and market towns. How can such ordinary people know what is good for them?

Labour MP David Lammy is already calling upon his comrades in Parliament to “stop this madness”. Lammy, and those like him are shameless in their eagerness to set aside the popular vote. Since the exit vote succeeded in great swathes of England and Wales that normally return Labour Party MP’s, it is significant that Lammy, who is Black and the child of Guyanese immigrants, represents the Parliamentary constituency of Tottenham in North East London. This is one of the many areas that was once the heartland of London’s White working class. It was also one of the many that rejected the experiment of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism, for as Blacks moved in, Whites moved out.

Lammy inherited this seat from Bernie Grant, a notorious Far Left Black activist. Tottenham, once a safe though poor White neighborhood, is now a part of the dangerous foreign land that is London. Lammy is the representative of a majority immigrant and Black population, that has no interest in the UK’s unique history and where anti-White sentiment is normal. Here I pass judgment, not on the Whites or Blacks who live separate lives, but on those who forced mass immigration on a Nation State.

The lesson is that immigrants concentrate geographically in big cities where they enjoy a political voice out of proportion to their numbers. Their representatives quickly become very assertive, enjoy the protection of the MSM, and are hostile to the natives and their traditions.

Lammy has much in common with the occupant of our White House, who pursues an anti-White and anti-Nation State agenda, lectured the UK to resist Brexit and who will use his office and our country to punish the UK for rejecting his instructions. Both are Black, both are Lawyers and both attended Harvard.

The American MSM is busy giving friendly publicity to Lammy and those who are rallying to set aside the Brexit vote. The citizens of London (the foreign city that grows inside the UK like a cancer) are mostly immigrant in origin but there is also a wealthy Internationalist constituency that gets rich handling money. The two share opposition to the British Nation State and financially benefit from membership of the corrupt gravy train that is the EU.

American Nationalists should note that British University towns were islands of EU support in the referendum. Some will have you believe that this is because educated people are smarter than working people. The truth is different. University staffs benefit from Government and EU grants of taxpayer money. The Arts also benefit from them and can then avoid ‘pandering’ to public tastes. University staff also have long paid-for vacations (ten weeks in the summer and three weeks at Christmas) and head off for Europe. Lastly, but not least, those who emerge from college educations are not smarter. Far from it! They have been brainwashed.

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  1. George F. Will was never a conservative. His ridiculously obtuse articles, which appeared also in the heyday of Newsweek Magazine, were generally of the kind that left you wondering what on earth his point was. He was and is a boring writer who never conserved anything, so there is no point in him calling himself “conservative”. Good riddance to him and his kind.

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