Geert Wilders

The British Labour Party Government’s decision to ban Wilders as an ‘undesirable person’ may well have done what the pompous Tory ‘twit’ Michael Portillo feared, and that is given Wilders more publicity. We can only hope so, for Wilders, who has bravely called attention to the barbaric nature of Islam, deserves to have his criticisms of this assertive religion reach every corner of Europe and the USA. Wilders, who lives under the constant threat of death from Islam’s ‘peaceful’ followers in Holland, is already facing a criminal trial in his native country. As far as Holland’s craven Government is concerned, he is an undesirable person there too. It seems that telling the truth about Islam, like telling the truth about sodomy, global warming, AIDS, Black violence against White people in British cities, and the failure of multi-cultural immigration, is no longer tolerable with the UK’s and Europe’s ruling class.

The speech that Wilders was to have made to the handful of Peers in the House of Lords has now made it to the Internet, thanks to the BNP, and will have been read by at least tens of thousands around the world 1. The speech is right on target and I recommend it to all visitors to our website. I have not watched his film, ‘Fitna’, though that is also available. I suspect that it may include graphic scenes of Muslim activists sawing off victim’s heads for the benefit of a camera and thus proudly demonstrating their commitment to their religion. I have no stomach for viewing such vile cruelty, just as I cannot bear to watch the twin towers inferno with victims leaping to their death to escape the advancing flames. It is enough for me to know that it happened, who caused it and why. I can get enraged without repeated viewings. I know such sights bring pleasure to the ‘Arab Street’ and inspire masses to sing, dance and generally celebrate and I guess that my weakness and that of many Westerners suggests that we do not have the ruthlessness to defeat Islamic Imperialism in the developing struggle.

Wilders has passed a death sentence on himself by speaking out. I guess this is true of the BNP’s Nick Griffin and other Nationalist leaders in Europe, for the power of Muslim activists to murder those who stand in the way of Islam’s ultimate victory in Europe, is growing by the day. Anyone who takes even the briefest look at the growth of Islamic violence and Islamic population numbers must see that things can only get worse for us non-believers. Wilders, as a member of the Dutch Parliament gets some official protection but Griffin has to rely on a personal bodyguard recruited from his Party. He also has to be constantly protected from Red thugs and as the police force becomes ever more politicized he probably has cause to fear arbitrary arrest too. If I was Wilders or Griffin I would be assuming that the ruling elites and their Leftist supporters would be mightily pleased if a Muslim with a knife and hacksaw got me. I cannot help comparing this situation to the 1930’s and early 1940’s when Stalin and his millions of Communist followers around the world were busy pursuing enemies. Leon Trotsky, a Communist who had himself promoted terror, was hounded in his exile from country to country, with Leftist Government politicians not unlike the UK’s Miliband, only too willing to bow to pressure from the enemies of free speech. In Mexico, Trotsky’s final refuge, the Leftists in Government colluded in his ice-pick assassination by a Stalinist agent from Spain. Trotsky’s family and friends were also hunted down in various countries, as were many other opponents of the Stalinists.

It is not often I find reason to commend an article in the Wall Street Journal, but on Tuesday February 17th, Bret Stephens wrote a good piece headed “Geert Wilders Is a Test for Western Civilization” in which he points out that both Leftists and Liberals have a double standard when dealing with Islam and Christianity. Stephens, who is I believe Jewish, has been regularly warning about Islam and defending Israel. If he resided in Europe he would now fear for his life and that of his family. He might consider the risks and persecution that other European Nationalists like Griffin have to face and put pen to paper.

There is a great debate unfolding in the US, as the result of the Democrats in Congress and Obama in the White House using the so-called Stimulus Bill to replace the US private health care with a nationalized system like the UK’s. The Leftists are seeking to sneak nationalization in below the public’s radar and without debate. The UK’s Health Service is much admired here in the US by those who know little about it and those privileged Leftists and celebrities who yearn for the leveling down that they themselves can always avoid. Let’s face it! Gordon Brown and his political comrades and the Nation’s TV and pop stars never wait months for hospital appointments.

A few weeks ago I saw my doctor about breathing problems. He referred me for a chest X-ray and I was able to drop in to one of several places in my town and have an immediate X-ray. A few days later at about 8.30pm my doctor phoned me at home to say that the result of the X-ray showed some possible problems. Next day he suggested a CT scan and did the paperwork to seek permission from my insurance company. This permission was sent to me within a few days and when I phoned the CT scan facility I was told that I didn’t need to make an appointment but could just drop in any time between 9am and 8pm. A few days later my doctor phoned me at home to tell me that the problematic ‘shadows’ were just scarring from an old lung problem. The whole issue cost me about $150 in co-payments, not a small sum but small compared to what the average (liberal) American spends in a month at Starbucks or on leg-waxing. People who spend on such frivolous things without a second thought are desperate for a nationalized health care system that they believe will be free.

As a former resident in the UK, I know that my experience outlined above is unimaginable to UK health service patients. I would have waited for many, many months for the final outcome. Recently, in the UK, a friend of my father-in-law’s who is in his 80’s was going to his local hospital to get his warfarin levels checked. He slipped on the ice in the hospital grounds and was taken to the Emergency ward. After 4 hours waiting to be seen he took himself home and applied ice to his bruises. I am not saying that the US system is without fault but Americans will have thrown out the baby with the bathwater if they let Obama and his comrades nationalize US health care. One thing they can be certain of is that Michele Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Hollywood champagne Leftists will not personally experience the leveling down that always makes Socialists feel so good when it applies to the masses.

Today, there are four UK ward elections that are being contested by the BNP. Once again all the other Parties are uniting to advise voters to “vote for anyone but the BNP”. The local newspapers are as usual weighing in with their own anti-BNP campaigns and the wretched Red Mob self-styled anti-Fascists are out leafleting. No doubt Anglican and RC pansies are also adding their two pennuth. Let us hope that the native British people in these four wards drag themselves away from Coronation Street soap opera and TV soccer and vote for their own survival. If they don’t, then they don’t deserve to have brave men like Wilders and Griffin in their midst.

1. BNP News Report: how the government tolerates hate speech from islamists but bans those who oppose it
(includes text of Wilders’ speech)

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