Geert Wilders Banned By Labour Government

The news today that the UK’s Socialist Government has banned the Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders from entering the country should come as no surprise to readers of this website. Wilders had been invited by a handful of members of the House of Lords to speak at a private meeting which would have included a showing of his film ‘Fitna’. The film, which accuses Islam of being a violent and intolerant religion has predictably aroused the wrath of Islamic Imperialists and their sympathizers in the Muslim population. Islamists in Europe have long adopted the tactic of outraged protest and threats of violence whenever anything not to their liking is expressed. In a recent article describing how the public officials in Exeter, Devon banned the BNP from distributing political campaign leaflets, I pointed out how the threat of violent mob protest and the chance that ‘some people’ might feel offended is used as justification by Leftists in power to silence Christians, Nationalists and conservatives. In all this suppression of free speech there is collusion between the Leftist mob, Leftist Government officials, the police and Courts, establishment politicians and the Mainstream Media. What is really instructive about this latest denial of free speech and the free movement of Rightwing politicians is the lack of protest from so many quarters. Where is the outcry from the Civil Liberties people, the UK opposition Parliamentarians, Academia, the Pop warblers and ‘cissy-boy’ actors who normally have so much to say about everything from AIDS to Africa, and those guardians of free speech who dominate the Media’s editorial rooms. One reason that the Labour Party’s Government is denying Wilders entry is because the Labour Party wants Muslim votes (to the Labour Party’s advantage immigrants in the big cities vote early and often) and so do all the other Parties except the BNP. Many politicians are also becoming extremely fearful of the violent retaliation of Islamic Imperialists. Beyond this however there are the ideological motives beneath the surface, for many Leftists foolishly believe that they can harness Islamic mob violence for their own ends to drive Nationalists, Christians and conservatives from the political arena. Others, in their hatred for Christian judgmental morality, are happy to aid any movement that consigns real Christianity to history. In this they are aided by the homosexual-leaning, Media-pandering Church leaders who now lead British Christianity into oblivion. When banning Wilders from the UK, David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, is reported to have said “The Government opposes extremism in all its forms. It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country”.

This statement is an affront to the native British people and worthy of Goebbels and Stalin. Why are Miliband and his comrades in the Labour Party privileged to decide what is extreme in the field of political ideas and political speech? They are arrogant enough to define extremism without a shred of justification. What has Wilders said or written that espouses violence? Maybe he has but Miliband should let us see the evidence! Since when has hatred (and where is the evidence that Wilders is promoting hatred?) been subject to Government control? When a Leftist politician talks about ‘our communities’ we are being fed propaganda for the truth is that the Muslim ‘communities’ of the UK are not ‘ours’ but ‘theirs’ and so are many of the other racial/minority ‘communities’ of the UK. Just to add some irony to Miliband’s arrogant and dictatorial pronouncement, I seem to remember many years ago reading a Marxist revolutionary monthly magazine called “New Reasoner”. One of the editors was a Ralph Miliband and if my memory serves me correctly, he was not only a Marxist academic but an illegal Eastern European immigrant to the UK. Is the Foreign Secretary his offspring? If so, this is an example of how immigrants soon take over and oppress the natives.

Whilst on the subject of free speech (or rather its demise) in the UK, I read on the Express and Echo website that in Exeter last Saturday the mob (that calls itself ‘Unite Against Fascism’) was on the streets giving out anti-BNP leaflets. For this they had the express permission of City Manager John Harvey, and no doubt the police were on hand to make sure that they did so without interference. The City’s Labour Party MP, the homosexual, ex-BBC employee Ben Bradshaw was on hand to help. I have yet to read that the Civil Liberties activists have protested at the illegal banning of the BNP, nor have any Conservative or LibDem Party locals. Exeter is a University City and its academics always have a lot to say but on this they are silent. Who would be surprised for all these people are hypocrites? Non Leftists should take heed! The decisions by David Miliband and Exeter’s John Harvey are, in fact, rule by decree for these officials are setting aside law and making arbitrary new rules. Rule by official decree except in war time is alien to democracy and a very dangerous new development.

As regular readers of this website will be aware, we (Radical and Right) are of the opinion that Barack Obama is not only unqualified by birth to be President of this great Nation, but is also unqualified by ability. I have yet to hear this man say one thing that strikes me as authentic. Every time I hear one of his pronouncements I become more convinced that he is a world-class empty barrel – lots of noise and no content. He speaks with great confidence, that is for sure, but I have experienced quite a few people during my working life who were seemingly brimming with confidence and prospered and were full of audacious ambition, but never had any substance. Usually, they were opportunists who knew how to take advantage of a particular set of circumstances and the gullibility of those around them.

Obama certainly ‘arrived’ at a fortuitous moment in history. White liberal guilt had built to a climax, not just in the US but in Europe too. The Democrat Party had seemingly been hi-jacked by the tainted Clintons who were cruising to a too-easy victory; the Republican Party and its leaders were discredited by years of relentless Media attack and snout-in-the-trough feeding, and its old leader and his replacement lacked any ideological beliefs, charisma, communication skills and fight. Still, none of this would have been enough to hand the Presidency to a slick windbag. The wave that swept Obama to the White House was a tsunami caused by the earthquake that occurs when a new Class finally captures political power and carries out a cultural revolution. Obama is the creature of the Media Class and although he is bumbling along over the economy, he is not slow in advancing the social and moral agenda of his masters. He is being rewarded by the Media for they are working flat out to present him as a man in control of economic events and foreign affairs. This is proving to be extremely hard work for every time he opens his mouth in public he is revealed for the empty vessel that he is. The only way that the ruling Class can maintain the myth they have created of Obama’s ‘exceptionalism’ will be by silencing all criticism. Gagging the opposition will be hugely popular with the Media’s Leftist allies.

It is surely obvious to any sane observer that none of the economic and fiscal packages now being pushed through Congress (and Western Parliaments) are going to solve the problems that were mostly caused by politicians interfering in the ways of business. Unlike many on the Right who believe Government should leave Big Business entirely alone, I do think that Big Business needs legal regulation. I have never been convinced that Company Boards are anything but the creatures of CEO’s, or that Shareholders have real voting power. Conservative economists like Schumpeter, Hayek and Friedman were right when they noted that Capitalism can always right itself by creative destruction but too much boom and bust can have enormous social costs and modern democratic societies are too complex and fragile to survive economic earthquakes. Having said that, Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank et al, who are now empowered to ‘save’ the US economy, are the very people who did most to cause its problems. Not that solving the nation’s economic problems is their priority, for by taking control over the economy they are able to complete the cultural revolution that is so dear to the Media ruling Class.

Tomorrow (Thursday 12th February) there will be another ward election in the UK and you can be sure that it will be closely watched by David Miliband, John Harvey and all the other enemies of free speech. In Croydon’s Waddon Ward, the BNP will be taking on all the Parties that seek to bring about the extinction of the native British people and their Christian culture. In the last election in this ward in May 2008, the voting was as follows. Conservative 1353; Labour 893; LibDem 323; Green Party 234; BNP 211; UKIP 103. Radical and Right hope the native British voters of Croydon understand that time is running out for them and that the BNP is their only hope. Coming up are also ward elections in Harrowgate, Lewisham, N.W. Leicestershire and Sevenoaks.

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