Geert Wilders and Free Speech on Trial in the Netherlands

Most Americans will not know who Wilders is, or what is happening to him. They will be too busy reading the Sports pages or tuning in to American Idol, for Entertainment has become the ‘dope for the masses’. The US Media is doing a good job of ‘dumbing down’ those masses, helped by a public education system that is filling young heads with Leftist propaganda that is a substitute for real learning. Wilders, whose political party made substantial gains in the recent Dutch elections, is being criminally charged by the State for remarks he made prior to the election. In essence he said that the Koran should be banned in Holland and that Islam was Fascist. This has been translated by the State into the charge that Wilders was inciting hatred against Muslims.

On this website we do not agree with Wilders that the Koran should be banned anywhere, for allowing the State to ban books (and therefore ideas) is a dangerous route to travel. Neither do we agree that Islam is a Fascist ideology, though it has many similarities to Fascism. We say that Islam (not all Muslims) has re-embarked on a drive to conquer the world and this is better categorized as Imperialism. But this is nitpicking, for what is at issue in Holland is Free Speech and political freedom. The Governments that now rule in Western Europe, and behind them pulling the strings the very powerful Left-leaning Media Classes, are engaged in suppressing the native peoples and denying them Free Speech and free association. Having deliberately kept the floodgates of Third World immigration open, and so imported vast numbers of Muslims, the Governments are now busy ensuring that the natives cannot protest their fate. Wilders is merely stating facts when he says that Islam is incompatible with the Western World’s Christian-based traditions and laws and that Islamic Imperialists are hell-bent on the political and religious domination of Holland.

One has to admire the power of the Media Class, not only in Holland but throughout the Western World, for it is able to stand facts on their heads. George Orwell, if alive today, would have much to say about this and the Media’s ability to re-invent language. In Dutch cities Islamists are creating ever-growing racial/religious ghettos where Sharia Law already operates and where, through violence, native Dutch people are denied entry. Parallel to this and with the connivance of the Left/Media Class alliance, Governments are busy legislating to define ‘Hate Speech’ so that it is a weapon against native protestors. The result is that ‘Hate Speech’ laws are cherry-picked and arbitrary. Anything that criticizes Islam, certain immigrant minorities or homosexuality is ‘Hate Speech’ and is punished with the full power of the State machinery. The Media, once a check on Government power in the Western Democracies, is now fully engaged in suppressing and twisting news and information, so that the native people are not alerted to their condition. What can be more Orwellian than the Dutch people being scolded to be more ‘tolerant’ and inclusive’, and accused of inciting violence, whilst intolerant and routinely violent Islamists are defined as the victims? As the BNP and traditional Christians in the UK have learned to their cost, truth is no defense against ‘Hate Speech’ laws.

In the US, the Obama regime and the Eric Holder Justice Department are also cherry-picking laws. It is now claimed by several insiders that the US Justice Department has decided that it will only go after Whites and that Blacks (unless they are conservatives) and certain other minorities cannot be anything other than victims of ‘Hate Speech’ and political violence. Truth and Facts are as irrelevant in this Leftist environment as they were in Stalin’s Soviet Empire. All conservative, Christian and Nationalist Americans should be paying close attention to the Wilders trial, for make no mistake, America’s new Ruling Class certainly is. Just as Obama and his comrades wish to follow Europe’s path to public health care, so it wants to fully control speech and ideas. States where laws are arbitrarily cherry-picked by the Ruling Class are in essence lawless.

Last week Bernard Schwarz died at the age of 85. He was better known as Tony Curtis. Schwarz was brought up in poverty in a Jewish part of the Bronx, his parents having fled Russia. My British friends and I in the 1950’s mostly regarded Curtis with contempt as the ‘pretty boy’ lead in shallow romantic films. But then we put aside our contempt to see a movie at the local cinema which included a small part for the Chico Hamilton Quintet, a trumpeter in the story who we thought was meant to be Chet Baker and the impressive Burt Lancaster. The movie was ‘The Sweet Smell of Success’, a 1957 black and white ‘melodrama’ directed by Alexander Mackendrick (British, I believe!) and the screenplay was written by the Hollywood Communist Clifford Odets. Mackendrick was not particularly proud of this film though I believe it was his best and the finest ‘Film Noir’ of all time. Lancaster played the part of a New York- based gossip columnist who wrote a syndicated column that could make or break politicians and entertainers across America. Curtis played the part of a shallow, shabby but ambitious press agent who lived by picking up or inventing gossip around Times Square and selling it to Lancaster. Both actors were magnificent in their parts and suddenly it was clear that Curtis really could act. He followed this film up with two other great performances as an escaped prisoner in the 1958 movie ‘The Defiant Ones’, with the great Sidney Poitier and then the 1959 ‘Some Like It Hot’ with Jack Lemon. I write here about ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ because it was the first movie to expose the power of the News Media to make and break politicians. Get yourself a DVD of it to see fine acting, hear fine music (Elmer Bernstein and Chico Hamilton) and excellent dialogue and see how Mackendrick unwittingly exposed the growing power of the News Media.

Last week, Mickey Freedman also died at the age of 90. He was the last survivor of the cast of the magnificent Sergeant Bilko series. Freedman played the relatively small part of Private Fielding Zimmerman. In the US the series was called “You’ll Never Get Rich” and the two stars were Phil Silvers and Maurice Gosfield (Doberman). I think Nat Hiken was the creator of the series, which has never been matched by any comedy series. I write about this because the Bilko series was unendingly witty, devoid of politics, sex and vulgar language and a reminder of what entertainment was about before the evolving Leftist Media Class imposed its revolutionary social agenda on all entertainment.

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