Gay? No! Rage-Filled Bullies And Cowards? Yes!

The Main Stream Media is busy reporting the homosexual demonstrations that are taking place in various parts of the USA and just as busy omitting the violence and intimidation involved. As usual, the MSM is sanitizing the news to fit an agenda. All of the reports are expressed in highly sympathetic terms, just as we would expect. I have yet to read a newspaper report that starts or ends from the point of view of the majority of Californian voters who passed Prop 8 last week. Anyone who reads our articles on this website will not be surprised by this for pushing the homosexual agenda is very much part and parcel of the larger Media Class agenda. Many of the protests are insignificant but none are too small for the Media, for it is in the business of amplifying each one, orchestrating more and building them to a crescendo. One intention is to create a momentum that will justify State Courts setting aside the popular will. There may be another and even more sinister motive which I will return to later.

There are many other issues we would like to cover on this website but the same-sex marriage issue has elbowed itself to the fore and it is too important to ignore, for it has unleashed forces that have been waiting to explode. We constantly point out here that US society is experiencing a revolutionary moment in its history and that the ‘culture war’ is a civil war brought about by the emergence of a new ruling Class. If Barack Obama had been defeated by John McCain there would have been much violence on the streets and the Left would have found a dozen reasons for not accepting the will of the people. There is little likelihood that a McCain/Palin win would have been democratically accepted by the Media and its Leftist forces on the ground. Had the Republicans also captured one or both Houses of Congress, I think we would have seen the eruption of violence in every large city in the USA, with unpredictable results. Nevertheless, the election outcome, exactly what the new ruling Class wanted, could have been expected to ensure that the civil war that is taking place will continue to be prosecuted within Congress and by legal stealth, even though beneath the surface a revolutionary force has been set loose. However the homosexual mobs that we are now seeing on the streets and which have unpleasant parallels with the National Socialist revolutionary mobs that rampaged in Germany in 1933, indicate that the surface legal processes of fundamental change will be assisted by violence. In 1930’s Germany, as now, the consensus that ordinarily underpins electoral democracies was inapplicable, for Hitler’s National Socialists understood that they were not fighting elections in order to take their turn at governing but to change permanently the political structure. The intent was not to put opponents out of power for a term or two, but to eliminate them.

The US Media Class has been able to engineer the election of its candidates, seemingly paving the way for a step by step consolidation of power without overt violence, though we should note that their victory has been facilitated by much blatant rule-breaking and some outright criminality. The election was dominated by Media spin, lies and blatant propaganda, but this was to be expected. For revolutionaries, the ends justify the means. McCain and his Party behaved as though the election was to be governed by Queensbury Rules, but this only goes to show how far they failed to understand the politics of the times.

The homosexual movement, a core element of the Media Class, and powerful because of its influential presence in Hollywood, TV entertainment, News and the Fashion World, possesses the phenomenal wealth of many of its members, and because of its population concentration, has impressive organizational advantages. It has developed great expectations. It not only selected Obama and deselected Mrs. Clinton, but poured enormous sums of money into the Obama campaign and into the targeting and defeat of conservatives all across the Nation. The movement has its own views about the ‘change’ that Obama has promised. We can ignore the tacking to the center that Obama employed in the speeches and debates at the tail-end of the campaign for his supporters are sophisticated enough to know window-dressing when they see it. Despite what he said when facing the cameras, Obama was assumed to be ready and willing to implement the homosexual agenda with same-sex marriage as a first, but not last, step. However, the traditional-marriage proposition victories in three States, including California (seemingly the ‘Gay’ state), have both frightened and enraged the most revolutionary wing of the new Ruling Class. Just when great momentum in the battle against the forces of Christian morality was being reached, the Prop 8 victory in California (of all places) has come as a shock. The fear of the homosexual revolutionaries must be that Obama is essentially an opportunist, and faced with massive economic and other problems, he will retreat from the revolutionary agenda of the people who put him in power.

As I wrote in my previous article, homosexuals have no reason to be patient. And so we see a grass roots outbreak of violence against the Churches as the revolutionaries take matters into their own hands, aided and abetted by the Media and other Leftist factions. We are witnessing the fury of some of Obama’s most fervent sponsors and it is being unleashed against their long-time opponents. It is not only intended to destroy the Christians but to remind Obama and the Democrats that they cannot back-slide on the Media Class agenda.

I hope every visitor to this website has taken a look at that rage-filled bullying and cowardly assault on the old lady and her Cross in Palm Springs. Nothing ‘gay’ about that! Read how an L.A. Mexican restaurant and its staff and customers have been subjected to nightly terrorism simply because a Mormon manager gave $100 to the Yes On 8 campaign – so terrified that the minimum-wage staff raised $500 as ransom and handed it over to the thugs in an attempt to buy them off. All across the USA, humble individuals and humble businesses who gave small sums to the Christian campaign are being ‘outed’, driven from employment, or their businesses surrounded night after night by hate-filled mobs. This is mass intimidation of political opponents and their livelihoods not seen since the Nazi Brownshirts targeted Jews and their businesses in pre-war Germany. This revolutionary violence will not stop because the police look on and the approving MSM journalists deny the American people an honest picture!

It is not co-incidental that the Mormons have been singled out for persecution. The Media’s reporters deceitfully repeat that Mormon money bought success for the ‘Yes’ campaign. The same Media reporters are silent about the financial sources of the ‘No’ campaign and the huge sums of money that poured from a semi-secret handful of billionaire homosexuals and Media celebrities. Not a word either about the ubiquitous George Soros who is ever ready to finance anti-Christian causes. The Mormons are deemed to be unpopular and non-militant and so make for a soft target. White Evangelical Christians too are seen as passive and have been increasingly demonized by the MSM. So far I have not heard of the ‘Gay’ bully-boys invading Black Churches, marching through the Asian areas of L.A. or vandalizing Mosques, though all these supported Prop 8. Just like the Brownshirt revolutionaries of Nazi Germany, the weakest have been selected for punishment by the Pinkshirt mobs. Still, we should not expect gentlemanly or sporting behavior from street revolutionaries, not when a revolutionary moment in history arrives. Normal men, even in a mob, might have been expected to hold off attacking a lone and pathetic old lady carrying a Cross. Even drunken British soccer hooligans would have drawn a line on that. Revolutionaries on the other hand, confident they represent historical progress, feel justified in showing no mercy!

Can all this rage-filled violence be about a mere wedding definition? Obviously not! The wedding issue is only symbolic. In a mob, of course, there is always more than one motive at work. For some of the participants the marriage issue represents the forlorn hope that the stigma of sodomy and other peculiar and unhygienic homosexual activities can be diluted. For others, mob activity is an outlet for deep personal psychological anger and it is hardly surprising that it is projected onto the Christians who proclaim moral standards that are immutable. But we would all be wise to recognize the motives of those who seek nothing less than a social and moral revolution that will sweep away all sexual restraints, allow the indoctrination and corruption of our children and provide an opportunity for revenge.

Radical and Right do not take a side in the culture war on the basis of religion though we do not underestimate the accumulated wisdom of 2000 years, nor the wisdom of the teaching of Jesus Christ. Nor do we suggest that abnormal sexual behavior that is consensual should be criminalized by the State. There is though a great difference between toleration of abnormality within prescribed limits and the public promotion and imposition of that abnormality upon all. The revolution that is in the making may force us all to turn our backs on 2000 years of wisdom and sink into the cesspit.

We have not commented much on the current economic situation or the financial bailouts now being arranged with taxpayers’ money, for this website concentrates its energies on drawing attention to the historic and revolutionary culture war now unfolding. Other websites, to which we provide links, are doing a great job of revealing the futility involved in trying to frustrate the markets. We would only add that besides all the dangers they address, surely uncontrollable inflation lies just ahead. We will be pleasantly surprised if a decade of 1930’s style economic depression is avoided. The Democrats and Obama will soon have to decide whether to bail out with taxpayer money, their supporters in Detroit. Amongst the latter is Bill Ford, who claims that his Company faces bankruptcy. This is the man who has been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars of Company money to the same-sex marriage campaign. At this point in time Ford Co. money is probably still being donated. Don’t expect to hear about this in the MSM and don’t expect Bill Ford to stop giving it.

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