Gauthier and the Boy Scouts of America

Last week, August 15, it was reported in a local Duluth newspaper that Congressman Kerry Gauthier of Minnesota District 7B had been arrested and charged with engaging in a sexual act with a 17 year old boy in a public place. Since this newsworthy item was concealed by the MSM and reported nationally only on the Internet, few will be aware of this serious charge. Even the readers in the Duluth area were not told that Gauthier was a Democrat. Our website visitors might cast their minds back to the run-up to the 2008 elections when the MSM had daily reports about a Republican Congressman who had allegedly played cubicle footsy with an undercover cop in an airport bathroom.

Around the same time another Republican Congressman was crucified by the MSM for sending amorous emails to a male 20 something intern. At the time the MSM talked a lot about the Republican climate of corruption. These reports kept the Republican Party on the defensive going into the election, just as the Media Class intended.

Now in 2012, the MSM is determinedly hiding all Democrat scandals, for the Media Class is desperate for its President to be re-elected in November so that he can complete the Media Class agenda of a moral revolution. Do not expect to hear anything damaging about Congressman Gauthier who faces re-election in November, or any other scandal involving Democrats. As we constantly repeat on this website the MSM, with rare exceptions is a propaganda machine with an agenda.

First reports from the Duluth police alleged that Gauthier, who is middle-aged, was in a car last month at the Thompson Hill Rest Stop, where he engaged in oral sex with a 17 year old boy he had met on Craig’s List. It was further alleged that money changed hands. I assume this meant that he paid this young man for a sexual act. Gauthier, who is also a Social Services case manager at Lake Superior Treatment Center, has since entered a medical facility for treatment for an unspecified condition. It is reported that all charges have been dropped.

Since the age of consent in Minnesota is 16 for both boys and girls, Gauthier could not be charged for having sex with a minor. However, because the alleged sex act took place in public and because money allegedly changed hands, he could have been charged. We do not know why the charges were dropped and we might suspect that pressure has been brought on the police Department from a very high level, perhaps close to the White House. Nothing is too outrageous where this lawless Presidency is concerned, safe in the knowledge that the MSM will cover up.

Gauthier may have been innocent of the charges and perhaps they were manufactured by a corrupted youth or a false witness. The same might have been true of the two Republicans in 2008 but the MSM and the Democrats took the view that charges without much substance were good enough to stoke daily news headlines.

Let us for a moment speculate that Gauthier was guilty of the charges and is a homosexual interested in young men and boys, (and I repeat that he might well be innocent), we would do well to examine the consequences for us all. Particularly we might weigh this case with the determination of the Boy Scouts of America to keep homosexuals barred from its ranks. The BS of America are being endlessly attacked by the MSM, Leftists and self-styled Human Rights Activists for their policies to protect young boys and young men from corruption. In discussing homosexuality, we need to ignore all the talk about ‘love’ and ‘rights’ and deal with reality.

Do we really want a man who recruits young males from Craig’s List (or any other list) for sexual perversion to be eligible to serve as a scoutmaster? I would not want him within 10 miles of my young son or any other young male. Neither would I want my son in a scout troop with a 17 year old who is willing to have oral sex with another male. I would consider this young man to be a corrupting influence and give him a very wide berth. Neither would I want such a man teaching my son in school. Any parent who says otherwise is not fit to be a parent.

In discussing sex in the context of today’s Media Class calls for inclusion, diversity and toleration, let us be careful to avoid comparing apples and oranges. Let us suppose that Gauthier had been accused of having a 17 year old girl in his car. The alleged sexual act would have been a lesser perversion and more ‘natural’ but it would still have been corrupting and exploitive given the disparity of age. It would also have shown him to be reckless. Sensible people would not have wanted him to be a teacher and most certainly not a teacher in a girls’ school or a Girl Scout leader.

It can also be proclaimed that a man who was involved with either a same-sex relationship or a heterosexual one in a car in a public place and with a young teen who is being paid for sex, is not fit to be a legislator. Gauthier represents a heavily Democrat District so we can be sure that he will be re-elected even if the charges are revived and he is found guilty. Modern Leftist voters have no moral standards.

For more information on the Gauthier case visit Northlands News Center on the Internet.

The Media Class is manufacturing public outrage over the arrest and imprisonment by the Russian Government of the three female so-called ‘Rock Activists’. The trio’s name ‘Pussy Riot’ who are members of a “performance-art collective” tells me all I need to know about the ‘activists’ mentality, and anyone who plays or likes ‘Rock’ music is by definition tasteless and grossly immature. Reports say that the trio entered a Cathedral not for religious purposes but to disrupt and desecrate a place sacred to devout Orthodox Russians. There they “danced and high-kicked’ allegedly as a protest against the Putin Government but I am sure that like their Entertainment counterparts here their rage is really directed against the traditional Christian religion and its morality. Also like their counterparts throughout the Western World of Entertainment they have a need to shock.

On this website we have in the past claimed that Putin is a politician with the gangster methods of Communism and Leftists in general. We do not defend him.

However these three young women, who could have protested on a street or in a concert hall, deliberately chose to invade a place of worship and got what they deserved. Since the disgusting Madonna and the aging rocker Paul McCartney have rushed to their defense we can be sure that we are right. McCartney has no problem when good patriotic British political activists are arrested and held without trial and when free speech – once a British right – is denied to those on the Right.

Weather – The heat wave has subsided here in California but in the UK there have been a few summer days of sunshine in between the rain. Typical August weather in both instances!

Music Choice – Benny Golson, the great jazz tenor sax player wrote many good tunes and some were recorded by Art Blakey and his band with Golson on tenor. In 1987 Tito Puente, the New York-based Puerto Rican, who led many excellent Latin/jazz bands put Golson’s composition “Killer Joe” to a mambo rhythm. It is impossible to not find this recording exciting and dance-inducing. Warning! This is not music for those who like the infantile strumming and warbling of Paul McCartney.

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