Gas Prices and Our Brazen President

US gas prices at the pump are going through the roof and here in California’s East Bay, a gallon (smaller than the UK gallon) of Regular is costing $4.40. This must be the highest price ever apart from the Jimmy Carter era. On this website we maintain that a major reason for the astronomical price-rise is INFLATION. The Mainstream Media in the USA is constantly playing down the rate of inflation, and only those economists and experts who enter into the conspiracy of ‘inflation silence’ are permitted to be quoted in business reports. Consequently, most voters think that the cost of a gallon has shot up in real money terms.

The Obama Administration has been working flat out to ‘pump’ (no pun intended) easy money into the economy, primarily to get the employment numbers down prior to the elections of November 2012. Can anyone doubt that the Fed is colluding in this rip-off of the ‘working and saving’ population? Fortunately for President Obama, most European countries, the EU and the Chinese have been inflating too, and so America’s inflation is not wholly reflected in exchange rates – at least, not for now. Certainly, one result of the easy money has been a small increase in new jobs created and another has been a steady rise in the stock market. Both provide Mainstream Media (MSM) propaganda material (like the currency, hugely inflated) for Obama prior to the election, even though neither indicates anything other than an artificial and short-lived recovery. It is instructive that every MSM report on them is immediately followed with the words “and this is good news for Obama’s re-election campaign”. The MSM cannot hide its desperation for anything and everything that might aid his re-election. For Obama, inflation provides a double ‘whammy’. For not only does it bolster short-term economic improvement and thus his election campaign, but it also economically punishes that portion of the American people he wishes to reduce to dependence on the State. We believe that his attack on these people is motivated both by Leftist ideology and a racist-fueled personal resentment.

There are, of course, two other reasons for astronomical gas prices, Obama’s desire to throttle fossil fuel extraction in the USA and so please his environmental supporters and his desire to make gas too expensive for the masses. Car ownership, like all the things that free market capitalism democratizes, must be made prohibitively costly so that only the privileged (‘Hollywooders’, Pop Warblers and Strummers, Leftist politicians and Busybodies, top bureaucrats and Government employees, Union Bosses and Leftist Academics) have access to the roads and the skies. Anyone who doubts that Socialism ends up with a privileged class whilst the masses are steadily reduced to slavery should learn about the Black Sea dachas that catered to Soviet Russia’s Ruling Class.

In our previous article we deliberately used the term ‘brazen’ many times, when discussing the recent pronouncements of Sandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi and the President himself. We think ‘brazenness’ is the most descriptive word for all the actions of the coalition that now rules the USA. It is one of two signature characteristics of the Obama Administration, the Union bosses, Leftist activists and the rich and powerful homosexual movement. The other is intolerance. Not a day goes by but the above Leftist forces spout outrageous lies and demand the silencing of opposition. We should not be surprised, for the Left has been violently intolerant of opposition since the great Socialist experiment in government began in 1917 in Russia. After the Russian Revolution, which saw the Left capture State power and with it control of the Media, Education, the police and the Judiciary, the Left finally displayed its eagerness to lie outrageously, to silence free speech and to cruelly and ruthlessly persecute all opponents. Today in the USA, the Left, in the form of the Media Class, has captured the power of the Presidency, it is the dominating force in the Media, it has control of Education and in many places has control over the police and judiciary. Only this week, Leftist student activists are demanding that Christian-owned businesses be banned from Campus, the Justice Department is setting aside legislation by States to eliminate illegal voting, and Businesses are being blackmailed into assisting the shut-down of Conservative Talk Radio. The news is that some 90 major businesses have now publicly declared that they will not advertize on conservative Talk Radio. This is the Socialist Revolution that has accompanied the rise to power of the new Ruling Class – the Media Class and its allies.

Incidentally, no-one should believe that these businesses are guided by simple economic motives. Recently, a campaigning Christian organization collected over 600,000 signatures asking Home Depot to take a neutral stance on the issue of same-sex marriage. It was not asking the company to endorse Christian policies, simply stop funding outrageously sexually explicit homosexual parades. Home Depot turned neutrality down flat and has since ratcheted up its promotion of the homosexual agenda. It cares not at all that it will lose hundreds of thousands of customers (me included). It may be that Home Depot’s top executives are sodomites but more likely it has worked out that our new Ruling Class will bestow many favors on those companies marching with the new moral revolution.

Yesterday I heard counter-revolutionary broadcaster Mark Levin twice refer to Obama as a ‘brazen liar’. Perhaps the heroic Mr. Levin is visiting our website!

Also Mr. Radical tells me that the BNP is now using the term ‘MSM’ instead of ‘government-controlled Media’. Perhaps this website is having an influence!

It has been a constant refrain in the MSM that the Republican candidates should drop social/moral issues for they are at best boring voters and at worst divisive. Those who give this advice sometimes claim to be conservative whilst others claim to be moderates or libertarians. We all know that they refer to three issues – the attacks on Christianity, abortion and particularly same-sex marriage. Just leave these issues alone, they say, for moderate voters are only interested in the economy and jobs. Such advice is seized upon by the MSM which would love to see Republicans run from these issues. It might surprise many to learn that the Congressional Democrats are pressing Obama to promote same-sex marriage to the front of his re-election campaign and to pledge his support for it. I have yet to hear the MSM caution him and I do not expect them ever to do so, for it is the single biggest litmus test for Media support. Suddenly, social/moral issues are not divisive or boring if a politician takes the correct side.

I must apologize for saying in ‘Music Choice’ that Robert Goulet recorded the Frank Loesser song “I Believe in You”. It was of course Tony Martin.

A British visitor to our website has reported that parts of the UK have water rationing. This is being blamed on Global Warming. The truth is that in the 1940’s and before, there was never a water shortage in any summer. The difference with today is that the population is now 61 million and then it was about 42 million. Since the Brits are failing to reproduce themselves, this massive increase must be down to Government-planned mass immigration from the Third World. Do not expect the Government or the BBC-led Media Class to ever link water-shortage with population increase. We do not need to explain ‘why’ to our website visitors.

Meanwhile, here in mid-California it is still very cool. Rain has arrived – good news – and the cool weather will continue.

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