Crawford Ranch “Drama”: From Nowhere near Crawford

Cindy Sheehan is now complaining that she is being over run by Media people and that this is detracting from her “lone woman” protest. And we all thought that she wanted Media coverage!

As the Leftist Kook protesters turn up to get in on her publicity, Cindy is having to share her moment in the spotlight. Meanwhile, Move-on (the George Soros funded anti-Bush organisation) and others (including one funded by Ben and Jerry, the Leftist Ice cream multi-millionaires) are also following the Media lead and using modest little Cindy’s protest to discredit the President and the Iraq War.

On ABC NEWS this morning, breathless-with-excitement newscaster Clarissa Douglas told us that a Bush neighbor (and, so important to include, “an ex-soldier who opposes Bush and The War”) has made a plot of land nearer to the Bush ranch, available to the protesters. At least she stopped short of giving out directions, how to get there.

A large number of soldiers parents are turning up to show support for the War and the President, but curiously, they get short shrift from the news reporters. Back in Cindy’s home town of Vacaville, the “Vets First” group of ex-soldiers is organising a counter demo to the peace people’s candle-light vigils. (How peace people love candle-light vigils!) I am willing to bet my house that the “Vets First” demo will not attract the Media interest that little Cindy has managed to get whilst not even trying!!

Cindy Sheehan’s publicity is an example of one of the many techniques the Media Class has at its disposal to further its agenda. This technique is the “pluck from obscurity” one and can be used to promote or destroy an individual. The opposite to it is the “simply ignore” strategy. The Vets First will experience this one. Once again, you have been warned!

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