Fried Brown Rice Added to Trump’s Menu

At the time of writing this article, Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, has not denied the charges that she ordered access to US intelligence reports, not for reasons of State security, but so that the Democrat Party and its masters could benefit from private information on their political rival, Donald Trump. This criminal misuse of power began not long after Donald Trump emerged as a serious Republican candidate for the approaching Presidential election of November 2016. We have to assume that Rice was acting in tandem with Barack Obama, her direct superior.

This is the biggest news story since Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, and its implication in terms of wrong-doing at the highest level of government, rivals Watergate.

For President Trump, busy governing amidst unprecedented obstacles, the emerging evidence of the Obama Administration using dirty tricks before the election and since, validates the charge he made and which the Mainstream Media dismissed.

No doubt there is much more information to be learned about the Obama regime’s illegal activities and abuses of power, but in ordinary times past, Americans could have anticipated accountability in Court. Not any longer, for we live in Revolutionary times, when political lawlessness has quietly become the norm.

People on the Broad Right must understand that Trump was elected whilst a Revolution was nearing completion, and a new Ruling Class Government and its Far Left ally had been hard at work for almost eight years, stealthily transforming America’s institutions, packing its civil service and eviscerating its laws.

Trump has entered the White House, and the Republicans have more Congressmen, but the Ruling Class and its allies have conceded nothing else. They still own the government machinery, the Federal Courts, the security agencies, and the MSM on which so many Americans depend for news, opinion and entertainment.

Counter-Revolutionary gains have been made. Yesterday AG Sessions ordered the DOJ to roll back the federalization of several police forces. Trump has been rolling back Federal Government restrictions on building and industries, and some Government funding of radical organizations has been cut. This week the Supreme Court will be completed with (we hope) a judge committed to the Constitution.

But we are far away from Hillary Clinton and her enablers being brought to Court to face justice. We are far away from IRS officials facing charges. Not because Trump and Sessions are craven but because they do not have control of the machinery, and because too many Americans have been deprived of the truth by MSM propaganda.

We are even further away from Susan Rice being marched into Court, and our former President being held accountable. It will take a full-blooded Counter-Revolution and probably much bloodshed for Justice to be served. In the meantime, our President must seek to have brown Rice added to his menu.

In many previous articles and in this one, we refer to the alliance of the Media Class and the Far Left. This alliance was necessary in order for the Revolution to be achieved, for the newly-arrived Media Class of the 1980’s was numerically too small to win power alone.

The Far Left was a natural ally. The Media Class had long been Left dominated, both in the News world and even more so in Hollywood. There are reasons for this but for now it is enough to merely mention it, for it is obvious. As an example, Hollywood was infiltrated by Communists way back during the Second World war and House committees in the post-war years failed to root them out.

The moral Revolution that topped the emerging Media Class agenda, and reflected its composition, was extremely unpopular in a Christian Nation. It could only be accomplished by stealth and increments and imposed on the population by government power. Hence the Media Class had to gain legislative power, whilst concealing its agenda.

Socialism was also unpopular in America, so unpopular that its adherents called themselves ‘liberals’. It could only be achieved by stealth and increments and the capture of legislative power.

Both the Media Class and the Socialists had unpopular (Revolutionary) agendas that they could not be honest about if they were to win power through the ballot box. And both could only impose their unpopular agendas through an all-powerful government and by setting aside the Constitution.

This much, the two power-seekers had in common. Unpopular agendas, a need for dishonesty about purpose, and an all-powerful government machinery that would find its full victory in totalitarianism.

But below these obvious common interests, there was something even deeper than convenience that would bind their happy marriage. Both the Media Class moral agenda and the Socialist economic/equality agenda are denials of reality, human nature and common sense.

In these last eight years of the combined Revolutionary agendas of both allies in government, we have witnessed the growth of official fantasy, the denial of common sense, and the loss of old freedoms. The process is not yet ended despite the election of Donald Trump and a Congressional Republican majority.

A few examples will suffice for now. Same-sex marriage, the official abandonment of gender, the imposition of ‘equality of outcome’, and restrictions on free speech.

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