Free(h) to be heard?

The recently-retired former head of the FBI, Louis Freeh, has recently published a book about his time in office. It is, apparently, extremely critical of former President Clinton and has much to say about the sequence of terrorist attacks which culminated in the destruction of the twin towers. One would have thought such a book would have generated enormous interest in the Media, with lengthy reviews, analysis and much publicity. Instead there has been a virtual Media blackout and on the few brief interviews Freeh has had on TV he has faced extremely hostile interrogation from program hosts. The universal Media line has been to accuse Freeh of trying to settle scores with a President who thought little of him. In short, Freeh is being presented to the public as a man with a grudge and nothing worthwhile to say. He may have had a very different reception from the Media if he had been attacking Bush.

This website is not interested in Freeh but is always interested in the Media Class, especially when it marches in lockstep. Many Conservatives in the US will conclude once again that the Media is simply showing its bias in favor of the Democrats, but in doing so they will miss the big picture.

Of course, the Media is protecting the reputation of the Clintons and helping the Democrats and of course they would crucify Bush on this issue if they could, but what we should be noticing here is the sheer power of the Media Class. It is demonstrating its power to move to the sidelines a potentially big story and an extremely important piece of recent history, to turn the accuser into the accused, to protect the reputation of a favorite, and keep the public in the dark.

Does anyone really believe that a group which has this power and exercises it so effectively, does not have control over all politicians, public servants and ultimately, we the public. Why would such a group be working for some other group in society, and not itself?

The Clintons are not made strong by this episode, rather they are reminded that they must carry out the Media Class’ agenda if they are to survive in politics. Public Servants are reminded that in challenging Media political favorites, they are inviting personal destruction. Ambitious conservative-leaning politicians are reminded that if they sell out their core constituencies, they may get kinder treatment from the Media than colleagues who stay true to their supporters.

This Media Class is in the process of breaking George Bush with a relentless daily menu of headlined bad news, and an obliteration of all good news. His crime is that he has expressed a Christian Faith and identified too much with old-fashioned morality. Nothing he does will stop the Media Class from wanting him destroyed, even at the expense of the Nation’s safety from terrorism and military failure in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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