Freedom’s Final Curtain Call Tomorrow in UK?

Tomorrow, Tuesday 7th September in London the final curtain will most likely ring down on free speech and free political association. It used to be said in the UK that you could say anything you liked and organize any kind of political party provided you were not advocating violence. Despite that caveat, the various Communist, Trotskyist and Maoist political parties were never suppressed by the State, except that the Revolutionary Communist Party (a Trotskite anti-war faction) and Sir Oswald Moseley’s Nazi Party were suppressed during the Second World War years when the UK faced invasion. Even at the height of the Cold War, the Communist Party was able to recruit, organize, contest elections and promote pro-Soviet propaganda – all without real interference from the State. So, in reality, the British political arena has been even more tolerant than the law proclaimed and the British people have been able to boast that they lived in the free-est Nation in the world. That is until the emergent Media Class assumed power from behind the scenes in the 1990’s, established control over all the mainstream Parties and embarked on a revolution by stealth. But a stealthy revolution, lacking popular consent, must inevitably find ways to suppress opposition, and so tomorrow in a London Courthouse political freedom will likely take its final bow.

It is interesting and informative to ponder the Ruling Class devices and legal mechanism that will be used to stifle opposition. Americans should take careful note! In the UK the groundwork has been laid, expanded and reinforced by using moral and legal arguments and the language of ‘Human Rights’ to protect certain minorities deemed to be ‘vulnerable’. In order to protect these ‘vulnerable’ minorities, the historic rights of the majority have been relentlessly whittled away. ‘Vulnerable’ minorities are, of course, first identified by Leftist academics, then promoted by the Mainstream Media and finally protected by specific new Parliamentary laws whose insertion into the legal framework co-incidentally happens to reduce the laws’ protections for the majority. Where the laws lack specificity, a politicized police force and judiciary are on hand to plug the gaps. Underpinning all this, just in case the new laws do not go far enough or there is a popular outcry against them, are the International Laws that the British have been stealthily signed up to.

Mass immigration from the Commonwealth began in the 1950’s, long before the Media Class had begun to take shape. It was encouraged by Big Business for financial reasons and welcomed by Leftist for ideological reasons but it was never popular with the majority of British people. Those who came sought a better life, expected a welcome from the ‘Mother Country’ and were often disappointed, but the influx continued. Eventually, probably as more sinister international forces exerted power over Western Europe, the doors of the UK were thrown open to all and sundry from the Third World and more recently Eastern Europe. The British people are being swamped, not just racially but literally, as the UK, despite the falling birth rates of its native people, becomes Europe’s most densely populated country. The newly emergent ruling Media Class, grown from Leftist roots and with its own agenda that requires a social revolution that can only be achieved through the destruction of the old Christian culture, has embraced and advanced the policy of crushing the native people.

First fashioning the tool of ‘political correctness’ through the mass Media and then defining certain groups as vulnerable minorities and then graduating to definitions of ‘Hate speech’ the British people have been steadily shackled much as was Gulliver by the little people. The ruling Class and its allies are of course aware that a Nation that has been speedily stuffed with a multitude of alien and conflicting races and cultures on a tiny island where the native people remain hostile, is a tinderbox. This alone would be enough to convince any elitist Government to suppress the native people, but there is more to the suppression than mere expediency. The ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies have a hatred of traditional Western society – its religion, its family life, its sexual mores, its institution of marriage (one man to one woman) its unwillingness to hand its children over to the State and its attachment to Nation Status. In the UK, the ruling Media Class has embarked on a revolutionary destruction of its own native people and the remnants of their culture. It has captured the major political parties or their leaders and intimidated most of the rest but the small British National Party remains obstinately (just) alive. While it is alive it retains the ability to inspire and incite the native people to counter-revolution, so it is considered extremely dangerous. It must be destroyed. But since the revolution is not only about power but also about moral beliefs and ideology the Ruling Media Class and its allies are driven by hatred and loathing as well as fear.

The mechanism for destroying the BNP is the EHRC ‘Equalities and Human Rights Commission’ which was set up by Government, financed by tax payers and is now semi-independent. Like many permanent ‘Public’ bodies that are financed from the public purse but outlive the careers and fortunes of individual politicians, the bureaucrats who run them become more powerful than politicians, build bigger and bigger empires and soon develop their own policies. Trevor Phillips, the head of the EHRC and also of its predecessor the CRE (Commission for Racial Equality), is a native of the West Indies but now sits atop a legal organization that employs hundreds of attorneys whose only job is to advance his agenda. That agenda is to ensure that the UK becomes a wholly multi-racial and multi-cultural society, over the objections of the native people, and without hindrance. The only major hindrance on the horizon is the BNP and so the EHRC has regularly bounced the BNP and its leaders in and out of special Courts, exhausting their small funds and tying up their leaders, especially at election times. Since the Judiciary is already highly politicized and the laws that have been passed are nakedly anti-free speech (“Truth is no defense”), the BNP is being hog-tied. Tomorrow its leaders are likely to be jailed for non-compliance with Court rulings whether or not that is factually correct. I suggest readers visit the BNP website and read Nick Griffin’s accounts. They are accurate, for Griffin is himself a lawyer.

Not far behind Griffin on the way to jail will be any who write or say anything that offends homosexuals, for these laws and these Quangos are as much about suppressing free speech on moral issues as they are about free speech on racial, immigration and other political issues. Our new Ruling Class will decide what speech is offensive and which privileged groups must not be offended. The list will grow and grow for this is the path to totalitarianism. Americans should be alarmed for although we do not have a Quango called the EHRC we do have Eric Holder’s Justice Department and particularly it’s Civil Rights Division. This too is stuffed with hundreds of Leftist lawyers who are being highly paid by the native people’s taxes to suppress the rights of the native people and advance the causes of all those who wittingly or unwittingly will destroy the traditional society of the USA. Holder’s Justice Department brazenly ignores the crimes of the Black Panthers when they are caught on camera intimidating voters. It ignores the brazen contempt for the law of the Leftist ‘sanctuary cities’ but uses all its bottomless resources to hound the Governor of Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. There are many Holders across America in State Governments and in Academia and they are all intent on deciding who has free speech and who does not. If the Democrats retain power in November we can be sure that restrictions will soon extend from speech to organization – just as in the UK.

In the UK, only those who read the BNP website will be aware that Griffin and two colleagues will be in Court tomorrow and how they are being denied freedom of speech and thought. The Mainstream Media (MSM) will do all it can to ensure that the British people remain ignorant of the final curtain falling on free speech. If Griffin I sent to jail, the MSM will orchestrate the applause whilst carefully avoiding the facts and the real implications. In the US the Ruling Media Class is also doing all it can to support those who persecute patriots like Brewer and Arpaio and to prevent the American people from becoming alarmed as their country is taken over.

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