Freedom House, Golden Dawn and the BNP

In the WSJ of Thursday 23rd January 2014, there is an Opinion Page article written by David J. Kramer and Arch Puddington under the title “Democrat Freedoms Are Under Siege”.   Kramer is president of Freedom House and Puddington is vice president of its research. Freedom House claims to monitor and measure the annual growth/decline of democratic freedom in the Nations of the world and issues its findings in an annual report entitled “Freedom in the World”. Freedom House was founded in the 1940’s, largely funded by the US Government, and was generally well-regarded as it tried to steer a path of objectivity between Left and Right. Its reports were intended to foster democracy and freedom by providing information. But times have changed and it is necessary to treat every article in the Mainstream Media (MSM) with extreme caution. This article must be set in the new context, which is as follows. 

    We now have a powerful new Ruling Class (the Media Class) in the USA and this class has its sister Ruling Classes in all the technically advanced Nations where TV, Print Media, Movie making, Advertizing, Fashion and pro-Sport have been able to coalesce into a rich and powerful Class controlling news and entertainment. We contend on this website that the USA did not have a ruling class until the Media Class, which emerged in the late 1960’s, finally took full control of the US government in the elections of 2008. We also contend that any Media Class can only capture the electoral process by forging alliances with those pre-existing constituencies that share a vested interest in expanding government and are willing to help in imposing a radical new sexual morality. In the USA we identify the national and local government workforces and their highly unionized structures as the key junior partners of the coalition that has enabled the Media Class to win control of government through an increasingly corrupted electoral process. The other significant element in the coalition is a disparate collection that can be grouped together under the heading ‘minorities’ and consists mainly of people who define themselves by race, skin color or perverse sexual practices. These groups project their position as outsiders of normal society on to the bigotry of traditional pillars of American society. The Media Class itself is largely characterized by two overlapping parts, the dysfunctional and sexually/morally libertines of the entertainment and arts world, and the Leftist discontents of the academic world whose roots and connections run deep into the tax-payer cosseted educational institutions. 

    This ruling coalition is surprisingly united, in contrast to the disunited forces in society (counter-revolutionaries) that fail to recognize their over-riding interest in opposing its extreme revolutionary agenda. The key to its power is its near-complete control over mass communication. Daily news has been reduced to lying propaganda. Professional entertainment has become dope for the masses. Ruling Class unity is rooted in all the parties’ investment in the unlimited growth of government and the instinctive goal of totalitarianism. Not prior to the rise of Stalin’s Soviet Communism has a ruling class so effectively controlled news and entertainment. To its power can be added the control of education by the Federal Government and exercised through the Nation’s highly unionized and Left-dominated teacher workforce. 

    Ever since its birth the Media Class has been stealthily purging from positions of power and influence both contemporary opponents and perceived future opponents. This purging process has been relentlessly carried out within the ranks of the Media Class itself, but also in the Democrat Party, the Judiciary, Academia, the Unions and the government workforce. Not so obvious but just as effective has been the capture (and where necessary the intimidation) of the board rooms of Big Business and those voluntary organizations that can influence public opinion and/or provide paid employment for those who wish to work for the revolution’s agenda. 

    This brings us to Freedom House. It would be surprising if this organization, unlike others that once had good intentions, has not been captured for the ‘progressive’ cause that is in essence revolutionary. We should be suspicious of any organization that has access to the MSM, gets government funds or is financed by people like George Soros. It is not clear from where the 20% of FH’s funding comes but reliable sources say that 80% comes from government. FH also claims to do “research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights”. ‘Human Rights’ is, in today’s revolutionary ‘nu-speak’, code for the advancement of homosexuality and a warning light for counter-revolutionaries. Kramer and Puddington are claiming that freedom continued to retreat around the world during this past year. They are almost certainly correct in that but their reasons are misleading; they are selective with their facts and mealy-mouthed in the article. Religious extremists get an early mention for denunciation but a search through the article will not find a mention of Islam. Anyone who regularly visits those websites that provide the news that is suppressed by the MSM will be aware of the Muslim intimidation and outright violence routinely practiced on UK, Danish, Swedish and Dutch streets against any who criticize Islam. It is also not hard to learn that well-funded Muslim organizations in the UK, US, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and elsewhere constantly work to silence criticism in the Media. Is FH not aware of this? 

    Kramer and Puddington also fail to mention the activities of the Greek Government which has arrested the leaders of the legitimate Golden Dawn Parliamentary Party and thrown them in jail without bail on the most blatantly spurious charges. Nor do they mention the Government and Leftist (frequently violent) persecution of the UK’s BNP. Presumably because these and other European Nationalist Parties oppose mass immigration, government policies of eradication of White native people and the advancement of homosexuality, their political freedom is not worthy of consideration. Nor do Kramer and Puddington mention the refusal of the UK Government to allow American Talk Show host Michael Savage entry to England to address a political meeting or the intimidating and baseless midnight police raids on BNP activists. 

    Russia comes under intense criticism from Freedom House, some of it justified but some of it surely motivated by Putin’s stand against homosexual activism and Western (Hollywood) morals. Russia is of great interest to this website for it is an example of a Western Nation that has not fallen to either the homosexual juggernaut or the Islamic invasion. We believe that this is due to the under-development of its Media Class, a legacy of the years of Media control by the Communist Party. In some Eastern European countries the Media Class has gained influence rapidly as a result of the rapid growth of unfettered and corrupting TV entertainment, but in the former Soviet Union the Orthodox Church has pursued a muscular Christianity that is unlike the effeminate, guilt-ridden Christianity now dominating in the US and other Western Nations. 

    Putin, seemingly a Nationalist, has allied himself with the Church and the ordinary people who ‘cling’ to their religion and traditions. Unlike the USA and the UK, the ordinary people have not had their wishes about sexual morality set aside by a purged Judiciary. Many ordinary people in the USA are now blogging that they are beginning to admire Russia’s Putin, who incidentally is running rings around Obama and his shallow foreign policies. 

    Kramer and Puddington, in attacking Russian and other authoritarian regimes write, their/Putin’s “goal is to dominate the media, judiciary, civil society and security forces as well as the executive and legislature. To create the aura of representing “the will of the people” authoritarians ensure favorable electoral outcomes through fraud and vote-rigging”. 

    How can anyone write this and not think of America’s Media Class propaganda, its Constitution-ignoring President, its lawless DOJ and Eric Holder, the John Roberts defection, the purge of generals and those inner city places where more votes were cast for Obama than there were residents? 

    When 3 or 4 Homosexuals or Feminists gather to protest in Moscow the American MSM is there in force to publicize it with unconditional sympathy. This same MSM looked the other way yesterday when over half a million ‘bitter clingers’ gathered in Washington DC in extreme weather to protest abortion. If you do not believe this, visit the National Pro-Life Alliance website and see the pictures that the MSM will hide from you. 

    Weather – Every so often the MSM forgets its MMGW theme and blurts the truth. NBC Today headlined “Northeast locked in deep freeze and Texas expecting ice as winter tightens its grip”, and forecasts “another blast of Arctic air next week”. Here in the US the extreme cold weather gripping the Northeast and much of the mid West has been going on for months. How can this all come from a drastically warming Arctic? The MSM has gone quiet about the ships trapped in ice at the other end of the world. California is now in the grip of a drought with no end in sight but MSM reports of exceptionally warm days are misleading. Afternoon temperatures never exceed the very low 70’s and nights have been bitterly cold for some 3 months or more. This is not unusual weather for a desert State but hardly evidence of MMGW. In the UK, the wet weather continues adding up to a typical British winter. 

    Music Choice – The late George Shearing, British-born and blind from birth, began his professional music career as a boogie woogie pianist. Perhaps this was how he was able to inject the jazz language of Blues into so much of his subsequent playing. His blindness did not stop him from becoming one of the most expert pianists, a pioneer of modern jazz, a distinctive voice on piano and enjoying lifelong (and a long life) popularity. He moved to the US after WW2 and established himself in the most musically competitive NY music scene, later moving to the West Coast. As far as I know, Shearing, despite his massive handicap, never whined or joined fashionable Leftist causes. He let his fingers on the keys do his talking and always exercised great taste in all his work. In the crude and shocking culture of today’s Media Class world we will never see a musician like Shearing finding fame and fortune. 

    In 1959 his Quintet recorded the superb Brooks Bowman composition “East of the Sun”. In those days all recordings were restricted to about 3 minutes so solos were limited but Shearing was a master of making maximum use of a couple of choruses of improvisation. Tight chordal work, exquisite touch and group perfection are all on display, but what also stand out are the components of good taste and sophistication. This was recorded live at a Californian college campus. Hard to imagine today’s ill-educated and culturally degenerate West Coast students turning up to hear such grown-up music, let alone applauding it!

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