Free Speech – Recognizing the Real Thing

Anyone trying to follow up the arrests and release of the Swansea Five will have to rely on the BNP website. There has been precious little about this grossly intimidating and politically-motivated police action in the UK mainstream media. The BBC’s Welsh website released a miniscule and uninformative few sentences the following day. There has been no journalistic ferreting out of truth on this subject! This is not surprising, since the BBC and most other media organizations do all they can to encourage and bring about the destruction of the BNP by fair means or foul. The police action escapes public condemnation because the media has covered it up.

On this website, because we believe that the Media Class had become the most powerful in Western Society, we resist considering media activities in isolation. Rather we view all media reporting and activity in the context of the agenda this ruling class now feels confident enough to pursue. Similarly, we try to see all other political activity and social trends against the backdrop of the way it will play with the Media Class. For example, Cindy Sheehan was given publicity last week when she “camped out” on the White House lawn. Paul McCartney’s marital breakup was headline news. Both were non-events promoted by the Media Class It was surely laughable that McCartney and his wife blamed media attention for their problems. This is a man who has spent a lifetime sucking up publicity in the absence of any exceptional musical talent and in the process accumulated between one and two billion pounds. In passing, we might note that donating to “good causes” seems not to have impeded his getting rich.

On any day we could demonstrate how, right across the mainstream media of the USA and UK, including AP, Reuters, official news bulletins on the Internet, and most of the fringe media too, a specific agenda is on display. Some political activists, including insignificant ones like Cindy Sheehan, are given prominence that is positive. Others, (President Bush is a glaring example, though any conservative or traditional Christian would do) receive relentless bad publicity. Some, like members of the BNP, are lucky enough to be shunned most of the time, because if they get a mention, it is intended to be terminal.

At the same time, the Media loves to focus on itself. Media people believe they are supremely fascinating and that the world is interested in their marital spats, their material acquisitions, their couplings and de-couplings, their glittering social functions and last but certainly not least, their political thoughts. We cannot really know whether the world is interested in McCartney’s marital problems, but once they are given prominence in the media, they become, ipso facto, news.

The circulation figures of most newspapers and the viewing figures of most TV channels in the US show a steady decline. Fox, with its reputation of being fair to conservatives, is the exception. However, poor viewing and reading figures will not distract the Media Class from its preoccupation with itself neither will they slow down the pursuit of its political and social agenda. Once a Class assumes power, it is reluctant to make concessions and sees the world through its own faulty prism. Despite evidence of increasing skepticism, most people more or less take their news and media-given information at face value. Those not interested in news will get their indoctrination from entertainment, for it all carries the same agenda. Since media propaganda lurks everywhere, we are all likely to be taken in sooner or later.

On this website we think that what has happened to BNP members in Swansea is truly important since it involves corruption of long held UK police standards and the destruction of free speech. Here is another event, this time in the US, which most likely will not reach the wider public and which the Media will do its best to keep wraps on. We have to thank the American Family Association website for it getting any publicity at all.

The University of Oregon has a student association, which like most, extracts a subscription from every student, in this case $191 per term. The association (ASUO) funds a campus newspaper called the “Insurgent”. In its March edition, according to the American Family Association, Insurgent ran graphics depicting Jesus as a homosexual including having an erection on the cross and kissing another man. Since the AMA has posted a link to the graphics, one can assume that the report is reliable. The ASUO has refused to apologize to Christians and defends these graphics by claiming that the newspaper contributes to the cultural and physical development of the University community. Despite this claim, it appears that 3 years ago the ASUO demanded and achieved the removal of Michael Savage from the university radio station KUGN. Savage is a well- known Jewish conservative broadcaster from San Francisco. So much for free speech and the diversity of ideas on campus!

Jessica Brown, the student editor of Insurgent is reported to have boasted “I have to say it is really fun to offend people. It is fun to break the rules. If it pisses people off – good news! The point!”

On this website, we defend free speech, so it is worth saying what is indefensible and hypocritical about Ms Brown’s boast. Firstly, she is being offensive using what amounts to public funding. If she funds her own newspaper, she should be able to write and depict whatever she likes about Jesus Christ and circulate it amongst students in her own time. After all, the Almighty is capable of waiting for Judgment Day and Christians should be able to turn the other cheek. However, Christians should also be given full access to the University and its students with their message, which includes their belief that homosexual practices are sinful. Others, and not necessarily Christians, might wish to spread the message that sodomy is unnatural and physically disgusting and do so via a student newspaper. We will bet that Ms. Brown and the University staff will ensure that such “offensive” material is not permitted on the campus.

There is cowardice too on Ms Brown’s part since we can be sure that she will not risk offending Muslims with graphics of Mohammed in homosexual poses, nor anything ridiculing someone like Nelson Mandela. The truth is that Ms Brown wants to be offensive to Christians and has no fear of consequences since the University authorities will quietly applaud her boldness.

We could ask why the US media doesn’t find a story worth reporting here since it is potentially full of controversy and so contemporary. All media sources will know about it, you can be sure. But besides approving of these perverted graphics of Christ, media people will be keen to make sure that Christians, of whom there are many in the US, are not roused to action. They prefer to inflict death by a thousand cuts, at least at this stage. Ms Brown can expect to graduate to a good media job, should she want it. By showing her contempt for Christians and pushing the homosexual envelope, she combines two items at the top of the Media Class agenda. Her career as a member of the Media Class will be even more assured if she is also an ardent feminist, from a liberal/leftist academic family and herself a lesbian or bi-sexual.

We can be sure that Ms Brown will not want to follow in the footsteps of former Dutch politician, Hirsi Ali. This Somali feminist has offended Islam and is now in danger of death. The Dutch Government has stripped her of citizenship for the sort of immigration infringement that never usual bothers anyone, and we are told that almost half the Dutch people want her expelled. This might not be very near the truth, since the Media cannot ever be trusted not to select facts to suit a preconceived agenda. However, if it is only half true, we are reminded that people in the West have been sorely mislead by the Media Class in a broader sense, for militant Islam cannot be placated and we should fight it at every opportunity. Ms Ali may have set out to offend Muslims, just as Ms Brown set out to offend Christians, but she now faces very different and deadly consequences. She will find that the Media Class and its Leftist constituencies will not look upon her with nearly the same approval as they have for Ms Brown. Ms Ali seems likely to find refuge in the USA, still the free-est nation in the world, but that freedom is not protected in US academia, or in the media world. She had better hope that America’s Christians remain politically influential for a few more years yet.

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