Free Speech and Christian Morality Doomed?

There is nothing more demoralizing than being right and being ignored. On this website we can vouch for it. Yesterday morning, listening to Rush Limbaugh reflecting on the consequences of George W Bush’s passivity after launching war on terrorism, and the consequences of Bill Clinton’s free pass over the Monica Lewinsky episode, this writer felt demoralized once again. Not that we disagree with Limbaugh’s observations in so far as they go, but what is demoralizing is that he never goes far enough. He frustratingly fails to link the dots and identify the root cause.

Yesterday, Limbaugh commented on a Rove-inspired policy of the Bush years and the price that was paid as a result. Apparently Rove advised Bush not to respond to the Left’s shrill accusations and persistent criticisms of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed they would soon be forgotten and rebutting them would simply give them credibility. As Limbaugh noted, sometimes it is a good policy to ignore attacks and move on. But the mantra ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ was not forgotten. Instead it increased in intensity, and through repetitiveness was popularized to the point where the Iraq War was wholly discredited and America’s credibility permanently damaged.

On this website –and here is another reason for our demoralization, for no-one took up the issue- we criticized George Bush for not continuously campaigning across America in support of the war. We said that a Commander-in-Chief who initiates a military action, owes it to the troops and the Nation, to set everything else aside and defend the war with persistence and the utmost energy. Bush, having taken a bold and correct decision, denouncing and opposing an evil enemy with armed force, then hid himself away. He conceded the public arena to the demented Cindy Sheehan and her little band of lesbian anti-war campers.

On this website we also said a Commander-in-Chief should not tolerate civilian life going on as normal with shallow pre-occupations when the Nation’s best young men are dying in far-off places. This is a subject that deserves even more comment today, especially when our young warriors are being sent to Ebola Africa to satisfy a President’s racial resentments. But here we need to deal with the Bush/Rove miscalculations. The anti-war movement was allowed to obliterate the truth about America’s best interests, not only in the USA but around the world, for only Bush, Rove and Republicans ‘moved on’.

As many of the Right’s isolationists have now joined the Left and denounced the ‘Bush’ policy of war on terrorism (Islamic Imperialism as we correctly always named it!), we will reaffirm our support of it. In response to the deadly, shocking and intrusive 9/11 attack, Bush launched the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. These acts of war were the American Government’s response on behalf of its people and were a vengeful counter-attack by taking the war back to the Middle East, punishing those who had encouraged and harbored America’s enemies. It matters not that (Jewish) Neo-Cons supported this action or even initiated it within the Bush Administration, for it was an appropriate response. Are we to have a knee-jerk rejection to any policy that has Neo-Con support? Certainly we should be careful that America is not being manipulated into war simply to advance Israel’s interests, but 9/11 was an attack on America and its people. No-one then or later put forward a more effective response to 9/11! America might have instead rounded up Muslims, even deported them all, but that would have been a politically and practically fraught task, probably unjust and ultimately an inadequate response. Americans have to be able to move in the wider world. Tellingly, as a result of the invasions there were no more Islamist attacks on American soil during the Bush Presidency. The policy was effective but the Presidential defense of it was not.

Our criticisms of Bush were that he did not energetically promote the war, did not denounce the Leftists as traitors and betrayers of the troops, and did not conduct an all-out war in the Middle East when he had the means and opportunity. Saudi Arabia was never confronted and Syria never brought to heel. There are arguments to be made against ‘Nation building’ after military victory, though Italy, Germany, Japan and South Korea suggest otherwise. Maybe the Muslim tribal divisions in Iraq and elsewhere were and are a challenge to Nation re-building and Islam’s appeal to conservative instincts (and opposition to Western moral decadence) were underestimated, but destruction and then withdrawal seem a poor policy, even with hindsight. Then and now, the threat of Islamic Imperialism cannot be ignored and isolationism and Libertarianism are not an option.

Where Limbaugh misses the point is not in criticizing Bush’s failure to defend the war against the Left’s misrepresentations. He has that right! Limbaugh is failing to see that more importantly Cindy Sheehan and her Leftist allies were unwitting but effective tools of the Media Class. It was the MSM that gave them the microphone and camera, orchestrated their gatherings and amplified their shrill voices. It was the American MSM that for the 8 Bush years never stopped sowing defeatism, casting Bush as a dope and a tool of the Defense Industry. It was the MSM that focused public attention on the irrelevant issue of WMD’s. It was the Western MSM which spread and popularized across the world all the smears and half-truths made by America’s Media Class. The motive of the Media Class (here, in the UK and elsewhere) in fomenting anti-war feeling was a seething, almost irrational hatred of George Bush. It had nothing to do with America’s safety and nothing to do with an attachment to pacifism, though the Media Class, from time to time, needs to pander to its allies on the Left. The Media Class detested Bush for his Christian beliefs and consequently sought to destroy him and his Party with every means at its disposal. If this meant aiding and abetting America’s enemies, so be it! As we argued on this website, the Media Class was impatient to exercise its power through Congressional and White House victories of the Democrat Party. It was obsessed with establishing its own amoral sexual agenda and saw and sees even the mildest presence of Christianity in society as a threat and an outrage.

To summarize, Limbaugh is right that Bush, by failing to rebut the anti-war crowd, inadvertently betrayed the troops and damaged America’s prestige for posterity. But underlying this episode and its terrible consequences is the greater truth of a Media Class poised to assume power and consumed with rage that a man who admitted to being a Christian (though not a very assertive one) was occupying the White House from where a stealthy moral revolution could more speedily have been advanced. The Media Class sought to frustrate, misrepresent and obstruct every Bush policy and action. It largely succeeded but it had to wait 8 long years to get its man into the White House and fully unleash the revolutionary social changes that will banish Christianity, replace the ‘bitter clingers’ with a brown, passive and dependent population, liberate America’s children for sodomy and sundry perversions, end free speech and criminalize dissent.

Limbaugh is right too to see the Clinton Lewinsky episode as a landmark in America’s moral decline, but again he fails to see the big picture. The MSM, on behalf of the Media Class, happily gave Clinton’s Oval Office lechery a free pass but it had been busy for several decades applying double standards to politicians and other public figures. The MSM’s canonization of the awful Kennedy family is clear evidence of the longevity of the Media Class’ moral double standards and its enthusiasm for decadence. Employing double standards is how it elevates some and destroys others and it goes to the heart of Media Class power. This is how it has purged the Democrat Party and is purging the Republican Party, destroying effective conservative (moral) candidates as soon as they emerge into daylight. Limbaugh, when ranging over the current events that are unsettling so many Americans (IRS actions, ISIS victories, Ebola failures, immigration etc) failed to include same-sex marriage (He has made amends today!). Is there any greater demonstration of the powerlessness of the people than the judicial advance of the grotesque SSM and the MSM’s promotion and celebration of it?

On this website – and the greatest source of our demoralization- we always argued that SSM was never about marriage. We frequently regretted in print having to write so much about the homosexual agenda, for generally the perversions and oddities of individuals are best left unmentioned except in psychiatric circles. Human sexual behavior and appetites are varied depending on genes, childhood nurturing and society’s long-held restrictions and time- tested norms. But the rise of the Media Class (rooted as it is in Hollywood and similar enclaves of gross neurotics, libertines and perverts) has catapulted sexual deviation into the center of contemporary politics. We are now ruled, albeit stealthily, by a Class whose pre-eminent agenda item is sexual ‘liberation’ from all restraints. This ‘liberation’ through propaganda, legislation and judicial fiat remains unpopular because it is both unnatural and condemned by Biblical teaching. It can only be advanced by the illegitimate use of government power.

The campaign for the legalization of SSM, as we have always argued, has virtually nothing to do with marriage, for except among practicing Christians and Christian-leaning Americans, marriage is in terminal decline. That perverts, against this trend, would covet it, is beyond belief. Certainly, many perverts who ache for momentary attention, publicity and celebrity rush to the town halls and the waiting Media cameras, but without an underpinning religious commitment, marriage, and especially childless marriage, has no intrinsic meaning. SSM, falsely promoted as an issue of equal rights, is merely a stepping stone along a revolutionary road; a means of criminalizing free speech and dissent; eliminating the traditional family; detaching children from parents and placing the Christian Church under government control.

If the Right surrenders on the issue of SSM, it will be the end of the freedoms Americans have enjoyed since the Founding Fathers. The evidence is already emerging as we see Christian bakers ordered to bake cakes or face business-destroying fines, attend re-education courses and face unemployment or worse. The Nation’s schools are re-educating children to experience and embrace perverted lifestyles. Woe betide those parents who protest or seek to Home School their children!  Christians are already marginalized at many workplaces and will soon face interrogation about beliefs, leading to dismissal and unemployment for those who will not recant. Now the lesbian Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, feels sufficiently confident in the support of the Judiciary, Justice Department and the MSM to arbitrarily block a voter initiative and threaten those Christians who are attempting to place SSM before the voters. Pastors have been ordered by to turn over to her administration any sermons with homosexual, gender identity content and mention of her and her actions. This attack on both free speech and Christian independence is taking place in Republican Texas. The MSM will ensure that the rest of the Nation remains unaware. We can be sure that Ms. Parker and her comrades in the Democrat Party, in the homosexual movement, in the government bureaucracy, in the Justice Department and in the MSM intend to re-define speech and democracy.

Some time ago on this website we drew attention to the arrest on 26TH April 2014 of Mr. Paul Weston, the articulate leader of a small Nationalist party in the UK called Liberty GB. Mr. Weston’s crime was that he read aloud a passage from a book by Winston Churchill on the steps of Winchester (Hampshire) town hall. The passage contained Churchill’s observations about Islam and a bystander was offended by this and reported it to the police. We can speculate that the offended person was a Muslim, though it is quite possible that it was a White Leftist who was waiting for an opportunity to silence free speech from the Right. Either way, Winchester police, like almost every purged police force in the UK, was eager to spring into action and Mr. Weston was quickly placed in a police cell where he was detained for several hours. It is worth recording here that arrest and detention is probably no big deal for the riff raff of the urban mobs but is a shocking experience for the habitually law-abiding. In itself it is a substantial deterrent.

In this instance, Mr. Weston was charged with Racially Aggravated Crime Sect 4 Public Order Act, which carries a 2 year prison sentence. It is worth pointing out, in relation to the previous topic of homosexuality, that if Mr. Weston had said something that had offended a homosexual, lesbian or transgender bystander he would have had a similar experience. Americans need to pay close attention to the UK’s loss of free speech and arbitrary arrest powers for the police when a deemed minority is offended.

In mid-June Weston was informed by the Hampshire police that “no further police action will be taken. If further significant evidence becomes available, the decision may be reconsidered”. This is now a common police tactic in what was once a pre-eminent Nation for just law. It is a tactic reserved for the (counter-revolutionary) Right as a shock, a deterrent, a hindrance to political activity, a gag on free speech and an inhibition on normal life. The BNP’s members live with this threat 24 hours a day and so do many Nationalists across Europe. American Christians, conservatives and religious Jews ignore this at their peril and would be wise to be outspoken on behalf of freedom of speech for Nationalists-even those who advocate Socialist economics.

Yesterday I sent my ballot paper off in the mail. I voted for almost every one of California’s Republican candidates except in the gubernatorial race where I did not vote for Jerry Brown’s opponent. He is an activist homosexual. I would (reluctantly) vote for a Republican homosexual who announced that he opposed SSM, special privileges for perverts, opposed teaching homosexuality in schools etc. and believed whole heartedly in free speech. I am willing to hold my nose and vote for RINOS in order to slow down the Revolution. These are desperate times and ideological purity is permissible in a Party but suicidal at the voting booth.

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