Fort Hood Killer is an Islamic Terrorist

It is now almost mandatory for the Media to mystify and minimize any acts of violence that are committed by certain minorities. When two homosexual men kidnapped, tortured, sodomized and murdered a young teenager, the reporting was minimal. Around the same time as that outrage, two young men brutally murdered another young man named Matthew Sheppard and the world has still not heard the last of this from the Mainstream Media (MSM). I will predict that the Sheppard murder will be regurgitated by the MSM for many more years to come for in this case the victim was homosexual. Almost every day in the US there are indiscriminate and casual murders and rapes that are deliberately under-reported in the MSM, for the victims are White or Asian and the perpetrators are Black. It is deliberate Newspaper policy (and a policy wholly endorsed by the News Media Unions) to always present certain minorities positively and to avoid negative reporting. Usually, if a violent crime is reported in the MSM and there is a vague or non-existent description of the alleged perpetrators, one can be sure that this self-censorship is motivated by the political consideration of protecting the reputation of a favored minority. If US citizens think that this is merely a US phenomenon, they have not been reading this website for we regularly point out that the Media Class is in power in many countries including the UK, and in all cases news reporting has been replaced by propaganda on behalf of a Leftist agenda.

Some violent US events that involve a protected minority as perpetrator cannot as yet be totally concealed, for the Internet, Talk Radio and the maverick Fox News have not been silenced and are able to reach a sizeable and hungry-for-real-news audience. In the absence of a Media Class monopoly, such events have to be reported and the challenge for the MSM is how to re-arrange the facts and conceal as much as possible. In my view the MSM does a very skillful job in this department and with constant practice gets better by the day.

Last week, when Major Nidal Hasan (allegedly) shot some 30 fellow soldiers, killing at least 13, the MSM in its first reports, avoided mentioning his name. If his name had been Smith, Jones, Bush or something obviously non-Muslim, it would have been reported immediately. When his name could no longer be concealed from the public the MSM quickly dismissed the possibility he might be a terrorist. To substantiate this denial of an obvious suspicion, commentators were engaged to invent stories about Nidal Hasan suffering from post trauma syndrome and army persecution for his Islamic faith. Above all, the MSM put great stress in its reporting on the mystery of his motive. This alleged mystery, that will require a lengthy and exhaustive investigation, has now become the MSM mantra and none other than President Barack Obama has employed it in his meandering and evasive comments. “We must not rush to judgment” said the wise man of the White House, who certainly rushed to judgment when a White police officer in Cambridge Mass. arrested a Black professor.

We have learned more than enough in the last few days (though no thanks to the Media) about Major Nidal Hasan to know that his religion played a key role in his alleged execution of comrades at Fort Hood. Not only did he shout the Islamic death cry as he pulled the trigger on his victims, but he has been peddling his Islamic outrage about everything very publicly for years. On top of that he has been in frequent touch with Islamic terrorists and Islamic advocates of jihad. All this was known to various authorities who have failed to act against him despite the warning signs of danger. No doubt all failed to act out of fear of offending the political correctness that has taken hold in Government and which is enforced by the MSM. As to the nonsensical MSM talk of stress, here is a man who up until his massacre of army comrades, had never been required to fire a shot in military conflict. Obama has regurgitated the talk of a soldier “‘snapping” despite the fact that Major Hasan is a psychiatrist and therefore trained to deal with mental problems.

It is surely worse than nonsense to suggest that a doctor, who has a privileged rank in the army and a comfortable life, whose work has not been on the battlefield but in hospital wards and offices, and who has been protected despite voicing anti-US sentiments, would have cause to ‘snap’. Even if he had ‘snapped’ (whatever that means) would he not have thrown a bedpan or two, or jabbed a colleague with a syringe? This man allegedly acquired guns, disposed of his belongings over several days and then, in cold blood, and citing his Islamic God, shot down many unarmed soldiers who were unknown to him. One was a pregnant woman who died together with her unborn child.

It says much for the arrogance and confidence of both the Media and the President that they can continue to maintain to us all the fiction that this was not an Islamic-inspired act of terrorism. What fools they must think we are! The facts shout out to us that Major Hasan, whether or not he acted alone, was motivated by his religion and his loyalty to an enemy of the USA. It is not the purpose of this website to debate whether Muslims should be admitted to the US military in the current situation, but to point out the role of the Media Class and its man in the White House. These people are now shedding crocodile tears for they all despise the military and will continue to do so until it has been transformed into an equivalent of a San Francisco bath house.

In New York, the Democrat Governor, David Patterson is fighting for his political life. Patterson, who is both blind and Black and who was appointed and not elected to this office, is being ditched by his own Party for reasons that we can only guess about. He is at odds with his State Congress which is Democrat dominated and which now faces a $3.2 billion deficit. To confront this deficit he has called a special legislative session for next Tuesday. One might assume that the budget problem dwarfs all other issues and requires Patterson’s whole attention, but no, for the special legislative session will have two issues to wrestle with. The second is homosexual marriage, for Patterson’s second big agenda item is to win backing for ‘gay marriage’. As far as I know, Patterson is not homosexual so it seems odd that he would be preoccupied with this issue at this time. Let me offer an explanation! Patterson realizes that homosexual advancement is very high on the agenda of the ruling Media Class and that many rich and powerful people within and without the Democrat Party consider it to be THE most important issue. He is therefore appealing to them over the heads of his New York comrades in the hope that his career can be saved.

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