Folsom Street Degeneracy

This website is dedicated to revealing the power and agenda of the Media Class and to protecting and exercising free speech. It was for the latter reason that we have previously posted pictures of the Muslim cartoons and other pictures of Islamic intimidation. Anything that the MSM suppresses, we intend to publicize.

It is for this reason that we have posted up pictures of the recent display of homo-erotic behavior in San Francisco. We warn visitors that the pictures show disgusting scenes but since the events captured took place in public and with the connivance of the SF police and Authorities, we feel it is in the public interest to be informed. For those who wish to see the source of our pictures and the complete documentary we refer you to both Zombietime1 and the Michelle Malkin2 websites. The individual who attended the Fulsom St. Fair ‘celebration’ of sado-masochism and made this documentary is to be saluted for doing a great public service and we commend Michelle Malkin for ensuring that the documentary reaches a wider public.

Visitors to the Malkin website will read many comments but we believe that we have more pertinent comments to make because we approach all such issues from the standpoint that the Media Class is ushering in an era of amorality that suits its own tastes and agenda.

The first point to be made is that this event has not been publicized by the MSM. This might at first seem inconsistent, since the MSM is always so keen to promote anything connected with sex that is shocking. Last October the MSM headlines, day after day (in the run-up to the November US elections as it happens) were dominated by the story of a Republican Congressman from Florida who almost had a homosexual relationship with an intern. More recently another story that has produced endless headlines and column inches is that of a Republican Senator who almost touched the foot of an undercover policeman in an airport toilet. As if those revelations were not enough we have also been well-informed of a (co-incidentally another Republican) Congressman who had been visiting a prostitute. It seems that as far as the MSM is concerned even ‘almost sex’ is big news. Anyone who takes even a peek at the daily media output cannot fail to be impressed with the Media’s pre-occupation with sex in all its manifestations. Nor could one not be aware that the Media is very much in favor of homosexuality, promiscuity and deviation, for it claims to support diversity and inclusiveness.

One would have thought therefore that an event that was billed to last all day, was to take place on the streets of a major city of the USA, was sponsored by Miller Beers, and was renowned on the grapevine as an ‘edgy’ and shocking sexual celebration, would have had the Media’s photographers and reporters flocking to record and publicize it. Not so! Even though we know that the Media people love to push the envelope (to use their language) and swamp the public with news of behavior that is guaranteed to incense intolerant traditionalists and Christians, the Media people were noticeable by their absence. Perhaps some were there participating, but certainly none filed a report or a picture to the big newsrooms.

It cannot be because the event was not newsworthy nor can it be because the Media has such high standards of propriety and modest taste. For the event consisted of hundreds of (almost wholly homosexual) naked men walking the street amongst thousands of well-wishers and frequently stopping to whip each other, suck a passing penis, masturbate, insert large imitation penises into their rectums and simulate (perhaps not simulate) sodomy. The photos taken by Zombietime reveal a day of constant acts of gross indecency taking place in San Francisco in a public thoroughfare, in front of children and to the delight of thousands of by-standers. This is not news?

I found the pictures shocking and although I assumed that ‘gay’ events in San Francisco and elsewhere around the globe were undoubtedly disgusting, I was astonished at what now takes place annually on Folsom Street. This event must surely be setting a new standard of public degeneracy. My guess is that this event was not nearly so outrageous when it began some years ago. As with all homosexual and (heterosexual) perverted celebrations that are about ‘coming out’, the kick can only be obtained by reaching new depths of depravity. So, I assume that this year the Folsom St. event went further than ever before and next year will go further still. It will not be long before the event has its imitators in Seattle, Manhattan, Vancouver, Toronto, Atlanta, London and Birmingham, for the homosexual population seems determined to parade its behavior everywhere and is nothing if not international.

The Media Class has been keeping the lid on this event, not because it disapproves, but because the degeneracy it celebrates goes a little too far for the masses. If Michelle Malkin’s website was as widely viewed as the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, CBS, Fox News and the BBC, there would be a backlash amongst ordinary people and who knows where that might lead? Voters might turn out in droves to vote down same-sex marriage, homosexual fostering and adoption and much of the legislation that the Media Class and its political servants are slipping through incrementally. Worse still, it might lead to politicians having to reveal their sympathies. The Media Class would not want Mrs. Clinton being embarrassed by having to say whether she approved or disapproved of the homosexual agenda.

Michelle Malkin and the brave soul who is Zombietime, have let the cat out of the bag thanks to the Internet, but the MSM will do all it can to get pussy back inside, at least for a little while longer. Step by step, the masses will become inured to explicit sodomy on its TV screens, in its magazines and eventually on its streets and then it will be the time to reveal and celebrate the sado-masochism that fuels sodomy. Ultimately? Well, who knows? Sex on the street with (real) dogs if the trend on Folsom is anything to go by.

Some who have viewed the Zombietime documentary have asked why the SF police took no action to arrest those indulging in public gross indecency. At least two reasons spring to mind. One is that SF is now the home of degeneracy and homosexuals and perverts now dominate its political and social life. Those who live there breathe its air and are steadily corrupted, mistaking their connivance for toleration and modernity. Another is that as we are seeing in the UK (and saw in Nazi Germany and the USSR), a police force is not a bulwark against moral and political corruption. Policemen serve their political masters and those with integrity resign and those with ambitions are diligent. It does not take long to corrupt a police force and policemen, like all public employees, are quick to see what those with power are in sympathy with.

Many e-mailers on the Malkin website have been outraged by the Miller Beers advertizing use of a parody of the famous painting of The Last Supper, substituting sado-masochistic homosexuals for the Christian Disciples. Some make the point that no such offence is ever given to Muslims. My answer to that is that Christianity is rooted in tolerance and forgiveness whilst Islam is totally intolerant and unforgiving. Newspapers love to publish letters from people who claim to fear ‘right–wing Christians and Fundamentalists’ and to see theocracy lurking around the corner. I meet many liberal people here in California who believe this Media-generated nonsense though none can give me a concrete example. I have yet to experience the threat of Christianity despite having several deeply religious Christian neighbors. None have ever tried to force Christianity on me or my atheist wife. My experience is that most devout Christians are too much ‘other-worldly’ for their own good. My advice to those Christian e-mailers is to be more assertive where it counts – in the ballot box – and less tolerant of the attacks on heterosexual marriage, anti-Christian indoctrination in schools etc. The Last Supper masterpiece can take care of itself. As for Miller Beers, I have emailed to tell them that I will publicize this degrading SF event and their sponsorship of it to as many people as I can. And that I will never drink their beer. Not that my threat will influence the company anymore than Ford Motor Co. cares about lost sales, for there are perverts in high places.

Finally, some comments on the degenerates who exposed and degraded themselves on Fulsom St. Few people are in a position to ridicule the sexual habits and fantasies of others, for who knows what goes on within another’s imagination. Having said that, it is never inspiring to watch another person defecating (one’s children are the exception) and there are many necessary personal tasks that are not much more attractive. Consequently, normal people throughout history have conducted many such functions in private. It is a mark of civilization and maturity. Even my two-year-old son seeks some privacy when defecating, so I assume it the desire for privacy is normal human behavior. Sexual intimacy too, is practiced in private in almost every known society. Given this, one must ask what motivates the homosexual sado-masochists to abandon such a universal taboo.

Most of the participants snapped by Zombietime are physically grotesque and nudity does them no favors. Their degeneracy is made worse by the chains, locks, dog collars, big black boots and manacles that apparently enhance their sexual excitement. It is hard to know which emotion is most inspired by their antics – disgust or ridicule. Most sane people would sooner die than parade in public as these people do. If ever there were abnormal appetites best kept secret, they are surely the ones on display in Folsom St.

What explanations are there for such behavior? I suppose if one lives amongst perverts for long enough perversion gets to seem almost normal. San Francisco is surely the world’s capital of perversion. Perhaps we should feel pity for those who are so emotionally damaged that they are driven to parade their unedifying appetites in public? Both explanations offer an excuse for the sad spectacles in the documentary. A normal person will surely ask of them ‘Have you no shame?’ and the answer must be ‘No!’

We can expect that soon every major city in the Western world will be celebrating their homosexual sado-masochist public all-day event, each one a little more shocking and ‘edgy’ and attended by crowds of well-wishers and fun-seekers. One thing that has become apparent as the Media Class has acquired power is that the line in the sand that once separated the normal from the abnormal is being constantly moved and always in the same direction. Homosexuals and other deviants strive for two things and both are unattainable. One is the ultimate sexual satisfaction and the other is that we should all accept their appetites as normal. After seeing Zombietime’s documentary, it is hard to view the future of Western civilization as being anything other than short-lived.

1. Zombietime report – The 2007 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco
2. Michelle Malkin – Miller-sponsored, Miller-approved: The Folsom Street Fair, uncovered

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