Flynn Resignation A Big Mistake

In several previous articles we have warned the Trump Administration on the immediate dangers that are lurking in the government machinery. We also pointed out that Mrs. Thatcher’s biggest mistake  was not purging and radically paring the UK’s public service ranks when she took office.

In the modern world when the machinery of government employs millions, most of whom can expect to still be present in employment after politicians have come and gone from office, whose upper ranks mostly select, collect and control the information that politicians in office rely upon, and who can leak information that will embarrass, even destroy their political ‘masters’, a President with a policy hostile to the interests of the public service machine, is surrounded by enemies.

Add to this the job protection and Leftist political organization that union membership provides, and it becomes clear that a Counter-Revolutionary Presidency in America is intimately surrounded by  enemies from Day One and that Donald Trump is already experiencing internal sabotage after a mere three weeks in office.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was an early Trump supporter, and a Nationalist with a reputation for toughness, so a prime target for all those domestic forces that are anti-American and anti-Trump. The accusation made against Flynn by the Mainstream Media (and then taken up by the Democrats in Congress) is that he spoke to a Russian government official before Trump was inaugurated but while part of Trump’s interim team. Why shouldn’t he?

Question 1) How did the MSM know about the Flynn/Russian phone call unless a person or persons in a government department had unofficial connections to the MSM based on political sympathies, or simply leaked to do Trump damage?

Question 2) Since the leak contained information about the content, was the leaker a member of the Security Service who had listened in?

The implicit charge by the MSM and the Congressional Democrats is that Flynn discussed the lifting of the Obama sanctions on Russia once Trump was in office. Again, ‘so what?’ We fail to see why Flynn, in preparation to advise Trump, was restricted in discussing anything with a Russian government official.

Behind all this manufactured concern lurks the Media Class/Far Left/Internationalist hostility to Putin and his Russia. There is a fear among these politically-allied people that Trump may make concessions to Putin on behalf of America, including a deal recognizing Putin’s occupation of the Crimea.

Putin is a ruthless politician who has probably ordered the murder of political opponents. He may also be harboring irredentist plans to occupy the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics. At the same time he may be a desirable American ally in the war to defeat ISIS and Islamic Imperialism. It could reasonably be argued that Putin’s ambitions in Eastern Europe are Western Europe’s problem.

Trump as a Nationalist President should enter negotiations with Putin with an array of options. If he decides to end sanctions over the Ukraine/Crimea invasion he will have to justify this to the American people at that time. Flynn’s alleged conversation was not confirming policy that has to be defended. It only has to be defended politically when the President presents it as a fact.

The Democrats are trying, with MSM assistance, to link Russia with Trump’s election victory, and it seems that the usual Fifth Column in the Republican Congress is now getting on board that nonsense in an attempt to bring down Trump. There are Internationalist forces in the Republican establishment that would be happy to bring down Trump, no matter what the cost. Their great hostility to Putin is because he is a Nationalist.

There are others in the Media Class/Far Left alliance and on the Republican side whose anti-Putin hostility is based on his domestic opposition to the homosexual agenda. Few people on the Broad Right understand that the homosexual agenda has become such paramount importance in political affairs. Normal people find it hard to conceive that perverted sexual appetites can dominate the affairs of men and women to the exclusion of health, safety, National survival and common sense. This is a fatal mistake for perverts are driven by their abnormal sexual appetites to the exclusion of all else and desperate to both popularize them and normalize them. Unfortunately we are now discovering that a network of extremely wealthy and economically and politically powerful perverts now straddle the highest levels of Society in America, Europe and the UN. They have Putin in their sights.

Trump should not have let Flynn resign, for by doing so he is demonstrating weakness, disloyalty and conceding legitimacy to attacks where no legitimacy exists. The entrenched anti-Trump, anti-Nationalist forces inside America and inside the government machine will seek their next victim and that may even be Trump himself.

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