Florida’s Casualties and Winners

McCain was a clear winner yesterday and has momentum over Romney going towards Super Tuesday. His victory margin was impressive, given that Romney had the money, Guilliani had the early start and almost all the conservative Talk Radio hosts had attacked him relentlessly. None more than Rush Limbaugh whose distaste for McCain seems to go beyond mere disapproval of McCain’s policies. This morning Rush did his best to fend off the crowing of his Leftist Media colleagues on TV and in the Print Media, who are painting McCain’s victory as a defeat for the conservatives in the Republican Party and for Rush in particular.

Back on 9th September, 2007, and again on 18th December, I predicted that McCain would surprise all those who believed that he was history. My sole reason for believing that he would resurrect his campaign was that I believe the Iraq/Afghan War against the Islamic Imperialists is not as unpopular as the Media Class would have us all believe. McCain has been staunch in his support for the US offensive and most of those who fear the new Islamic onslaught on the West probably realize that he would be more effective in prosecuting the War than Bush has been. This is not to say that voters articulate their support for a costly and painful marathon struggle, but that it is a hidden and powerful factor when choosing a candidate. McCain has kept his warrior credentials to the fore in his campaigning, and contrary to the pollster’s claims (that the War is both unpopular and no longer the main concern of voters) he has prospered. I understand that the war has many outraged opponents on the Left and in the ranks of the Media Class, but most Americans are not unpatriotic or defeatist by nature. What other explanation can there be for McCain’s wins? His previous victories were written off by Rush and Co. on the grounds that independents and ‘moderates’ were distorting the outcome but this argument sank in Florida where only Republicans were able to vote. No sane American likes the War, but deep down, many realize that there is no alternative. On this website, we have argued from the beginning that the War (and the wider struggle) against Islamic Imperialism is the major issue that faces the West and that it pretty much eclipses all others. If Leftists were not governed by emotional self-hatred they too would see this and the Media Class has been reckless in using the War as an issue to undermine the Christian President it has loathed from the beginning. I believe that Rush Limbaugh and many of his conservative followers across the Nation have also lost sight of the pre-eminence of the War and allowed themselves to demonize McCain over other issues.

After yesterday, McCain has become the Republican front runner and the Republican contest is now his to lose. I think Romney has grown during the campaign and would probably make a decent President and be more reliably conservative than McCain, but his Mormonism is a handicap and he has been forced to be a flip flopper in this campaign due to his past maneuverings as a Governor in a liberal State.

Rush was right this morning to point out that conservatism is not defeated, though it is suffering setbacks. McCain, in his Florida victory speech went to great lengths to assert his conservative commitment, and all Republican candidates have done the same throughout the campaign. This hardly suggests that conservative principles have lost their appeal. What has happened over the last eight years is that many Republicans who claimed to be conservative have revealed themselves to be phonies once in Washington and other places of power. By now we should all know that conservatives have to be absolutely beyond reproach in every aspect of their lives, for a morally corrupt Media Class is waiting to pounce. The Left has the advantage of being able to be human and worse and to get a Media pass. When I read on conservative websites the emotional blogs of those who say they will not vote for McCain, even if he is the nominee to oppose the Clintons or Obama, I feel like weeping. The argument often advanced by such people is that a big defeat in November 2008 will somehow cleanse the conservative movement and lead to another Reagan revival in 2012. This is surely a case of putting Party before Nation! I will vote for McCain in order to oppose a Democrat Party that would hand victory to our Nation’s foes and betray the many brave soldiers who have given limbs and lives in the Middle East. Worse, a troop withdrawal will surely bring the enemy back to our shores.

Giulliani’s defeat and retirement was not a surprise. His campaign was strategically flawed from the beginning, but exposure on TV did not help him for he was the least attractive-looking of the candidates. In the TV age, this is a huge handicap and it may yet tell against McCain with floating voters. That appearance is vital explains why the once-ugly Hillary has now been face-lifted beyond recognition and looks more girlish with each appearance. What is surprising is that Giulliani seems to be poised to endorse McCain. The very smart Dick Morris alleges that all the Republican candidates hate Romney. Perhaps he is right! Huckabee intends to fight on to Super Tuesday, though he surely cannot believe that he is in with a chance. As he is dividing the more conservative base by remaining in and therefore damaging Romney, it may well be that anti-Romney sentiment is his motive.

The MSM was quick to laud the Clintons’ victory in Florida and none suggested that they had cheated. Hillary Clinton’s Florida speeches, in which she said she would fight to have Florida’s Dems seated at the Convention, received no critical comments, despite the blatant self-interest involved. She would not be taking this stance if Obama had won there. It would have been a case of ‘stuff Florida!’ It was agreed by all the Democrat candidates that none would undermine the Democrat National Committee’s decision to exclude Florida by campaigning there. Only Hillary paid visits to Florida, ostensibly to speak at fundraisers, but it was clear that she was campaigning in all but name. She alone left her name on the ballot in Michigan, another State that the DNC was punishing. She is also saying she will fight to have Michigan’s delegates seated. Obviously the Clintons are laying the groundwork for a Convention in which every delegate’s vote might be vital. Poor Obama will learn the hard way that the Clintons ignore every rule of fair play and will get a MSM pass every time.

On Super Tuesday, I think the Clintons will stay ahead of Obama, despite his momentum from South Carolina. They have been campaigning for the Presidency since Bill left office and the Party and Union structures in all the big Democrat States are under their control. Obama will get the Black vote and maybe the votes of young Democrat activists, but the Party and Union officials are usually the ones who get out to vote. On top of this the Clintons will get the bulk of the Latino vote in places like California and the influential Jewish vote is theirs too. Most will vote against a Black candidate if he looks like upsetting the power base of the Party. The Democrat Party is a race-based and minorities-based coalition Party in which every minority has a place in the pecking order. Blacks may not realize it but their place is at the bottom. The Clinton strategy, as Dick Morris has said, is to use anti-Black sentiment to win the primaries. The calculation of the Clintons and their Media Class sponsors is that come November, the Blacks will be welcomed back into the fold. The cynical might conclude that they are right!

Minutes before posting this article, I read Ann Coulter’s diatribe attacking McCain. My first reaction was disbelief. Has she listened to the policies advanced by Obama or thought about the history of the Clintons in office? Does she, or does she not really care about our troops in the Middle East. Sad to say, I think her article is disgraceful. Anyone who reads back on this website will see that I usually admire her articles, but this one stinks! Worse still, a whole lots of self-styled conservatives are writing in support of her. Like many Hollywood Leftists these people are not in the real world. See my response to her article on page 26 of her website.

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