Florida. Will it Burn?

In three weeks time, unless there is another postponement, the trial of George Zimmerman will begin in Florida.   This will be no ordinary trial for it is has every ingredient that tells us we live in revolutionary times. The most obvious ingredient is race, for the death of Trayvon Martin was, from the start, framed as that of a classic case of racial victimization. Since race victimization in this increasingly post-revolutionary era can only be White on Black, and since Martin was obviously Black, poor George Zimmerman had to be cast as White. It matters little that he is only ‘whitish’ and that the Mainstream Media (MSM) made an early mistake about his race because his name sounded Germanic or Jewish. He is, in fact, as Latino as Obama is Black. 

    The second ingredient is that the MSM seized on Martin’s death as a propaganda gift in their campaign to get their man re-elected to the White House, where he could continue to press their revolutionary moral and social agenda. What could have looked better as propaganda than an innocent Black child clutching his candy, murdered in cold blood by a White vigilante aching for the opportunity to express his race-hatred of Blacks?. Such a narrative was guaranteed to mobilize African-American anger and anxiety that would then translate into a heavy Black (and Leftist) turnout in the forthcoming election. Especially attractive to the Media Class was that this was a Florida setting, one of the crucial States for Obama’s re-election, and a swing State with a substantial Black population. The narrative of race victimization, whilst particularly potent in Florida (the scene of the ‘crime’) was soon expanded Nation-wide by the MSM to mobilize Black voters (and Leftists) everywhere. Such a narrative was expected to mobilize young voters in College towns across the Nation and the Leftist campus organizations quickly leapt into action with anti-Zimmerman marchers and protests. It must be remembered that the Media Class was aware in the pre-election period that the youth vote for Obama was sagging from its 2008 peak (and so it proved to be in the election!). 

    The third ingredient was that Obama personally intervened with a phone call and speeches and declared that Martin was “the son he never had”. It is surely unprecedented for a President to so publicly take a side in a forthcoming trial, and without knowing the facts. Since however America was engaged in a revolutionary civil war (and is now emerging into a post-revolutionary era) we should not be surprised that many events are unprecedented. Obama’s intrusion, which was bolstered by Holder’s (In)Justice Department indicating that it was ready to intervene against Zimmerman, has no doubt had many consequences, not least signaling to the ambitious and the fearful in political circles, the Government bureaucracy, the Judiciary and Law Enforcement, that career prospects will hinge on being on the side of progress. We can now see how this has worked within the IRS and other Government agencies! 

    Although the MSM can, when required, forget and erase any subsequent embarrassing utterances by Obama and his comrades, it will not be easy to erase his so-public alignment against George Zimmerman. It will not be forgotten by African-Americans, especially in Florida and many urban ghettos, where his partisanship on racial matters has already translated into flash-mobs and mob attacks on Whites and Asians. It will be hard for the MSM to walk back his commitment to the ‘Black Community’ should Zimmerman’s case be dismissed or he found ‘not guilty’ after a farcical trial. It is entirely possible that another Rodney King outbreak of violence, destruction and the predictable looting will take place across the Nation, and especially in Florida. This probable consequence will weigh heavily on politicians, law enforcement and business people and there will be much pressure on judge and jury to ignore facts and legality and pursue a political outcome. 

    Radical and Right have been following all the Internet reports on the Zimmerman case and it is clear that the MSM is still attempting to convict Zimmerman. All reporting is substantially biased against Zimmerman by omitting facts that have emerged that are beneficial to him, repeating falsehoods, and adopting a ‘tone’ of approval or disapproval when dealing with the facts, depending on whether they favor him or not. Just as disturbing are the blogs from African-Americans and Leftists which simply ignore the realities of the case as they are known so far, and which jump right to the larger narrative, which is that Blacks are historical victims and this trial should become the theater of payback. 

    Another (subsidiary) ingredient injected into the case is that it is meant to help the anti-gun legislative drive. The Media Class and its Leftist allies wish to disarm the law-abiding. Their intention is that only the forces of Government and its mob elements should be armed, and the rest (the counter-revolutionaries (CR’s) and potential CR’s) should be made defenseless. Zimmerman has been presented by the MSM as the archetypal White, law-and-order, trigger-happy, oppressor of minorities. 

    One final ingredient is the role of the MSM and its power to bend and invent facts to further its agenda. It made this case (Trayvon Martin – the victim of racial violence) what it is, a tissue of lies and inventions. It began with presenting Zimmerman as ‘White’ and Martin as an innocent child and Zimmerman as a vigilante. It appears, from all that has so far emerged from the Prosecution, that this will be the basis of the case against Zimmerman. 

    On this website we try never to simply reiterate what is on other conservative sites or is being said by conservative Talk Show hosts. We also like to find the basics that have been overlooked. 

    In all the focus on when Zimmerman first called the police and what the police telephone operator did or did not say (“you don’t need to do that” [follow him]) we think the obvious is being overlooked. If we were the Zimmerman Attorneys we would start with the simple fact that Zimmerman contacted the police as soon as his suspicions were aroused. This surely was Zimmerman following the book. If he was planning to take the opportunity to gun down a chosen victim, he would not have contacted the police until after the assassination. In contacting the police right at the beginning it is clear that Zimmerman was intent on doing his duty to protect the gated community and had no base motive. And by keeping tabs on Martin, who to any reasonable person must have looked suspicious and may have been armed, he was putting his citizen’s duty above his personal safety. 

    It may be that at the trial – and this is what trials are meant to be about – new facts may emerge that should properly convict Zimmerman of a felony, but at the moment it looks like Zimmerman should never have been charged. His head injuries appear to be beyond dispute and his version of the confrontation are supported by facts. There is no evidence that Zimmerman was ever a thug or criminal and his life at the time of the incident was unremarkable. Martin, we now know, was a teenage thug, or wannabe thug, and his life was on a downward trajectory. 

    One mystery unexplained is where Martin got the money to pay for his weed and the other symbols of his ‘jack-the-lad’ lifestyle. Was he a thief, a burglar or a petty drug-dealer? The prosecution is seeking to bar every bad aspect of his past from the judge and jury, a sure sign that things are being hidden. 

    In the little I saw and heard of last week’s House hearing on the IRS scandal, I was struck by the demeanor and voice of Lois Lerner. Like Nancy Pelosi, she has the confidence and flat assurance of the liar who knows that a powerful Ruling Class is behind her and that she only has to keep boldly lying and the rewards will come in due course. Those of us who know about the Moscow Trials of the 1930’s will recall the demeanor of the prosecutors, all of whom knew that they were acting out a charade and that their victims were already condemned but their own careers safe. Lerner and Pelosi and their comrades send a chilling message in their unflappability when boldly telling lies. They know two things above all else: that they are on the side of ‘progress’ and serving a greater good; and they know that they are on the winning side! If the Obama revolution continues to its conclusion, we counter-revolutionaries can be sure that at our trials facts will not matter and the prosecutors will be pitiless, for we stand in the way of ‘progress and the greater good’. On this website we have usually been very critical of Peggy Noonan but this week we strongly recommend her Saturday WSJ article “A Battering Ram Becomes a Stonewall”. Lerner does not come well out of this one! 

    The surrender by the Boy Scouts of America to the homosexual’s agenda can only be explained by recognizing that this small but wealthy minority of perverts occupies a powerful position in the Ruling Media Class. Only a short time ago, the BSA voted overwhelmingly against the invasion and proselytism of sexual behavior into their organization. We can only speculate what led to the complete turnabout but it must have included the pressure of those Big Businesses that fund the modern Scout bureaucracy. The rich homosexuals like Tim Gill and the anti-Christian billionaires like George Soros have the means and the motivation to fund a swift and powerful campaign and as we have learned in the many State Senate votes for Same-sex Marriage there are those who can be bought, those who can be intimidated and those who can be blackmailed. Most Big Business leaders have plenty of worries keeping their businesses afloat and homosexuality must be low on their radars, yet a Ruling Class can and has pushed these people into exerting all the pressure they can muster. This is awesome! 

    Some forecast that the BSA will now decline in numbers as the sane parents of young sons withdraw their kids and their support. Maybe, but this is of little interest to the perverts and anti-Christian Left. There have been very few young teenagers who were consciously homosexual in appetite and since the boys who were attracted to scouting come from normal families, it is likely that homosexual behavior was absent – unless a pervert had infiltrated as a scoutmaster. This was a constant worry for the Scout organizations and for parents. 

    The successful homosexual campaigners and their Leftist allies could not care less if the scout movement loses its moral core or even if it collapses altogether, just as they could not care less as Christian organizations are driven from the fostering and adoption fields, for all that matters is the continuing advance of their agenda. This is to ‘normalize’ sodomy, enable them to legitimately recruit youngsters to the delights of same-sex relationships and pave the way for the criminalization of any criticism of their activities. They are already well down those roads, for Big Businesses and Government agencies are already forcing their workforces to pledge approval of homosexual and other perverted behavior or be terminated. 

    In the UK and Sweden, repeated and widespread Muslim violence is finally producing a backlash and some of the natives are having the temerity to show their disapproval. The Media Class, and the MSM which is their propaganda and misinformation arm, is busy focusing attention on this and condemning it. Media reports say that the Swedish Muslims (rarely is the term ‘Muslim’ used in the MSM) who are burning cars and buildings are “angered by racism and social exclusion” and that the real problem is “Islamophobic incidents” and “far Right vigilantes”. 

    The word ‘phobic’ is greatly used by the Media Class and its Leftist allies. Perhaps we should begin using it. What about the ‘Europhobics’, the ‘normophobics’ (those who attack heterosexuals) and ‘freedomphobics’, those who wish to suppress free speech? 

    Weather – In the UK and here in the USA, this continues to be a very cold May.

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