Florida Primary – Newt Is Down But Not Out

In our last article we pointed out that the Media Class was pulling out all of the stops to destroy Newt Gingrich. Regular readers of this website will notice that the Mainstream Media never makes reference to the fact that Gingrich, if elected, would be America’s first Jewish President. Surely his election would once and for all demonstrate that anti-Semitism is no longer potent in the USA. After all, before the 2008 election, Obama’s blackness was constantly put forward by the MSM as a plus for the USA’s racial inclusiveness and yet Newt’s ‘Jewishness’ never gets a mention. It seems that inclusiveness should only apply to Leftists. We have a Media-induced political atmosphere in which any criticism of Obama is labeled ‘racist’ yet criticism – indeed hatred – of Gingrich implies no anti-Semitism. Of course our regular website visitors will not be surprised by the Media’s brazen double standard for it is ubiquitous.

Last week when we posted our article, Newt had confronted, indeed savaged, the openly hostile Media host of the debate for his one-sidedness and this had generated wild audience applause. The next day, Newt’s approval numbers amongst Republican voters rocketed and he subsequently easily won the North Carolina primary. This uptick in his fortunes was surely highly significant. A few days later I was talking with an acquaintance about the election. The man and his wife foster several children and I knew he was a conservative who was privately enraged by California’s insistence on pushing the homosexual agenda on foster parents. I asked him who he was supporting in the Republican primaries and he replied ‘any of them in order to get rid of Obama”. I am sure that this attitude is widespread amongst conservative Republicans. However he soon began talking enthusiastically about Gingrich and his enthusiasm was entirely based on Newt’s ‘taking on’ the Media. He felt that Newt, more than all the other candidates, had what it takes for the Presidential campaign, not only in running rings around Obama in debates, but in being ready to tackle the MSM head-on.

More and more, conservatives are recognizing that the MSM is their major enemy and that the Democrat Party is hardly relevant in election campaigns. The pity is that these conservatives (and Christians and Nationalists who share the same enemy) do not know of the existence of this website, for here they would find not only their view shared but would find a rational explanation for the whole News Media’s non-conspiratorial unity, its revolutionary agenda, its place in the bigger Media Class, its historical roots, an explanation for its growth and rise to power and why it is allied to Government workers and Public Service Unions. It is not enough to perceive an enemy. To defeat him, it is necessary to understand him, know his power, recognize his alliances and anticipate his goals.

Since South Carolina’s surprising vote for Newt, the MSM has intensified its attacks on him, even pushing the arguments of his right-wing rivals and working to set the Republicans against each other in a fratricidal contest. This is working well, for Newt’s popularity has sagged and the Republican Party is looking like a bloody civil war in progress. Meanwhile Obama is being promoted by the MSM as a calm man above the fray, the US economy is being (outrageously and falsely) touted daily as his improving work-in-progress and old Republican failures like Bob Dole are being wheeled out to destroy Newt. We might think that only Conservatives turn on each other and that Leftists somehow manage to stay united, but this seeming contrast is false. The explanation is that the Media Class stokes and amplifies Conservative disunity and wholly suppresses any dissension on the Left. We have repeatedly pointed out how Cindy Sheehan was given daily Media star treatment when she harassed George Bush and was then dropped like a hot potato when she protested against Obama’s war policies. Cindy, where are you?

Now, Newt appears to be suffering from the Media’s ramped-up and incessant attacks and the willingness of his main opponent to join in. Clearly, the Media Class sees Newt as the biggest danger to their Obama in the White House, though we can be sure that if Newt is fatally wounded in Florida the Media will savage whoever emerges as front-runner. The reality is that all the surviving Republicans are more able than Obama and, with the exception of Ron Paul, will likely resist the Media Class moral revolution if elected.

Newt is a candidate with many flaws. Intellectually knowledgeable, smart and quick-witted, energetic, ambitious and experienced in politics his flaws are in his character. He is too much of an opportunist to be completely trusted by Conservatives and his energy suggests a mild mania that results in him being erratic at times and incapable of holding a team together. However the current man in the White House has all these flaws and many, many more. Next week’s Florida election may show that Newt, who now looks down, is not out.

On this website we maintain that the Media Class needs an alliance with the Union leaderships in order to win elections for the Democrat Party. In particular, it needs the Public Service Unions (both leaderships and rank-and-file) for they provide a secure voting bloc that is easily mobilized, they provide troops on the streets, they alone have a concrete investment in the growth of government and they can sabotage Conservative governments at every level.

Our analysis is borne out most clearly by events in Wisconsin where Conservative Republicans won control of all three branches of government in 2010.

Courageously, the newcomers set about freeing the hard-working citizens from Union domination and exploitation. At the heart of the reforms that Governor Scott Walker and his Republicans introduced were laws to outlaw what in the UK is called the ‘closed shop’ (i.e. enforced union membership in order to hold a job) and the enforced collection of union dues by an employer. As in the UK, union dues, including those that fund Leftist political and social agendas, were deducted from Public Service workers’ paychecks at source and handed over to the Union leadership. These arrangements are straight out of the Communist playbook for they enforce ‘Class solidarity’, as well as maximizing funds for Union bosses and Leftist political activity. The results are that Public Service Union bosses and Leftist politicians can enjoy a powerful symbiotic relationship.

The PSU’s and Leftist’s furious reactions to Walker’s reforms were ample evidence of what we maintain on this website, and so was the Media’s reporting. Leftist mobs took to the streets, financed by the Unions and bussed in from all over the North East. Wisconsin government was virtually closed down and the election system, which had handed power to Conservative politicians, was set aside. Illegal activity, such as the issuing of sick notes to strikers, and widespread violence and intimidation, were the order of the day. Such illegality and violence, which an objective and neutral Media would have reported to a wider public, was routinely suppressed in news reports. I never once saw a report in a newspaper or heard a news bulletin that attributed violence and unlawful behavior to the protestors or truthfully reported that the reforms were liberating employees from Union oppression. Instead all Media reports stated that Walker was depriving Union members of their ‘rights’. As always, the Union thugs were given a free ride by the MSM and Union demonstrations were widely advertized in advance by reporters. Now Governor Walker and several colleagues, who endured great physical intimidation last year, face a recall election as a result of a Union-organized signature drive. No doubt many of the alleged one million signatures are fraudulent, though if they are we can be sure the MSM will not report it, and we can be sure that the MSM will frame the issue with lies. We can also be sure that rich Media Class Hollywood and Pop stars will give generously to the Union campaign. As we maintain on this website, the Media Class and the Unions have an enduring and unprincipled alliance, and we can explain it. No-one else can.

I was interested to read a book review in Friday’s Wall Street Journal. The book is ‘A Natural History of the Piano” by Stuart Isacoff. The review is by James Penrose. The book includes cover of classical, Rock and Roll and Jazz pianists. Mr. Isacoff includes the Jazz piano genius Bud Powell in the class he calls ‘melodists’. I quote from the article “Powell was the founder of a style that featured “an endless string of winding phrases played at breakneck speed”. In particular, Powell showed a “creative flair in the manipulation of melody” akin to that of Baroque composers”.

Powell was recognized as the giant of the jazz piano in the 1950’s but his reputation and influence have dimmed as Jazz has- like all art forms and especially music-abandoned melody. Ugliness, obscurity and self indulgence now reign everywhere in culture and I doubt that many people today would be able to emotionally cope with a melody. The irony is that Powell was mostly mentally ill and there must have been much ugliness in his existence yet like his great Jazz contemporaries Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Navarro, Stitt, Gillespie, Jackson, Lewis and Shearing, he played endless joyful melody.

The weather in central California continues cold and dry and we are in trouble water-wise this coming summer. This will be normal weather and not evidence of global warming.

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