Five Minutes To Midnight

In the previous article on this website (see Archive November 29, 2006), we ended by describing the UK as a place where just under the surface, political forces are at work that will erupt and change the political, cultural and social landscape. The current landscape of the UK has been shaped by the emergence over the last 30 odd years of a new and dominant political class, as well as by the cumulative effects of unchecked mass immigration. We identify the new class as the Media Class and we say it is now consolidating its hold on power, and feels confident enough to make its appearance on the political stage in its own right. ‘Stage’ is an apt word for this Class, with its roots deep in the Arts world, the Catwalk and Show Business as well as News. We also say that this new Class is very impatient to assert its power.

No Class can escape its unique origins, for they are indelibly imprinted on it. The Media Class is Leftist and hedonistic because of its roots. The Arts world has always been Leftist, ‘alternative’, Bohemian and fascinated with fantasy, and as such sees no problem in remaking the UK, indeed all of the Western world, in its own image. Some would describe this image as morally and culturally sick, though the Media Class sees itself as progressive, superior and liberated. Socialism, Communism and National Socialism are Leftist (and Godless) variants of one common thread that believes that society and Man can be re-invented and redesigned by Man, even perfected. All that it takes is a revolution, either by stealth or by force, and then, once power is safely vested with those who know best, the new society that will produce new people can be imposed by what ever is necessary, using the power of the State apparatus.

The Media Class, like previous ruling classes, owes its creation to economic and technological forces, and it is now an extremely wealthy class and getting wealthier by the day. Indeed, it is able to accumulate wealth so effectively within the framework of global capitalist society that it has no need to do more than tweak the economic system for further benefit. However, no ruling class can come to power without making alliances (Footnote 1) along the way and without having an appeal to those likely to serve as foot soldiers.

The Media Class has certainly made alliances with other groups in order to speed its rise to power and it still has need of them. The Trade Union bureaucracy is one such group, since it is Leftist in ideology; views the State machinery as something to be captured and expanded, rather than dismantled; believes in imposing an agenda by force; thinks ends justify means; is always ready to resort to violence and has an army of troops that it can put to work for elections and for intimidation on the streets and in the workplace. These are good reasons for the Media Class to nourish the alliance. The Public Service bureaucracy is another allied group and overlaps with the Trade Union bureaucracy. Academia, funded by taxation, closely related to the Public Sector bureaucracy and monolithic in its Leftist composition, also naturally bonds with the Media Class, receives favored treatment and enjoys an open door into the corridors of power.

There are many other small groups that have allied with the Media Class, but more importantly, large sectors of the business economy have also come to terms with it. Some sections of Big Business are now very comfortable with a ruling class that encourages mass immigration, the destruction of a Christian culture, overpopulation, endless building, conspicuous consumption for the privileged and no moral limitations on the content of advertising.

The Government policies that encouraged mass immigration into the UK were introduced at the behest of the politically-ailing Big Business Class that previously held power. However, the Media Class was quick to see the advantages it held for its own agenda. How could it have been otherwise for a Class that yearns for the destruction of the old moral code, that lives for today, is happy to fantasize about the future, is attached to hazy Leftist internationalist sentiments and unconsciously desires a society in which disaffected and amoral young people are endlessly available for sexploitation? The Media Class has thrown its weight behind mass immigration, calculating that it can swamp the British people before they realize what is happening and turn to resistance.

The same applies to the UK’s absorption into the European Union, which was also initiated by the old Business Class. That too, was for shortsighted economic reasons. For the new Class that inherited the policy, the EU has the attraction (to all those who wish to impose a new society by stealth) of erasing old conservative cultures and national identities and transferring power to undemocratic, almost invisible rulers who know best.

Through the EU, its ‘courts’ and its bureaucracy, radical new social patterns can be imposed – same-sex marriage, easy abortion, ‘new’ forms of the family, a breaking of the crucial link between personal behavior and consequences, multi-racialism and multi-culturalism.

These essentially revolutionary policies (mass immigration and the loss of sovereignty especially) have almost reached the point of no return for the British people. Deprived of information, seduced, lulled and distracted by entertainment that is really propaganda, and quietly sold out by politicians anointed by the Media Class, the British people have sleep walked towards self-destruction. Or almost!

On this website we often refer to the law of unintended consequences. It has been at work of late. None in the Media Class or amongst its Leftist academic ideologues foresaw the re-emergence of violent uncompromising Islamic Imperialism in the 21st Century and that it would gain a hold in the heart of the UK amongst the seemingly docile Pakistani and Asian millions now multi-culturally embedded there. Also, none foresaw that the internet would suddenly enable nationalists and others to circumvent the Media Class monopoly on news.

And so, at five to twelve, we have the emergence of the British National Party as a political force, and increasing numbers of native British people who are beginning to boil with rage about being marginalized in their own country. One of our contacts described to us a recent meeting in a pub in one of the UK’s typical southern cities. The meeting was held with the usual secretiveness that the BNP finds itself forced to employ in order to avoid Leftist violence and police harassment. Consequently many local people who might have attended knew nothing of it. Despite this, over 100 working class people assembled to hear the BNP speakers. Our contact says that the anger of the audience was palpable. The speakers had to remind the audience that action must be channeled into the constitutional electorial process.

Around the same time as this meeting and perhaps many others like it took place, a local ward election was held in Scarborough, a seaside holiday town in North Yorkshire. Only two parties put up candidates, the Tories and the BNP. The latter had never contested the ward previously and as always its ability to campaign was severely limited by persecution. Despite this the Party received over 26% of the votes cast. What was highly significant was that neither the LibDems (who ran second to the Tories) nor Labour intervened, leaving the Tories a clear field in order to resist the BNP. This arrangement must have been brought about by political collusion behind the scenes and demonstrates the fear that all the major parties now have of the BNP.

The significance of all this will not be publicly debated by the Media and its army of analysts, you can be sure (Footnote 2).

Someone suggested to us that the Media and its experts are so far removed from the people that they are not aware of the anger now building amongst the native British people. We think they are very much aware, as is the whole British Establishment. But what can they do and how much time do they have? We maintain that the defining political struggle now shaping up in great swathes of the UK is between the agents of the new ruling class and the nationalist BNP. If the ruling class waits until next May, it may then be too late to remove the BNP from the political arena, for should the nationalists win only a hundred or so council seats but a million votes, it will require great brazenness for a government to introduce new intimidating legislation. Since the failed attempt last month to imprison the BNP leaders at Leeds, the BBC, (leader of the Media Class and instigator of the prosecution), and its politicians, have appeared indecisive, and time is not on their side.

We would not underestimate them however. As the little election in Scarborough demonstrated, the mainstream parties are uniting and the BNP’s threat is understood. It can expect much greater persecution in the few months ahead as the minutes tick away to midnight!

Footnote 1 – ‘Alliances’ of the most personal nature reveal where the political and financial power in society now resides. Politicians and business people compete to date, wed and be seen with, media people.

Footnote 2 – For US visitors to this site, it is unheard of for only one of the major political parties to contest such a seat. One would have expected either or both Labour and the LibDems to enter the fray.

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